How to delete on screen keyboard?

**How to Delete On Screen Keyboard?**

The on-screen keyboard is a useful feature for touch-enabled devices or situations where a physical keyboard isn’t available. However, there are instances when you might want to delete the on-screen keyboard from your device. Whether you find it unnecessary or if it’s causing inconvenience, removing the on-screen keyboard is a relatively simple process. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to delete the on-screen keyboard.

**Step 1: Open the Settings**

To begin, open the settings on your device. You can usually find this option in the app drawer or by swiping down from the top of the screen and selecting the settings icon.

**Step 2: Access the Language & Input Settings**

Within the settings menu, look for the “Language & Input” or a similar option, and tap on it. This menu allows you to manage your device’s language settings and input methods.

**Step 3: Select the Current Keyboard**

Within the Language & Input settings, you will find a list of keyboards currently installed on your device. Look for the current on-screen keyboard that you wish to delete and tap on it to proceed.

**Step 4: Disable the On-Screen Keyboard**

Once you have selected the on-screen keyboard, you will be presented with various options related to the keyboard settings. Look for the option that allows you to disable or uninstall the keyboard and tap on it.

**Step 5: Confirm the Action**

A confirmation prompt will appear on your screen, asking you to confirm the deletion of the on-screen keyboard. Review the prompt and if you are sure about deleting the on-screen keyboard, select “OK” or “Delete” to proceed.

**Step 6: Finalize the Deletion**

After confirming the deletion, your device will remove the on-screen keyboard, freeing up space and eliminating the keyboard from your active options. You can now exit the settings menu and enjoy your device without the on-screen keyboard.


1. Can I remove the on-screen keyboard permanently?

Yes, by following the above steps, you can remove the on-screen keyboard permanently from your device.

2. Will deleting the on-screen keyboard affect my device’s functionality?

Deleting the on-screen keyboard will not affect your device’s functionality. However, you will need to rely on an external physical keyboard or another installed on-screen keyboard for typing.

3. How can I reinstall the on-screen keyboard if I change my mind?

To reinstall the on-screen keyboard, follow the same steps as before, but instead of disabling or uninstalling the keyboard, you will need to enable or install it.

4. I can’t find the option to disable the on-screen keyboard. What should I do?

If you can’t find the option to disable the on-screen keyboard, it may be due to the keyboard being a system app. In such cases, you might need to root your device or use third-party apps to remove it.

5. Can I delete multiple on-screen keyboards at once?

Yes, you can delete multiple on-screen keyboards by following the same steps individually for each keyboard you want to remove.

6. Will deleting the on-screen keyboard improve my device’s performance?

Deleting the on-screen keyboard might slightly improve your device’s performance by freeing up system resources previously used by the keyboard.

7. Is there any way to delete the on-screen keyboard temporarily?

Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature to temporarily delete the on-screen keyboard. However, you can disable it and enable it later when needed.

8. What if I accidentally delete the wrong on-screen keyboard?

If you delete the wrong on-screen keyboard, you can reinstall it by following the steps mentioned earlier or by downloading a new on-screen keyboard from the app store.

9. Will deleting the on-screen keyboard delete all my saved data?

No, deleting the on-screen keyboard will not delete your saved data. It only removes the keyboard application from your device.

10. Can I use voice typing after deleting the on-screen keyboard?

Yes, voice typing functionality is typically a separate feature from the on-screen keyboard. Thus, you can still utilize voice typing even after deleting the on-screen keyboard.

11. Can I delete the on-screen keyboard on all types of devices?

The ability to delete the on-screen keyboard may differ depending on the type of device and its operating system. However, most devices offer this functionality.

12. Will deleting the on-screen keyboard solve typing-related issues?

If you are experiencing typing-related issues with the on-screen keyboard, deleting and reinstalling it might resolve the problem. However, it’s recommended to troubleshoot the specific issue before resorting to deletion.

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