How to continue a winrar download if computer shut off?

How to Continue a WinRAR Download if Your Computer Shuts Off

Have you ever experienced the frustration of your computer unexpectedly shutting down while downloading a large file using WinRAR? It can be disheartening, as you might assume all progress is lost and need to start the download over from scratch. Fortunately, there are several techniques you can employ to continue your WinRAR download even if your computer shuts off. In this article, we will explore these methods and provide you with the necessary guidance to resume your interrupted download seamlessly.

How to continue a WinRAR download if your computer shuts off?

The answer is simple: you can rely on the built-in functionality of WinRAR to recover your incomplete download. Unlike many other download managers, WinRAR offers the capability to pause and resume downloads, ensuring that you pick up where you left off after a sudden shutdown. Follow the steps below to continue your WinRAR download:

1. Open WinRAR and navigate to the file you were downloading.
2. Select the incomplete part of the file and click on the “Extract to” button.
3. Choose the desired location on your computer where you want to store the incomplete file.
4. Click on the “OK” button to initiate the extraction process.
5. Once the extraction is complete, you will find the incomplete file saved in the specified location.
6. Now, you can resume the download by opening the partial file in WinRAR.
7. WinRAR will automatically detect the incomplete part of the file and continue downloading from where it left off.
8. You will notice that the progress bar will continue from the point at which the download was interrupted.

This straightforward approach allows you to seamlessly resume your WinRAR downloads in case of unexpected shutdowns. It saves you from the frustration of restarting the entire download process and ensures that you don’t lose any progress made before the shutdown.


1. Can I continue a WinRAR download from a different computer?

Yes, you can transfer the incomplete file to another computer and follow the steps mentioned above to resume the download using WinRAR.

2. What happens if I accidentally delete the partial file?

If you delete the incomplete file, you will need to restart the download from the beginning, as there is no way to recover the lost data.

3. Can I pause and resume a WinRAR download manually?

Yes, you can pause and resume the download manually by clicking on the “Pause” and “Resume” buttons in WinRAR’s download interface.

4. Will the download speed be affected when resuming a WinRAR download?

The download speed will depend on your internet connection and the server hosting the file. The resumption process does not necessarily influence the speed itself.

5. Can I schedule WinRAR downloads at specific times?

No, WinRAR does not have a built-in scheduling feature for downloads. You will need to rely on external download managers for this functionality.

6. How can I ensure that my computer does not shut off during a WinRAR download?

To prevent your computer from shutting down during a download, make sure you adjust your power settings to prevent sleep or hibernation.

7. Is it possible to speed up a WinRAR download?

The download speed primarily depends on your internet connection and the server’s capacity. While you cannot directly speed up a download within WinRAR, you can try closing any unnecessary applications or using a wired internet connection for better results.

8. Can WinRAR handle downloads from multiple sources simultaneously?

Yes, WinRAR supports concurrent downloads from multiple sources. You can start a new download while another one is in progress.

9. What should I do if WinRAR crashes during a download?

If WinRAR crashes during a download, simply relaunch the program, navigate to the partial file, and select the “Extract to” option to continue the download.

10. Does pausing and resuming a download affect the integrity of the file?

No, pausing and resuming a WinRAR download does not impact the integrity of the file. WinRAR ensures that the downloaded data is preserved and continues from where it left off.

11. Is there a limit to the size of the files WinRAR can handle for downloads?

WinRAR has no inherent file size limitation. However, the actual limit will depend on your system’s memory, available disk space, and the file system format of your storage device.

12. Can I prioritize certain files within a WinRAR download?

WinRAR does not offer the ability to prioritize specific files within a download. It follows a sequential approach in extracting and downloading files based on their order in the archive.

With these simple steps and useful tips, you can now confidently continue your WinRAR downloads even if your computer shuts off unexpectedly. Take advantage of WinRAR’s built-in features to eliminate the frustration and inconvenience of starting the download process from scratch. So, go ahead and resume your interrupted downloads effortlessly!

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