How do you type 1 2 on a keyboard?

Typing numbers on a keyboard is a fundamental skill that we use on a daily basis, whether we are entering data, composing documents, or browsing the internet. The keyboard layout has evolved over time to accommodate both alphabetical characters and numerical digits, making it easy to input numbers quickly and efficiently. If you are wondering how to type the number 1 followed by 2 on a keyboard, you have come to the right place. Let’s explore the various methods you can use to achieve this!

Method 1: Using the Number Row

The most straightforward approach to typing the number 1 followed by 2 on a keyboard is to use the number row at the top:

**Pressing the “1” key** – This key is located on the number row, typically above the letter “Q” on a QWERTY keyboard layout.

**Pressing the “2” key** – Right beside the “1” key, you will find the “2” key on the number row.

Method 2: Utilizing the Numpad

If your keyboard includes a separate numpad on the right-hand side, you can also use this section for an even faster input:

**Pressing the “Num Lock” key** – Make sure the num lock is activated before using the numpad.

**Pressing the “1” key on the numpad** – Located on the right side of the numpad, press the “1” key.

**Pressing the “2” key on the numpad** – Right below the “1” key, you will find the “2” key on the numpad.

Using the numpad typically provides a more user-friendly experience for entering numbers, especially when you’re dealing with a lot of numerical data.

Method 3: Using the ASCII Code

In certain scenarios, such as when using a laptop keyboard with a limited number of keys or when working with specialized software, you may have to resort to the ASCII code:

**Holding down the “Alt” key** – Press and hold the “Alt” key on your keyboard.

**Entering the ASCII code** – While holding down the “Alt” key, type “049” for “1” and then “050” for “2” using the number pad.

**Releasing the “Alt” key** – After entering the corresponding ASCII codes, release the “Alt” key to display the numbers you typed.

This method can be useful when you don’t have a dedicated number row or numpad available.


1. How can I type numbers on a keyboard if there is no number row?

If your keyboard lacks a number row, you can still type numbers by using the numpad (if available) or the ASCII code mentioned earlier.

2. Can I use the number keys on top of the keyboard to enter numbers?

Yes, you can! The number keys at the top of your keyboard, or the number row, can be used to input numbers.

3. What if my keyboard doesn’t have a numpad?

If your keyboard doesn’t have a separate numpad, you can use the number row or refer to the ASCII code method to type numbers.

4. How do I activate the num lock on my keyboard?

The num lock can typically be activated by pressing the “Num Lock” key on your keyboard. However, the specific key and location may vary depending on the keyboard model.

5. Can I use the number keys above the letters without activating the num lock?

Yes, you can use them without activating the num lock. The number keys on the top row usually work independently without the need for the num lock.

6. Is there a difference between the number keys on the keyboard and the numpad?

The number keys on the keyboard and the numpad serve the same purpose, allowing you to enter numbers. However, the numpad is often more convenient for rapid numerical input.

7. What if pressing the numbers on my keyboard produces symbols instead?

If pressing the number keys on your keyboard produces symbols instead of numbers, it’s possible that your keyboard is set to a different language or input mode. Check your keyboard settings and switch to the desired input mode.

8. Can I type numbers using the virtual keyboard on my computer?

Yes, most virtual keyboards have a number row or a virtual numpad that allows you to input numbers. Simply click or tap on the number keys to enter the desired numbers.

9. Are there any alternative keyboard layouts that make typing numbers easier?

Yes, while the QWERTY layout is the most common, there are alternative layouts like the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard that place the number row closer to the home row for faster number input.

10. How do I type fractions using a keyboard?

To type fractions on a keyboard, you can use alt codes or special key combinations. For example, alt + 0189 will type ½.

11. Can I use the on-screen keyboard on my smartphone or tablet to type numbers?

Absolutely! The on-screen keyboard of your smartphone or tablet will typically feature both a number row and a virtual numpad for convenient number input.

12. How can I adjust the keyboard settings to improve my number typing experience?

You can modify various keyboard settings such as key repeat speed, repeat delay, or keyboard language to suit your preferences and improve your overall number typing experience. These settings can usually be found in the “Keyboard” or “Language” sections of your device’s settings menu.

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