How to get the big keyboard on ipad?

If you own an iPad and find that the keyboard is too small for your liking, you may be wondering how to get the big keyboard on your device. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can follow to make your typing experience more comfortable and efficient.

The solution to getting the big keyboard on iPad

The answer to the question “How to get the big keyboard on iPad?” lies in a feature called “Keyboard Settings.” By adjusting this setting, you can easily transform your regular-sized keyboard into a larger one.

Step-by-step guide on getting the big keyboard on iPad:

1. Start by opening the “Settings” app on your iPad.

2. Navigate to the “General” tab in the settings menu.

3. Look for the “Keyboard” option and tap on it.

4. Within the “Keyboard” settings, choose “Keyboards” once again.

5. Select the “Add New Keyboard” option.

6. Scroll down and locate “Dutch” in the list of available keyboards. Tap on it to add it to your keyboard options.

7. Once you have added Dutch as a new keyboard, go back to the “Keyboard” settings menu. You will see a new option called “Hardware Keyboard.”

8. Tap on “Hardware Keyboard” and select “Dutch” as the hardware keyboard layout.

9. Exit the settings app and open any app where you can use the keyboard, such as Notes, Messages, or Safari.

10. When the keyboard appears, you’ll notice that it has become significantly larger than before.

11. Enjoy the convenience of typing on a bigger keyboard on your iPad!

Now that you know how to get the big keyboard on your iPad let’s address some related frequently asked questions:


1. Can I customize the size of the big keyboard on my iPad?

No, the size of the big keyboard on your iPad is set and cannot be further adjusted.

2. Are there any other keyboard options available on iPad?

Yes, besides the big keyboard, you can choose from various language keyboards and typing features like predictive text.

3. Can I switch back to the regular-sized keyboard if I don’t like the big keyboard?

Absolutely! To switch back to the regular-sized keyboard, follow the same steps listed above and select the English (US) or your preferred keyboard layout instead.

4. Does this method work on all models of iPad?

Yes, this method works on all models of iPad running on the latest iOS.

5. Will the big keyboard affect other aspects of my iPad’s functionality?

No, using the big keyboard will not affect any other functionality of your iPad; it solely changes the appearance of the keyboard.

6. Can I use the big keyboard in landscape mode?

Yes, the big keyboard can be used in both portrait and landscape mode.

7. Will the big keyboard affect the layout of my physical keyboard connected to my iPad?

No, the big keyboard setting only affects the on-screen touch keyboard and has no impact on external physical keyboards.

8. Can I still use the swipe or gesture typing feature with the big keyboard?

Yes, the swipe or gesture typing feature remains available with the big keyboard.

9. What if I don’t want to add the Dutch keyboard?

You can choose any other language keyboard instead of Dutch during the setup process. However, Dutch is often suggested because it resembles the layout of a big keyboard.

10. Is it possible to adjust the keyboard size on an iPhone too?

No, this big keyboard feature is currently only available on iPads.

11. Can I undo the big keyboard settings?

Yes, if you ever wish to revert to the default keyboard size, you can simply follow the same steps and select the English (US) or your preferred layout. This will restore the standard-sized keyboard.

12. How can the big keyboard benefit users with visual impairments?

The big keyboard offers users with visual impairments a larger and clearer view of the keys, making it easier for them to see and type accurately.

Now that you know how to get the big keyboard on your iPad, you can enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable typing experience. Whether it’s for visual reasons or personal preference, the big keyboard option is a fantastic feature that enhances accessibility and usability on your iPad.

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