How to change italic font back to normal on keyboard?

How to Change Italic Font Back to Normal on Keyboard?

Italic font is a great formatting option that can add emphasis and style to your text. However, it is easy to accidentally enable it and find yourself scratching your head wondering how to revert it back to normal. Whether you are working on a document, an email, or any other text-based platform, here are the steps you need to take to change italic font back to normal on your keyboard.

1. Highlight the italicized text: Start by selecting the text that you want to change back to a regular font. You can do this by clicking and dragging your cursor over the text or by using the arrow keys while holding down the shift key to highlight the text.

2. Press the “Ctrl” and “I” keys simultaneously: Once the text is selected, press the “Ctrl” key and the “I” key at the same time. This keyboard shortcut will toggle the italic formatting on and off.

3. Check if the font has changed: After pressing the keyboard shortcut, check to see if the font has returned to normal. If it hasn’t, try pressing the “Ctrl” and “I” keys again to ensure that the formatting has been removed.

Now that you know how to change italic font back to normal on your keyboard, let’s address some related frequently asked questions (FAQs):


1. Can I use a different keyboard shortcut to remove italic formatting?

No, the standard keyboard shortcut to remove italic font is by pressing “Ctrl” and “I” keys simultaneously.

2. Does this method work in all text editors or programs?

Yes, the “Ctrl” and “I” keyboard shortcut is a universal method that works in most text editors and programs.

3. Can I use this method to change other formatting options too?

No, this method only applies to italic font. To change other formatting options like bold or underline, you may need to use different keyboard shortcuts.

4. What if I want to remove italic formatting from multiple sections of text?

You can repeat the process for each section individually or highlight multiple sections of text and press the “Ctrl” and “I” keys together to remove the formatting from all selected sections at once.

5. Will this method also work for undoing bold or underline formatting?

No, this method is specific to removing italic font. For bold formatting, use the “Ctrl” and “B” keys, and for underline formatting, use the “Ctrl” and “U” keys.

6. What if I accidentally removed italic formatting but I actually wanted it?

You can simply re-select the text and press “Ctrl” and “I” again to restore the italic font.

7. Are there any other ways to remove italic formatting?

Yes, some text editors and programs have an option to remove formatting in their menu bar or ribbon. Look for an option like “Clear Formatting” or “Remove Italic.”

8. Can I use this method to change the font style to italic?

No, this method is intended to remove italic formatting, not to apply it. To apply italic formatting, you can select the text and use the “Ctrl” and “I” keys together.

9. What if the “Ctrl” and “I” shortcut is not working?

Make sure that the text is selected before pressing the shortcut keys. If it still doesn’t work, try restarting the program or using an alternative method to remove the formatting.

10. Can I change italic font to normal without using keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, you can usually find an option in the program’s menu bar or toolbar to remove italic formatting. Look for options like “Clear Formatting” or “Remove Italic.”

11. Will changing the font style back to normal remove any other formatting?

No, changing the font style back to normal will only remove the italic formatting. It will not affect any other formatting such as bold, underline, or font size.

12. Can I change the default keyboard shortcut for removing italic font?

The default keyboard shortcuts are typically built into the program and cannot be changed. However, some programs may allow you to customize keyboard shortcuts in their settings menu. Check the program’s documentation for more information on customization options.

Now that you know the steps to change italic font back to normal on your keyboard, you can easily remove the formatting and ensure your text looks just the way you want it to. Remember to use the “Ctrl” and “I” keys simultaneously and check that the font has returned to normal after using the shortcut.

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