How to clone bootable usb?

**How to Clone Bootable USB?**

Cloning a bootable USB drive can be a useful task when you need to create a copy of an existing bootable USB for backup purposes, or when you want to replicate the same bootable USB on multiple devices without going through the entire setup process again. In this article, we will guide you through the process of cloning a bootable USB drive step by step.

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to note that the process requires a third-party software that offers disk cloning functionality. There are several reliable tools available in the market, such as Clonezilla, EaseUS Partition Master, and Macrium Reflect, which can efficiently clone bootable USB drives. For the purpose of this article, we will use Clonezilla, a popular open-source disk cloning software.

Step 1: Prepare Your Equipment
To begin, gather the necessary equipment: the source bootable USB drive and the target USB drive onto which you want to clone the bootable USB.

Step 2: Download and Install Clonezilla
Next, download and install Clonezilla from the official website. Make sure to choose the appropriate version for your operating system.

Step 3: Create a Bootable Clonezilla USB
Once installed, launch Clonezilla and follow the instructions to create a bootable Clonezilla USB drive.

Step 4: Boot from the Clonezilla USB
Insert the Clonezilla USB drive into the computer and restart it. Enter the computer’s BIOS settings and configure it to boot from the USB drive.

Step 5: Start Clonezilla
Once the computer has booted from the Clonezilla USB, you will be greeted with the Clonezilla interface. Select the default option, “Clonezilla Live (Default settings, VGA 800×600),” and press Enter.

Step 6: Choose “Device-Device” Clone Mode
In the next menu, select the “device-device” clone mode, which allows you to clone from one device to another.

Step 7: Select Source and Target Disks
Now, you will be prompted to select the source disk (the bootable USB you want to clone) and the target disk (the USB drive you want to clone onto). Use the arrow keys to navigate and press Enter to confirm your selections.

Step 8: Choose “Beginner” Mode
Next, select the “beginner” mode, which provides a simplified set of options suitable for most users.

Step 9: Confirm Cloning Options
Clonezilla will display a summary of the cloning options you have chosen. Review them carefully and make sure everything is correct. If you are satisfied, select “OK” to proceed.

Step 10: Start the Cloning Process
Clonezilla will now begin the cloning process. Depending on the size of the bootable USB and other factors, this may take some time. Be patient and let the software do its job.

Step 11: Confirm and Complete Cloning
Once the cloning process is complete, Clonezilla will ask you to confirm the operation. Verify that the process was successful and that there were no errors. If everything looks good, select “OK” to finish.

Step 12: Test the Cloned Bootable USB
Finally, remove both the source and target USB drives from the computer and test the cloned bootable USB on a different device to ensure it functions properly.


1. Can I clone a bootable USB drive without third-party software?

No, you will need third-party software that supports disk cloning functionality to clone a bootable USB drive.

2. Is Clonezilla the only disk cloning software available?

No, there are several other reliable options available, such as EaseUS Partition Master and Macrium Reflect.

3. Can I use a different USB drive for cloning?

Yes, you can use any USB drive as the target device for cloning the bootable USB.

4. Does the target USB drive need to be the same size as the source?

No, the target USB drive can be larger or smaller than the source drive. However, make sure it has enough space to accommodate the cloned data.

5. Can I clone a bootable USB on a Mac computer?

Yes, Clonezilla is available for Mac computers as well. You can follow similar steps to clone a bootable USB on a Mac.

6. Can I clone multiple bootable USB drives simultaneously?

No, Clonezilla performs cloning operations one at a time. You will need to repeat the process for each bootable USB you want to clone.

7. Can I clone bootable USB drives of different operating systems?

Yes, Clonezilla supports cloning bootable USB drives from different operating systems, as long as your computer recognizes the file system of the source drive.

8. Can I clone a bootable USB with encrypted data?

Yes, Clonezilla can clone bootable USB drives with encrypted data. However, you will need to provide the necessary encryption keys during the cloning process.

9. Can I clone a bootable USB drive using a different disk cloning software?

Yes, you can use any reliable disk cloning software of your choice, as long as it supports cloning bootable USB drives.

10. Can I clone a bootable USB drive to an internal hard drive?

Yes, you can clone a bootable USB drive to an internal hard drive. The process will be similar, but make sure to select the correct source and target devices.

11. Can I use the cloned bootable USB on a different computer?

Yes, if the hardware is compatible and the cloned bootable USB contains the necessary drivers and settings for the new computer, it should work without any issues.

12. Can I clone a bootable USB drive and modify it later?

Yes, once you have cloned the bootable USB, you can modify its contents as needed. Keep in mind that modifying critical system files may impact the functionality of the cloned USB.

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