How to increase size of keyboard on Samsung phone?


The keyboard is an essential part of any smartphone, enabling us to communicate quickly and efficiently. However, for people with larger hands or visual impairments, the default keyboard size on a Samsung phone may be too small. If you find yourself struggling with the size of the keyboard, don’t worry! Below, we will guide you through various methods to increase the keyboard size on your Samsung phone and enhance your typing experience.

How to Increase Size of Keyboard on Samsung Phone?

There are several ways you can increase the size of the keyboard on your Samsung phone. Follow these steps:

Method 1: Using Keyboard Settings

1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone.

2. Scroll down and tap on “General Management.”

3. Select “Language and Input.”

4. Tap on “On-screen keyboard.”

5. Choose the keyboard you are using, such as Samsung Keyboard or Google Keyboard.

6. Look for an option called “Keyboard Size” or “Size Adjustment.”

7. Drag the slider to the right to increase the keyboard size.

8. Test the keyboard in various apps to ensure the changes have taken effect.

Method 2: Using Display Settings

1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone.

2. Scroll down and tap on “Display.”

3. Select “Font and screen zoom.”

4. Tap on “Screen zoom,” and a preview will appear.

5. Adjust the slider to the desired zoom level.

6. Tap on “Apply” to confirm the changes.

7. Test the keyboard in different apps to ensure the modifications have been applied.

Method 3: Installing a Third-Party Keyboard

If the built-in options are not sufficient, you can explore various third-party keyboard apps available on the Google Play Store. These apps often offer a wide variety of customization options, including keyboard size adjustment. Here’s how you can install and set up a third-party keyboard:

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Samsung phone.

2. Search for third-party keyboard apps such as SwiftKey, Gboard, or Fleksy.

3. Select a keyboard app that suits your preferences and tap on “Install.”

4. Once the app is installed, open it.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to set it as your default keyboard.

6. Look for the keyboard size adjustment option within the settings of the app.

7. Increase the size of the keyboard as desired.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I change the keyboard size on my Samsung phone?

Yes, you can change the keyboard size on your Samsung phone using the built-in keyboard settings or by installing a third-party keyboard app.

2. Why is the default keyboard size on my Samsung phone too small?

The default keyboard size may appear small due to the phone’s screen size or user preferences. Luckily, you can adjust it to your liking.

3. Does increasing the keyboard size affect the overall phone performance?

No, increasing the keyboard size does not have any impact on the overall performance of your Samsung phone.

4. Are third-party keyboard apps safe to use?

Third-party keyboard apps listed on official app stores are generally safe to use. However, it is always recommended to read user reviews and check app permissions before installing.

5. Can I revert to the default keyboard size if I don’t like the changes?

Yes, you can easily revert to the default keyboard size by following the steps mentioned above and adjusting the size back to its original position.

6. Do all Samsung phone models support keyboard size adjustment?

Keyboard size adjustment may vary slightly among different Samsung phone models. However, most recent models offer this feature in their settings.

7. Can I adjust the keyboard size on other Android phones?

Yes, most Android phones provide options to adjust the keyboard size. The steps may slightly differ depending on the phone’s manufacturer and version of the Android operating system.

8. Will increasing the keyboard size affect my typing accuracy?

Increasing the keyboard size should not significantly affect your typing accuracy. However, it might take a little time to adapt to the new size.

9. Are there any other benefits to increasing the keyboard size?

Increasing the keyboard size can enhance usability, reduce typing errors, and make typing more comfortable, especially for users with visual impairments or larger hands.

10. Can I customize other aspects of the keyboard besides the size?

Yes, many keyboard apps, including the default Samsung Keyboard, offer additional customization options such as themes, key colors, and font styles.

11. Can I adjust the keyboard size for specific apps?

While not all apps allow custom keyboard size adjustments, many do. If a specific app does not offer this feature, it will use the default keyboard size set on your phone.

12. Are there any alternatives to increasing the keyboard size?

If increasing the keyboard size is not sufficient, you can try using various accessibility features like speech-to-text, handwriting recognition, or external Bluetooth keyboards to enhance your typing experience.


Struggling with a small keyboard on your Samsung phone can be frustrating, but fortunately, there are several ways to increase its size. By adjusting the built-in settings or exploring third-party keyboard apps, you can find the perfect size that suits your needs. Don’t let a small keyboard stand in the way of your smartphone typing proficiency!

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