How to defend RAM rider?

Are you tired of losing battles to the infamous RAM Rider in Clash Royale? This mythical character can be a formidable opponent if not dealt with properly. But fear not, because we have got you covered. In this article, we will discuss some effective strategies to help you defend against the RAM Rider and ensure victory in your battles.

Understanding the RAM Rider

Before diving into defensive strategies, let’s take a moment to understand the RAM Rider itself. The RAM Rider is a 4-elixir rare card, known for its high speed and the ability to charge into enemy troops or buildings, dealing significant damage. It has a mounted rider who stuns the target upon impact, making it even more dangerous.

How to Defend RAM Rider?

Defending against the RAM Rider requires a well-planned and proactive approach. Here’s the answer to the question you’ve been eagerly waiting for:

**1. Proper Placement:** Luring the RAM Rider away from your tower is crucial. Place your defensive troops or buildings to intercept it before it reaches your tower. This will buy you time to eliminate the threat.

2. **Buildings are Your Best Friends:** Defensive buildings like the Inferno Tower, Tombstone, or Tesla can be highly effective against the RAM Rider. Their ability to distract and damage the RAM Rider, while keeping it away from your tower, is invaluable.

3. **High DPS Troops:** Using high damage per second troops such as Mini Pekka, Valkyrie, or Lumberjack can quickly take down the RAM Rider. Deploy them strategically and watch the Rider fall to the might of your troops.

4. **Swarm Troops:** Utilizing swarm troops like Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang can overwhelm the RAM Rider and its mounted rider. These cheap troops can easily take down the stunned Rider and provide an advantage for your counter-attack.

5. **Freeze Spells:** A well-timed Freeze spell can completely halt the RAM Rider, giving your troops ample time to eliminate it. Use this spell as a surprise element to catch your opponent off guard.

6. **Cycle Cards Efficiently:** Maintain an efficient card cycling strategy to have the right counters available when the RAM Rider appears. This way, you can respond quickly and effectively, without wasting elixir.

Now that you know the answer to the question “How to defend RAM Rider?”, let’s address some frequently asked questions about defending against this formidable Clash Royale card.


1. How much damage does the RAM Rider deal?

The RAM Rider deals 340 damage boosted, and 170 damage unboosted.

2. Can the RAM Rider be easily distracted?

Yes, it can be distracted by placing troops or buildings in its path.

3. Does the stun of the RAM Rider impact troop attack speed?

No, the stun only immobilizes the target; it doesn’t affect their attack speed.

4. What is the best way to counter the mounted rider?

Using swarm troops or high DPS troops is the most effective way to counter the mounted rider.

5. Can spells like Zap or Log reset the charging ability of the RAM Rider?

No, spells of this nature cannot interrupt or reset the charging ability of the RAM Rider.

6. Does the RAM Rider target air troops?

No, the RAM Rider primarily targets ground troops, buildings, or the opponent’s tower.

7. Can the RAM Rider be affected by pushback spells like Tornado?

Yes, pushback spells like Tornado can disrupt the RAM Rider’s charging path and redirect it away from your tower.

8. Is it better to use one high HP troop or multiple smaller troops to defend against the RAM Rider?

Using multiple smaller troops can be more effective since they can quickly surround and eliminate the RAM Rider and mounted rider.

9. Can the RAM Rider be countered with only buildings?

While it is possible to defend against the RAM Rider with only buildings, it is recommended to support the buildings with troops for a more reliable defense.

10. Will the RAM Rider’s stun effect interrupt my troops’ special abilities?

No, the stun will only immobilize the troops briefly without interrupting their special abilities.

11. Can the RAM Rider be defeated without taking any tower damage?

Yes, by carefully executing the defensive strategies mentioned earlier, it is possible to eliminate the RAM Rider without losing any tower health.

12. Are there any specific decks that work well against the RAM Rider?

There isn’t a specific deck that guarantees success against the RAM Rider, but a well-balanced deck with strong defensive capability and appropriate counters can greatly increase your chances of victory.

By following these defensive strategies and answers to frequently asked questions, you’ll be better equipped to defend against the aggressive RAM Rider in Clash Royale. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep refining your skills, and victory shall be yours!

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