How to fix outlined fonts on computer?

Font outlining is a common issue that computer users often encounter. Outlined fonts, also known as “Ghost Text,” can be frustrating as they appear as hollow, blocky characters instead of smooth, legible text. Fortunately, there are several effective methods to fix this problem and restore your fonts to their original state. In this article, we will explore different solutions to help you resolve outlined font issues and enhance your overall computer experience.

How to Fix Outlined Fonts on Computer?

To fix outlined fonts on your computer, follow these steps:

1. Adjust Anti-Aliasing Settings: Anti-aliasing smooths the jagged edges of fonts. Adjusting your anti-aliasing settings can often resolve outlined font issues. To do this, right-click on your desktop, go to Graphics Options or Graphics Properties, and navigate to the anti-aliasing settings. Enable or adjust the anti-aliasing mode to “Application-controlled” or “Enhance Application Settings.”

2. Update Graphics Drivers: Outdated or faulty graphics drivers can cause various display issues, including outlined fonts. Visit the website of your graphics card manufacturer and download the latest drivers compatible with your operating system. Install the new drivers and restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

3. Disable Font Smoothing: Temporarily disabling font smoothing may resolve outlined font problems. Right-click on your desktop, select “Personalize,” and then choose “Display Settings.” Click on “Advanced Display Settings,” and under the “Related Settings” section, click on “Advanced sizing of text and other items.” Uncheck the box next to “Smooth edges of screen fonts” and click “Apply.”

4. Adjust Screen Resolution: In some cases, an incorrect screen resolution can cause outlined fonts. Right-click on your desktop, select “Display settings,” and adjust your screen resolution to its recommended value. Also, check if your chosen resolution matches your monitor’s native resolution.

5. Reset Font Settings: Resetting your font settings can help fix outlined font issues. Go to the Control Panel, open the “Fonts” folder, and then click on “Font settings” on the left-hand side. Click on the “Restore default font settings” button, and then restart your computer.

6. Clear Font Caches: Clearing the font caches can resolve issues related to outlined fonts. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box, type “services.msc,” and press Enter. In the Services window, locate and right-click on “Windows Font Cache Service.” Select “Stop” and wait for the service to stop. Then, navigate to the following folders and delete their contents: C:WindowsServiceProfilesLocalServiceAppDataLocal and C:WindowsServiceProfilesLocalServiceAppDataLocalLow. Finally, restart your computer.

7. Restore Default System Fonts: If outlined fonts persist, some system fonts may have become corrupted. Open the Control Panel, click on “Appearance and Personalization,” and then select “Fonts.” In the Fonts window, click on “Font settings” on the left side, and then choose “Restore default font settings.” Restart your computer once the process is complete.

8. Use Font Management Software: Font management software can help identify and fix font-related issues. They provide comprehensive font management features, including the ability to install, uninstall, and repair fonts. Explore available font management software options compatible with your operating system to assist you in resolving the outlined font problem.


Q: What causes outlined fonts on a computer?

A: Outlined fonts can result from incorrect anti-aliasing settings, outdated graphics drivers, or issues with font files.

Q: How can I tell if fonts are outlined on my computer?

A: Outlined fonts appear as hollow, blocky characters instead of smooth, legible text.

Q: Can restarting the computer fix outlined fonts?

A: Restarting the computer can sometimes resolve temporary font issues, but it may not always fix outlined fonts.

Q: Can changing the screen resolution help with outlined fonts?

A: Yes, adjusting the screen resolution to its recommended value can potentially fix outlined font problems.

Q: Does disabling font smoothing affect other aspects of my computer?

A: Disabling font smoothing only affects the appearance of fonts and should not impact other aspects of your computer’s functionality.

Q: Will resetting font settings delete my installed fonts?

A: Resetting font settings will not delete your installed fonts but will restore the default font settings on your computer.

Q: Can font management software fix outlined fonts automatically?

A: Font management software helps manage fonts, but it may not always automatically fix outlined font issues.

Q: Is it advisable to clear font caches frequently?

A: It is usually unnecessary to clear font caches frequently, as outlining font issues are often caused by other factors.

Q: Can I fix outlined fonts by reinstalling my operating system?

A: While reinstalling the operating system may fix some font-related issues, it is a drastic solution and should be used as a last resort.

Q: Can using custom fonts cause outlined font problems?

A: Using custom fonts can sometimes result in outlined font issues if they are incompatible with the operating system or corrupted.

Q: Will updating my operating system fix outlined fonts?

A: Updating the operating system can potentially resolve outlined font problems by addressing compatibility issues or applying bug fixes.

Q: What should I do if none of the solutions fix my outlined fonts?

A: If none of the suggested solutions resolve your outlined font issue, you may consider seeking technical support or consulting an IT professional for further assistance.

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