How to download photos on iPhone 6 to computer?

Taking photos with your iPhone 6 is undoubtedly a convenient way to capture cherished memories. However, as the storage capacity of your iPhone fills up, you may find it necessary to transfer these precious photos to your computer for backup or easier accessibility. In this article, we will guide you through the process of downloading photos from your iPhone 6 to a computer.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone 6 to your computer

To initiate the transfer of photos, you will need to connect your iPhone 6 to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, your computer should recognize your iPhone and prompt you with various options.

Step 2: Trust the computer

On your iPhone 6, a message will appear asking if you trust the connected computer. Tap “Trust” to establish a secure connection between your iPhone and computer. This step is crucial to ensure the smooth transfer of photos.

Step 3: Access your iPhone on the computer

Open the file explorer or Finder on your computer and locate your iPhone in the list of connected devices. Click on your iPhone to access its contents.

How to download photos on iPhone 6 to computer?

Step 4: Navigate to the Photos folder

Once you have accessed your iPhone on the computer, navigate through the folders to find the “Photos” folder. It may be located under “Internal Storage” or a similar directory, depending on your computer’s operating system.

Step 5: Select the photos to transfer

Within the Photos folder, you will find various subfolders, categorized by date or location. Open the desired folder and select the photos you wish to download to your computer. You can either select individual photos or use the “Select all” option for bulk transfer.

Step 6: Copy the selected photos

Right-click on the selected photos and choose the “Copy” option from the context menu. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + C” (Windows) or “Cmd + C” (Mac) to copy the photos.

Step 7: Paste the photos on your computer

Navigate to the desired location on your computer where you want to store the downloaded photos. Right-click on the destination folder and choose the “Paste” option from the context menu. The selected photos will then be copied from your iPhone to your computer.

Step 8: Safely eject your iPhone

After the transfer is complete, it is essential to safely disconnect your iPhone from the computer to avoid any data corruption. On your computer, right-click on your iPhone and select the “Eject” option. You can now unplug the USB cable.

Now that you have successfully transferred your photos from iPhone 6 to the computer, let’s address some common questions and provide quick answers regarding this process:


1. Can I use a cloud storage service to download photos instead of connecting my iPhone 6 to a computer?

Yes, you can use cloud storage services like iCloud, Google Photos, or Dropbox to sync and download your photos to your computer.

2. Is it necessary to install any additional software on my computer to transfer photos?

No, it is not necessary to install any additional software. Your computer’s file explorer or Finder should be sufficient to transfer photos.

3. Can I transfer photos wirelessly from my iPhone 6 to the computer?

Yes, you can transfer photos wirelessly using options like AirDrop, iCloud Photos, or third-party apps like PhotoSync.

4. What if my computer does not recognize my iPhone 6 when connected?

Try using a different USB cable or USB port on your computer. If the issue persists, consider updating your iTunes software or restarting both your iPhone and computer.

5. Can I transfer photos directly from the Photos app on my iPhone?

No, you need to connect your iPhone to a computer to access the files and manually transfer the photos.

6. Will transferring photos to my computer delete them from my iPhone?

No, transferring photos to your computer will only make a copy of the photos. The originals will remain on your iPhone unless you manually delete them.

7. Can I transfer other media files such as videos or music using this method?

Yes, you can transfer various media files such as videos, music, or documents using the same procedure.

8. Can I transfer photos from my iPhone 6 to a Windows or Mac computer?

Yes, you can transfer photos from your iPhone 6 to both Windows and Mac computers using the steps mentioned above.

9. Are there any file size restrictions when transferring photos to a computer?

No, there are no specific file size restrictions when transferring photos from your iPhone 6 to a computer.

10. Can I download photos from my iPhone 6 to multiple computers?

Yes, you can download photos from your iPhone 6 to multiple computers as long as you trust each computer and follow the necessary steps for photo transfer.

11. Is it better to use a cloud service or download photos to my computer?

Choosing between using a cloud service or downloading photos to your computer depends on personal preference. Cloud services offer convenience and accessibility, while downloading to a computer provides offline access and larger storage capacity.

12. Do I need to delete the transferred photos from my iPhone to free up space?

Deleting the transferred photos from your iPhone is not necessary if you have enough storage available. However, if storage becomes an issue, you can delete them from your iPhone to free up space while keeping them safely stored on your computer.

With these instructions and FAQs, you should now be equipped to download photos from your iPhone 6 to your computer effortlessly. Safeguard your memories and create space on your iPhone for new adventures!

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