How to delete saved words on Android keyboard?

Using the Android keyboard on your device can be convenient when typing out messages, emails, or searching for information. However, it can also be frustrating when the keyboard suggests or auto-corrects words that you don’t want to use. Fortunately, you can easily delete saved words on the Android keyboard with just a few simple steps.

Steps to Delete Saved Words on Android Keyboard:

1. Open Settings: Start by opening the settings app on your Android device. You can usually find this app in your app drawer or by swiping down from the top of the screen and selecting the gear icon.

2. Select “System” or “General Management”: In the settings menu, scroll down and find either the “System” or “General Management” option, depending on your Android version.

3. Tap on “Language & input”: Within the “System” or “General Management” section, find and tap on “Language & input”. This is where you can manage your keyboard settings.

4. Choose your keyboard: On the “Language & input” screen, you will see a list of keyboards available on your device. Tap on the keyboard that you are currently using, such as “Gboard” or “Samsung Keyboard”.

5. Tap on “Dictionary”: Within the keyboard settings, look for the option labeled “Dictionary” and tap on it. This is where you can manage the words saved by your keyboard.

6. Select “Personal Dictionary”: In the “Dictionary” settings, you may find different options, but you need to select “Personal Dictionary” to access the list of saved words.

7. Find the word to delete: Scroll through the list of saved words until you find the one you want to delete. Tap on it to select it.

8. Choose “Delete” or “Trash”: Once you’ve selected the word, a menu will appear with options to delete or trash the word. Tap on the appropriate option to remove the word from your keyboard’s memory.

9. Confirm deletion: In some cases, you may be asked to confirm the deletion. Confirm it by tapping “OK” or “Delete” to remove the word permanently.

10. Repeat if necessary: If you have multiple words you want to delete, repeat steps 7-9 for each word.

11. Restart your device: After deleting the saved words, it can be helpful to restart your device. This ensures that the changes take effect and resets the keyboard’s memory.

12. Refresh your keyboard: In some cases, you may need to refresh your keyboard app by closing it and reopening it. This can help ensure that the deleted words no longer appear as suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I undo the deletion of a saved word?

No, once you delete a saved word from your Android keyboard, it cannot be undone. However, if you find that you need the word again, you can always retype it a few times to help the keyboard learn and suggest it in the future.

2. How can I delete multiple words at once?

Unfortunately, Android’s keyboard does not offer a feature to delete multiple words at once. You have to delete each word individually.

3. Will deleting a saved word affect other devices using the same account?

No, deleting a saved word on one Android device will not affect other devices using the same account. Keyboard settings are device-specific and do not sync between devices.

4. Can I delete words from keyboards other than the default?

Yes, you can delete saved words from keyboards other than the default. Just follow the same steps mentioned above to access the settings for the keyboard app you are using.

5. Will deleting saved words clear my entire typing history?

No, deleting saved words only removes specific words that you have manually saved. It does not clear your entire typing history or suggest customizations.

6. How can I permanently prevent a word from appearing?

To prevent a word from appearing altogether, you can add it to the “Blocklist” or “Autocorrect Exclusion” feature in your keyboard settings. This will prevent the word from being suggested or auto-corrected.

7. Can I delete all saved words at once?

Unfortunately, there is no option to delete all saved words at once. You must delete each word individually.

8. Will my keyboard learn from my deletion?

Yes, your Android keyboard will learn from the words you delete. The more you delete specific words, the less likely they will be suggested in the future.

9. Can I delete words from third-party keyboard apps?

Yes, you can delete saved words from third-party keyboard apps by accessing the settings within the app and following similar steps to those mentioned above.

10. What happens if I accidentally delete a word?

If you accidentally delete a word, you can simply retype it a few times, and the keyboard will automatically learn and suggest it again.

11. Will deleting saved words affect my keyboard’s performance?

No, deleting saved words will not have any impact on your keyboard’s performance. In fact, it can improve performance by ensuring that only relevant suggestions are made.

12. How often should I delete saved words?

The frequency of deleting saved words is entirely up to you. If you find that the keyboard suggests incorrect or unwanted words frequently, you may want to delete saved words occasionally to keep your suggestions relevant.

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