How to download songs in iPhone without computer?

In this digital era, music has become an integral part of our lives. And with the advent of smartphones, accessing and downloading music has never been easier. However, many people find themselves wondering how they can download songs directly to their iPhone without the need for a computer. In this article, we will explore various methods to help you download songs on your iPhone hassle-free.

Using Music Streaming Apps

One of the most popular ways to download songs on an iPhone without a computer is by utilizing music streaming apps. These apps provide access to millions of songs, allowing you to download them directly onto your device. Here’s how you can do it:

1. **Step 1: Install a Music Streaming App** – Start by installing a music streaming app that supports offline listening from the App Store. Popular options include Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.
2. **Step 2: Sign up or Sign in** – Open the app and sign up for an account if you don’t have one already. If you do, simply sign in using your credentials.
3. **Step 3: Search for Songs** – Use the search feature within the app to find the songs you want to download.
4. **Step 4: Download Songs** – Look for the download option, typically represented by a down arrow or a download icon. Tap on it to start downloading the songs to your iPhone.
5. **Step 5: Access Offline Mode** – Once the songs are downloaded, you can access them in offline mode within the app. This allows you to listen to your music even without an internet connection.

iTunes Store

Another method for downloading songs directly onto your iPhone is by utilizing the iTunes Store. While this method requires an Apple ID, it allows you to own the music and listen to it offline. Here’s how it works:

1. **Step 1: Open the iTunes Store** – Launch the iTunes Store app on your iPhone.
2. **Step 2: Search for Songs** – Use the search bar to find the songs you want to download.
3. **Step 3: Purchase the Songs** – Tap on the price button next to the song to purchase and download it directly to your iPhone.
4. **Step 4: Access Previously Purchased Music** – In the iTunes Store app, go to the “More” tab, select “Purchased”, and then “Music”. This will display all the songs you have purchased and downloaded.


1. Can I download songs on my iPhone without using Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can download songs on your iPhone without Wi-Fi if you have a cellular data connection. However, keep in mind that downloading large files may consume a significant amount of your data plan.

2. How much storage space do I need to download songs on my iPhone?

The storage space required for downloading songs depends on the length and quality of the songs. On average, a 3-minute song in medium quality occupies around 3-4 MB of space.

3. Can I download songs on my iPhone for free?

Yes, there are various music streaming apps that offer free song downloads. However, the free versions may have limitations, such as ads or a limited song library. Subscribing to their premium service usually unlocks additional features.

4. Can I download songs from YouTube to my iPhone?

Yes, you can use apps like YouTube Music or third-party apps to download songs from YouTube directly to your iPhone.

5. Can I download songs from SoundCloud to my iPhone?

Yes, the SoundCloud app for iPhone allows you to download songs for offline listening if the artist gives you permission to do so.

6. Can I use a third-party download manager app to download songs on my iPhone?

No, Apple’s iOS does not allow the installation of third-party download managers, limiting the options for downloading songs.

7. Can I download songs on my iPhone using Google Drive?

Yes, you can download songs from Google Drive to your iPhone by utilizing the Google Drive app. Simply open the song file in the app and save it to your device.

8. Can I transfer songs directly from another iPhone to mine?

Yes, you can transfer songs from one iPhone to another using AirDrop. Simply select the songs you want to share, tap on the Share button, and choose the receiving iPhone from the AirDrop list.

9. Can I download songs on my iPhone from a website?

Yes, some websites offer direct song downloads for iPhone users. However, be cautious when downloading from unknown sources to avoid malware or copyright infringement.

10. Can I download songs on my iPhone using a torrent client?

No, Apple does not allow torrent clients on iOS devices, which means you cannot download songs using this method.

11. Can I download songs on my iPhone without an Apple ID?

No, downloading songs from the iTunes Store requires an Apple ID as it involves purchases.

12. Can I play downloaded songs on my iPhone using other music apps?

Yes, you can play downloaded songs from music streaming apps on other music player apps. However, songs downloaded from the iTunes Store are protected by DRM and can only be played within the Apple Music app.

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