How much is a Mac desktop computer?

How much is a Mac desktop computer?

Mac desktop computers are well-known for their sleek design, powerful performance, and reliable operating systems. Whether you’re a professional designer, a student, or simply an Apple enthusiast, the question of how much a Mac desktop computer costs is an important one. So, let’s dive right in and find out the answer!


The price of a Mac desktop computer can vary depending on the specific model and configuration you choose. Generally, Mac desktop computers are available in three main models: iMac, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro. The basic iMac model starts at around $1,099, while the iMac Pro starts at $4,999. The powerful Mac Pro, designed for professionals with demanding workflows, starts at $5,999.

It’s essential to note that these are starting prices, and the actual cost can go up significantly depending on the additional upgrades and additions you choose. These upgrades can include faster processors, larger storage capacities, more advanced graphics cards, and additional RAM.

Let’s now explore some frequently asked questions regarding the price of Mac desktop computers:


1. Can I find cheaper options for Mac desktop computers?

Yes, Apple occasionally offers refurbished models or older versions at discounted prices, which can be worth exploring if you’re looking to save some money.

2. Are there any ongoing promotions or discounts on Mac desktop computers?

Apple often runs promotional campaigns, especially during the holiday season or when new models are released. It’s worth keeping an eye on their website or authorized resellers for any current deals.

3. Do Mac desktop computers come with any warranty?

Yes, all Mac desktop computers come with a one-year limited warranty from Apple, which covers hardware repairs and provides technical support. You can also opt for extended AppleCare coverage for an additional cost.

4. How long do Mac desktop computers typically last?

Mac desktop computers are built with high-quality components and are well-known for their longevity. With regular maintenance and updates, they can easily last for five to eight years or even longer.

5. Can I upgrade the components of a Mac desktop computer myself?

It depends on the model. While upgrading some components, such as RAM or storage, might be possible in certain Mac desktop models, others have more limited upgradability. It’s always recommended to check the specifications and necessary steps outlined by Apple.

6. How does the performance of a Mac desktop compare to other desktop computers?

Mac desktops often provide competitive performance when compared to other desktop computers. However, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and software requirements before making a purchase.

7. Can I use Windows on a Mac desktop computer?

Yes, it is possible to use Windows on a Mac desktop computer through Apple’s built-in Boot Camp software or virtualization tools like Parallels Desktop. However, keep in mind that native Mac operating systems are often recommended for the best user experience.

8. Do I have to purchase additional software for a Mac desktop computer?

Mac desktop computers come pre-installed with various Apple-developed software, including macOS, iMovie, Safari, and more. However, depending on your needs, you may choose to purchase additional software or subscriptions for specific applications.

9. Are Mac desktop computers suitable for gaming?

While Mac desktop computers can handle many games, they are not primarily designed as gaming machines. If you’re a dedicated gamer, you might want to consider a dedicated gaming PC or a gaming console instead.

10. Do Mac desktop computers come with a display?

Yes, Mac desktop computers such as iMac and iMac Pro come with a built-in display, eliminating the need for an additional monitor. However, Mac Pro does not include a display, so you’ll need to purchase one separately.

11. What are the advantages of choosing a Mac desktop computer over a PC?

Some advantages of choosing a Mac desktop computer include the sleek design, integration with other Apple devices and services, user-friendly operating systems, and dedicated customer support.

12. Can I finance the purchase of a Mac desktop computer?

Yes, Apple offers financing options through their Apple Card or Apple Financial Services, allowing you to pay for your Mac desktop computer in installments over time.

Now that you have a clearer idea of how much a Mac desktop computer costs and have found answers to other related questions, you can make an informed decision while considering the purchase of a Mac desktop computer that suits your needs and budget.

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