How to download pictures from hp 735 camera to computer?

Capturing precious moments with your HP 735 camera is undoubtedly delightful, but what’s even more exciting is being able to transfer those beautiful pictures to your computer for safekeeping or to share them with friends and family. In this article, we will guide you through a simple step-by-step process on how to download pictures from your HP 735 camera to your computer.

Step 1: Connect your camera to the computer

To initiate the picture transfer, connect your HP 735 camera to your computer using the USB cable provided with the camera. Plug one end of the cable into the designated port on your camera and the other end into an available USB port on your computer.

Step 2: Power on your camera

Turn on your HP 735 camera by pressing the power button located on the top or side of the device. Ensure that the camera is in playback mode, allowing access to your captured pictures.

Step 3: Access the computer’s file manager

Open your computer’s file manager or file explorer by either clicking the folder icon on your desktop or pressing the Windows key and E simultaneously. This will provide you with the necessary interface to navigate and manage files on your computer.

Step 4: Locate your camera in the file manager

In the file manager, you should see a list of available drives and devices. Look for your connected HP 735 camera, which may appear as a removable disk or with the model name. Click on it to open the camera’s storage.

Step 5: Locate and select the pictures

Within your camera’s storage, you will find various folders. Look for the folder containing your pictures, usually named DCIM (Digital Camera Images) or something similar. Open it and browse through the folders to locate the specific pictures you want to download.

Step 6: Copy the pictures

Once you have found the desired pictures, select them by either dragging a selection box around them or holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on each individual picture. After selecting, right-click on one of the highlighted pictures and choose the “Copy” option from the context menu.


How to download pictures from HP 735 camera to computer?


Step 7: Choose the destination on your computer

Now, navigate to the desired location on your computer where you want to save the downloaded pictures. It can be a specific folder or your desktop. Right-click on the chosen location and select the “Paste” option from the context menu. Your pictures will begin to copy to that location.

Step 8: Wait for the transfer to complete

The time required to transfer pictures depends on the number of selected files and the transfer speed. Allow the transfer process to complete before disconnecting your camera from the computer to avoid any data loss or corruption.

Step 9: Safely disconnect your camera

When the transfer is finished, safely remove your HP 735 camera from your computer. On Windows, right-click on the camera icon in the file manager and select the “Eject” option. On Mac, drag and drop the camera’s icon to the trash can, which will change to an eject symbol.

Now that you know how to download pictures from your HP 735 camera to your computer, let’s address some related FAQs:


1. How can I ensure my camera is in playback mode?

To switch your HP 735 camera to playback mode, look for a button with a arrow symbol or an icon resembling a triangle. Press it until you see your captured images on the camera’s screen.

2. Can I use a different USB cable to connect my camera to the computer?

Yes, as long as the cable has the appropriate connector for your camera and a USB connector that fits your computer’s available port.

3. Why can’t I find my camera in the file manager?

Ensure that your camera is powered on and properly connected to the computer. If the issue persists, try using a different USB port or cable. Additionally, make sure your camera’s drivers are up to date.

4. Can I download all the pictures at once?

Yes, you can select and copy multiple pictures simultaneously by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on each desired image.

5. Are the copied pictures stored on the camera after downloading?

Yes, the pictures remain on your camera’s storage even after downloading, unless you choose to delete them manually.

6. How do I organize the downloaded pictures on my computer?

You can create folders on your computer and categorize the pictures based on dates, events, or any system that suits your preference. Simply right-click on the desired location and choose “New Folder” from the context menu.

7. What should I do if my camera disconnects during the transfer?

Double-check the cable connection, ensure that the camera is fully charged, and restart both the camera and the computer before attempting the transfer again.

8. Can I edit the downloaded pictures directly on my computer?

Yes, once the pictures are downloaded, you can utilize various photo editing software applications to edit, enhance, or resize your images according to your preference.

9. Should I format my camera’s storage after downloading the pictures?

Formatting your camera’s storage can clear all the files, including the pictures you downloaded. It is advisable to format the storage after ensuring that your pictures are safely backed up and transferred to another device.

10. Is there a wireless method to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer?

The HP 735 camera does not support wireless transfer natively. However, you may be able to use third-party wireless adapters or software solutions to achieve wireless transfer functionality.

11. Can I use cloud storage services to backup my pictures directly from the camera?

As the HP 735 camera does not have built-in cloud storage capabilities, you cannot directly backup your pictures from the camera to cloud services. However, you can transfer the pictures to your computer and then upload them to a cloud storage service.

12. Can I print the downloaded pictures directly from my camera?

The HP 735 camera lacks direct printing functionality. To print your downloaded pictures, transfer them to your computer and use a printer connected to your computer or utilize a professional printing service.

By following this step-by-step guide and understanding the related FAQs, you are now equipped to effortlessly download pictures from your HP 735 camera to your computer for safekeeping or to share those cherished memories with your loved ones.

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