How to download youtube video to computer using ss?


YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video-sharing platform on the internet. While it offers the convenience of streaming videos online, there might be instances where you wish to download and save a YouTube video to your computer. Surprisingly, the answer lies in a simple trick known as “ss” that allows you to easily download YouTube videos to your computer for offline viewing. In this article, we will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Step-by-Step Guide

Downloading YouTube videos using the “ss” trick is simple and does not require any additional software or technical expertise. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the YouTube video you want to download

Navigate to the YouTube website and find the video you wish to download.

2. Access the video URL

To obtain the video URL, look at the browser’s address bar at the top of your screen. It should start with “” followed by a unique combination of letters and numbers.

3. Add “ss” before “” in the URL

After obtaining the video URL, simply insert “ss” before “” in the address bar. For example, if the URL is “”, you need to change it to “”.

How to download YouTube video to computer using ss?

4. Hit Enter or press the Go button

Press Enter on your keyboard or click the Go button to access the modified URL.

5. Choose the desired video quality and format

Once you are redirected to the new page, you will see multiple download options. These options typically include various video qualities and formats. Choose the one that suits your preferences.

6. Right-click on the download button

Right-click on the download button and select “Save link as” or “Save target as” (depending on your browser) to start downloading the video.

7. Select the download location on your computer

Choose a suitable location on your computer where you want to save the downloaded YouTube video. Click “Save” to begin the download.

8. Wait for the download to complete

The download time will vary depending on the video size and internet speed. Once the download is finished, you will have the YouTube video saved to your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I download YouTube videos using the “ss” trick on any device?

Yes, you can use the “ss” trick to download YouTube videos on any device that has a web browser.

2. Are there any legal implications of downloading YouTube videos?

Downloading YouTube videos for personal use is generally considered legal, as long as it is for non-commercial purposes. However, it is important to respect copyright laws and not distribute downloaded videos without appropriate permissions.

3. Can the “ss” trick be used on mobile devices?

Yes, the “ss” trick can be used on mobile devices by following the same steps mentioned in this article.

4. Are there any risks associated with using the “ss” trick?

Using the “ss” trick to download YouTube videos does not pose any significant risks to your computer or personal data. However, it is always advisable to have an up-to-date antivirus program installed and exercise caution while downloading files from the internet.

5. Is it possible to download multiple YouTube videos simultaneously using the “ss” trick?

Yes, you can open multiple tabs in your web browser and repeat the steps mentioned above for each video you want to download.

6. Can I download YouTube videos in HD quality using the “ss” trick?

Yes, the “ss” trick provides options to download videos in various qualities, including HD.

7. Can I download YouTube videos with subtitles using the “ss” trick?

No, the “ss” trick does not provide an option to download subtitles along with the video. However, you can find separate subtitle download options for certain videos.

8. Do I need an internet connection to watch the downloaded YouTube videos?

Once the YouTube video is downloaded to your computer, you can watch it offline without an internet connection.

9. Can I use the “ss” trick to download YouTube livestreams?

No, the “ss” trick does not support downloading YouTube livestreams. It is exclusively for downloading pre-recorded videos.

10. Should I be concerned about violating YouTube’s terms of service?

When downloading YouTube videos, it is essential to comply with YouTube’s terms of service. As long as you are downloading videos for personal use and not violating any copyright laws, you should be in compliance.

11. Can I use the “ss” trick to download videos from platforms other than YouTube?

The “ss” trick is specifically designed for downloading YouTube videos. It may not work on other video-sharing platforms.

12. Is it possible to convert the downloaded YouTube videos to other formats?

Yes, after downloading a YouTube video using the “ss” trick, you can use various video conversion software or online converters to convert the video to a different format if needed.


By following the simple steps mentioned above, you can easily download YouTube videos to your computer using the “ss” trick. Always ensure that you comply with copyright laws and use downloaded videos responsibly. Enjoy watching your favorite YouTube videos offline without any hassle.

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