How do you say on the computer in spanish?

If you are looking for the translation of the phrase “on the computer” in Spanish, the correct term to use is “en la computadora.”


1. How do you say “computer” in Spanish?

In Spanish, “computer” is translated as “computadora.”

2. Is “en el ordenador” also correct?

Yes, “en el ordenador” is an alternative way to say “on the computer” in Spanish. This is primarily used in Spain, while “en la computadora” is more common in Latin America.

3. Can I say “en el computador” as well?

While “el computador” is used in some Spanish-speaking countries, the most widely understood term is “la computadora.” It’s best to use “en la computadora” to ensure broader comprehension.

4. What is the difference between “computadora” and “ordenador”?

“Computadora” is the word predominantly used in Latin America, whereas “ordenador” is commonly used in Spain to refer to a computer.

5. How do you say “on the laptop” in Spanish?

To express “on the laptop” in Spanish, you can say “en la laptop.”

6. Is there a difference between “computadora” and “portátil”?

“Computadora” is a general term for a computer, while “portátil” refers specifically to a laptop.

7. Can I use “en la PC” instead?

Absolutely! “PC” is an abbreviation for “Personal Computer,” and using “en la PC” is perfectly acceptable in Spanish.

8. What about “en el equipo”?

Yes, “en el equipo” is another way to say “on the computer” in Spanish. This term is often used interchangeably with “en la computadora.”

9. How do you say “on the desktop” in Spanish?

To express “on the desktop” in Spanish, you can say “en el escritorio.”

10. Can I simply say “en la máquina”?

While “máquina” can mean “machine” in Spanish, it is not commonly used to refer to a computer. It’s better to use “computadora,” “ordenador,” or “PC.”

11. Is the term “sobre la computadora” also correct?

Although “sobre” does mean “on” in Spanish, it is more commonly used to indicate physical placement “over” or “on top of” something. Stick to “en la computadora” for “on the computer.”

12. Are there any regional variations for this phrase?

Yes, regional variations exist. In some Spanish-speaking countries, phrases like “en la máquina” (the machine) or “en el equipo” (the equipment) may be preferred over “en la computadora” (the computer).

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