How to connect Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard?

Lenovo offers a range of Bluetooth keyboards that can be easily connected to various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Whether you’re setting up your keyboard for the first time or reconnecting it after a disconnection, the process is straightforward. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to connect your Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard effortlessly.

Step 1: Prepare Your Keyboard and Device

Before starting the connection process, ensure that your Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard is charged or has fresh batteries installed. Additionally, make sure that the device you want to connect the keyboard to has Bluetooth functionality and is turned on.

Step 2: Enable Bluetooth

On the device you wish to connect your keyboard to, enable Bluetooth by going to the settings menu and locating the Bluetooth option. Toggle the Bluetooth switch to turn it on.

Step 3: Put Your Keyboard in Pairing Mode

Now, it’s time to put your Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard into pairing mode. Find the Bluetooth pairing button located on the bottom of your keyboard and press it. The indicator light on the keyboard should start blinking, indicating that it is in pairing mode.

Step 4: Discover Available Devices

On your device, tap on the “Discover” or “Scan” button to initiate the search for available Bluetooth devices.

Step 5: Select Your Keyboard

In the list of available devices, you should see your Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard listed. Tap on its name to select it as the device you want to connect.

Step 6: Enter the Passkey

After selecting your keyboard, you may be prompted to enter a passkey or PIN on the device. Some keyboards have a default passkey, such as “0000” or “1234,” while others may require you to create a unique passkey. Follow the on-screen instructions and enter the passkey on your device.

Step 7: Complete the Connection

Once you have entered the passkey, press the enter key on your Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard. Your device should now connect to the keyboard, and the indicator light on the keyboard should stop blinking, indicating a successful connection.


1. Can I connect a Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard to multiple devices?

No, a Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard can only be connected to one device at a time.

2. How do I disconnect my Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard from a device?

To disconnect your Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard, go to the Bluetooth settings on the connected device and select the option to disconnect or “Forget” the keyboard.

3. What should I do if my Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard is not detected by my device?

In such a case, ensure that your keyboard is in pairing mode, and your device’s Bluetooth is turned on. Also, check if your keyboard is charged or has fresh batteries.

4. Can I reconnect my Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard after turning off my device?

Yes, you can reconnect your Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard to a previously paired device by turning on Bluetooth and following the steps mentioned in this article.

5. How far can I be from my device and still have a stable Bluetooth connection?

The range of Bluetooth connectivity depends on various factors like the device and environmental conditions. In general, you can expect a stable connection within a range of around 30 feet.

6. Can I use a Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard with non-Lenovo devices?

Yes, Lenovo Bluetooth keyboards are typically compatible with non-Lenovo devices as long as they support Bluetooth connectivity.

7. Do I need to install any specific software to connect my Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard?

In most cases, you won’t need any additional software to connect your Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard. The necessary drivers are usually built into the operating system.

8. Can I use my Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard with a gaming console?

While Lenovo Bluetooth keyboards are primarily designed for use with computers and mobile devices, some models may be compatible with gaming consoles that support Bluetooth connectivity. Consult your keyboard’s user manual for specific compatibility information.

9. How can I switch my Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard to a different device?

To switch your Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard to a different device, disconnect it from the current device and follow the connection steps mentioned in this article for the new device.

10. What are the advantages of using a Bluetooth keyboard?

Bluetooth keyboards offer wireless convenience, allowing you to type from a distance without the hassle of tangled cables. They are also highly portable and versatile, working with various devices.

11. Can I use my Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard while it is being charged?

Yes, most Lenovo Bluetooth keyboards can be used while being charged. However, refer to the user manual of your specific model to confirm if it supports this feature.

12. How can I clean my Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard?

To clean your Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard, use a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with water or a mild, alcohol-free cleaning solution. Gently wipe the keys and surfaces, avoiding excessive moisture.

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