How to get to monitor room re2?

How to Get to Monitor Room RE2: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re playing the game Resident Evil 2 (RE2), you may find yourself needing to navigate through various rooms and areas to progress in the game. One such room is the “Monitor Room,” a crucial location where you can monitor different parts of the facility. In this article, we will guide you on how to get to the Monitor Room in RE2, along with answers to some related FAQs.

**How to get to Monitor Room RE2?**
To get to the Monitor Room in RE2, follow these steps:

Step 1: Start at the Main Hall – This is the central hub of the game, so head there first.
Step 2: Cross the Main Hall – Head towards the Lounge area, which is located to your right.
Step 3: Access the West Office – Continue through the Lounge, and you’ll reach the West Storage Room.
Step 4: Solve the puzzle – In the West Storage Room, solve the puzzle on the safe to get the Spade Key.
Step 5: Unlock the locked door – Use the Spade Key to unlock the locked door near the West Storage Room.
Step 6: Reach the East Wing – Once inside, navigate through the hallway until you reach the East Storage Room.
Step 7: Interact with the map – In the East Storage Room, interact with the map on the wall to unlock the “Scattered Maps” achievement or trophy.
Step 8: Locate the Monitor Room – Continue through the East Wing and proceed to the stairs leading down.
Step 9: Unlock the door – Use the Club Key to unlock the door leading to the Monitor Room.
Step 10: Enter the Monitor Room – Congratulations, you have successfully reached the Monitor Room in RE2!


1. What is the purpose of the Monitor Room in RE2?

The Monitor Room is a crucial location in RE2, allowing you to monitor different parts of the facility and track the movement of enemies and items.

2. How do I obtain the Club Key?

To obtain the Club Key, you need to progress through the game and solve various puzzles. Keep exploring and interacting with the environment to find it.

3. Are there any enemies in the Monitor Room?

No, the Monitor Room is a safe area. You can use it as a sanctuary to plan your next moves and observe enemy movements.

4. Can I find useful items in the Monitor Room?

No, the Monitor Room in RE2 is primarily for monitoring purposes. You won’t find any useful items or weapons there.

5. How do I save my progress in RE2?

To save your progress, you need to find typewriters scattered throughout the game. Interact with them to access the save menu.

6. Can I enter the Monitor Room at any point in the game?

No, you can only access the Monitor Room after obtaining the Club Key and following the necessary steps mentioned earlier.

7. Is there a time limit to reach the Monitor Room?

No, there is no specific time limit to reach the Monitor Room. Take your time to explore, solve puzzles, and progress at your own pace.

8. What happens if I run out of ammunition?

If you run out of ammunition, you’ll have to rely on other means to defend yourself, such as utilizing environmental elements or resorting to melee attacks.

9. Can I backtrack to previous areas in the game?

Yes, Resident Evil 2 allows you to backtrack to previous areas if necessary. Keep in mind that certain areas may become inaccessible or have different enemy placements as you progress.

10. Are there any shortcuts to reach the Monitor Room?

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to reach the Monitor Room. You have to follow the designated path outlined earlier.

11. What should I do if I encounter a zombie in the Monitor Room?

If you encounter a zombie in the Monitor Room, it’s advisable to use your resources wisely to eliminate the threat or consider retreating to a safer area.

12. Can I save my progress in the Monitor Room?

No, you cannot save your progress directly in the Monitor Room. You must find a typewriter located elsewhere in the game to save your progress.

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