How to download minecraft pe maps from computer?

Are you a Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) player looking to spice up your gameplay with new and exciting maps? Look no further, as in this article, we will guide you step by step on how to download Minecraft PE maps from your computer. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to explore countless custom maps created by the Minecraft community. So, let’s get started!

**How to download Minecraft PE maps from computer?**

1. **Find a reliable source**: Begin by searching for websites that offer Minecraft PE maps. Make sure to choose a trustworthy source to avoid any potential security risks.
2. **Select and download a map**: Browse through the available maps and choose one that catches your interest. Click on the download button or link provided to start downloading the map to your computer.
3. **Locate your Minecraft PE folder**: Open the File Explorer on your computer and navigate to the following directory: “Internal Storage” → “Games” → “com.mojang” → “minecraftWorlds”. This is where the downloaded maps will be saved.
4. **Extract the downloaded map**: If the downloaded map is in a compressed file format (such as .zip or .rar), you’ll need to extract it first. Right-click on the downloaded file and select “Extract” or use a file compression software like WinRAR to extract the contents.
5. **Transfer the map to your device**: Once the map is extracted, connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. Locate the extracted map folder on your computer and copy it.
6. **Paste the map folder into your Minecraft PE directory**: Go back to your File Explorer and open the “minecraftWorlds” folder. Paste the map folder you copied from your computer into this directory.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded a Minecraft PE map from your computer. Now, launch Minecraft PE on your device and enjoy exploring the new map. Keep in mind that not all maps are compatible with Minecraft PE versions, so make sure to check the map’s compatibility before downloading it.


1. Can I download Minecraft PE maps on an iOS device?

Yes, you can! The process of downloading maps from a computer to an iOS device is similar to the one described above. However, instead of using File Explorer, you would use iTunes to transfer the map folder to your device.

2. Are there any restrictions on the type of maps I can download?

As long as the downloaded map is compatible with Minecraft PE, you can download a wide variety of maps, including survival, adventure, parkour, and more.

3. Where can I find compatible Minecraft PE maps?

Many websites offer Minecraft PE maps, such as MCPEDL, Planet Minecraft, and MinecraftMaps. These websites have a vast collection of maps that you can explore and download.

4. How do I know if a map is compatible with my Minecraft PE version?

Most map download websites indicate the Minecraft PE version compatibility in the map’s description. Make sure to double-check the version requirements before downloading.

5. Can I create my own Minecraft PE map?

Yes, you can! Minecraft PE provides various tools and resources for map creation. You can use external editors, such as MCEdit, or even create maps directly within Minecraft PE using its built-in features.

6. Can I share downloaded maps with other players?

Absolutely! Once you have downloaded and installed a map on your device, you can share it with other Minecraft PE players by copying the map folder and sending it to them.

7. Are there any risks involved in downloading maps from the internet?

While downloading maps from trusted sources is generally safe, it’s crucial to ensure the website you’re using is reputable to avoid any potential security risks. Always be cautious and use reliable sources.

8. Can I download multiple maps simultaneously?

Yes, you can download multiple maps at the same time. When transferring the map folders to your device, simply paste them into the “minecraftWorlds” folder alongside each other.

9. What do I do if a downloaded map is not working?

If a downloaded map is not working correctly, ensure that it is compatible with your Minecraft PE version. Additionally, check if the map has any specific installation instructions provided by the map creator.

10. Can I delete downloaded maps after playing them?

Yes, you can delete downloaded maps that you no longer wish to keep. Navigate to the “minecraftWorlds” folder on your device and delete the map folder you want to remove.

11. Are there any alternatives to downloading maps from a computer?

Yes, you can also download Minecraft PE maps directly on your device using various file manager apps and web browsers. However, the process may slightly differ compared to downloading from a computer.

12. How often are new Minecraft PE maps released?

New Minecraft PE maps are released regularly by the Minecraft community. Websites like MCPEDL and Planet Minecraft are frequently updated with fresh and exciting maps for you to explore.

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