How many keys in a 60 keyboard?

If you are a newbie in the mechanical keyboard world, you might be wondering how many keys are in a 60 keyboard. The answer is quite simple but might surprise you. **A 60% keyboard typically has 61 keys**, despite its name suggesting it would only have 60 keys.

To better understand why a 60% keyboard has 61 keys, let’s dive into the explanation. In general, a regular full-size keyboard consists of 104 or 105 keys, including the alphanumeric keys, modifier keys, function keys, and special keys. These keyboards also typically have a numpad and dedicated arrow keys. However, in a 60% keyboard, some keys are removed or combined to save space and create a more compact design.

Why is a 60% keyboard called “60%”?

A 60% keyboard is named so because it is said to occupy roughly 60% of the space required for a full-size keyboard.

What keys are typically removed in a 60% keyboard?

In a 60% keyboard, several keys are commonly omitted, including the numpad, function row, arrow keys, and several navigation and editing keys. These keys are either removed entirely or integrated into a secondary layer accessible through key combinations.

What does the extra key do on a 60% keyboard?

The additional key in a 60% keyboard is typically called the “function” or “FN” key. This key allows the user to access secondary functions of other keys, such as media controls, volume adjustments, and arrow keys when combined with other key combinations.

Do all 60% keyboards have the same key layout?

No, different manufacturers and keyboard models may have slightly varied layouts within the 60% form factor. However, the majority follow a standard layout that is widely accepted in the mechanical keyboard community.

Can I still perform the same functions with a 60% keyboard?

Yes, despite its reduced size, a 60% keyboard still allows you to perform all the essential functions that a regular full-size keyboard offers. The primary difference lies in the need for key combinations to access less frequently used keys.

Are 60% keyboards suitable for gaming?

Yes, 60% keyboards are suitable for gaming purposes. Although they lack dedicated arrow keys, gamers can generally utilize key combinations to achieve the same functionality. It all comes down to personal preference and adaptability.

Why would someone choose a 60% keyboard over a full-size keyboard?

There are several reasons why someone might choose a 60% keyboard over a full-size keyboard. These include a smaller footprint, portability, aesthetics, and the ability to customize and build their own keyboard.

Can I use a 60% keyboard for work purposes?

Absolutely! While a 60% keyboard might require some adjustment due to the absence of specific keys, it can still be effectively used for work-related tasks. Many professionals enjoy the compact design as it saves desk space and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Are there any disadvantages to using a 60% keyboard?

A potential disadvantage of using a 60% keyboard is the need to memorize key combinations and adapt to the smaller layout. This learning curve might be challenging for users accustomed to full-size keyboards, but with time, it becomes second nature.

Are all keycaps compatible with 60% keyboards?

Most 60% keyboards follow a standard layout, making them compatible with a wide range of aftermarket keycap sets. However, it’s always advisable to check the compatibility of keycaps before purchasing.

Can I program a 60% keyboard to my liking?

Yes, many 60% keyboards support programmability. You can remap the keys, create custom macros, and configure the board to your liking using firmware or specific software provided by the keyboard manufacturer. This allows for a highly customized and personalized typing experience.

What are some popular 60% keyboard models?

Some popular 60% keyboard models include the Anne Pro 2, Ducky One 2 Mini, Vortex Pok3r, and HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard) Professional 2. These keyboards are widely recognized for their quality, aesthetics, and overall performance.

In conclusion, a 60% keyboard typically has **61 keys**. Despite its compact design and omission of certain keys, it remains a versatile option for both gaming and work-related tasks. The popularity of 60% keyboards continues to rise, thanks to their small footprint, customization options, and sleek appearance.

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