How do you get lyrics on spotify computer?

How do you get lyrics on Spotify computer?

Spotify is a popular music streaming platform that has revolutionized the way we listen to music. With its vast library of songs from all genres and eras, Spotify offers an endless array of options for music enthusiasts. However, one feature that Spotify has not yet integrated into its platform is the ability to view lyrics directly on your computer while listening to a song. While this feature is available on the Spotify mobile app, it is not currently supported on the computer version.

**So, how can you get lyrics on Spotify computer?**

Currently, viewing lyrics on Spotify computer requires the use of third-party applications and websites. Here are a few methods you can try to enhance your Spotify experience with lyrics:

1. **Use standalone lyric websites or applications:** There are various lyric websites and applications available that allow you to search for lyrics to any given song. Simply search for the lyrics to a particular song in one of these platforms, and they will provide you with the lyrics in real-time while you listen to the song on Spotify.

2. **Try desktop apps:** Some third-party desktop applications, such as Musixmatch, are designed specifically to display synchronized lyrics while you stream music. These apps work alongside Spotify to provide real-time lyrics on your computer screen.

3. **Enable lyric plugins on media players:** If you use a media player like Winamp or Foobar2000 to stream Spotify on your computer, there are plugins available that display synchronized lyrics. Simply select a suitable plugin, install it, and enjoy lyrics while listening to your favorite tracks.

4. **Display lyrics in a separate browser window:** Open a browser window and search for the lyrics of the song you are currently playing on Spotify. You can easily find lyrics on various websites, and simply keep the webpage open while you listen to the song.

Related FAQs:

1. Can I view the lyrics on Spotify mobile?

Yes, the Spotify mobile app integrates with platforms like Musixmatch to display lyrics while you stream music.

2. Are there any lyric websites you can recommend?

Some popular lyric websites include Genius, AZLyrics, and MetroLyrics.

3. Can I get real-time lyrics on my Mac computer?

Yes, standalone desktop apps like Musixmatch are available for Mac computers as well.

4. Will Spotify introduce an official lyrics feature?

There is no official information regarding the release of a built-in lyrics feature on the Spotify computer version.

5. Can I view lyrics by connecting Spotify to my smart home device?

Some smart speaker systems, like Amazon Echo, offer lyrics display features when connected to Spotify. Check the capabilities of your specific device.

6. Do I need a premium Spotify account to view lyrics?

No, you can view lyrics with a free Spotify account as well.

7. Can I customize the appearance of the lyrics display?

Some lyric apps and websites offer customization options for text size, color, and background.

8. Can I view lyrics offline on Spotify computer?

Since viewing lyrics requires an internet connection, offline mode does not support real-time lyrics display.

9. Is it legal to use third-party lyric apps or websites with Spotify?

Yes, using third-party apps or websites to view lyrics while streaming Spotify is legal as long as you are not infringing any copyright laws.

10. Are there any other music streaming platforms that offer in-built lyrics features on their computer versions?

Some music streaming platforms, such as Apple Music and YouTube Music, have integrated lyrics features directly into their computer applications.

11. Do standalone lyric apps work for streaming music from other platforms?

Yes, standalone lyric apps or websites work with various music streaming platforms, not just Spotify.

12. Can I submit corrections for inaccurate lyrics on third-party websites?

Yes, most lyric websites provide an option to submit corrections or contribute to the accuracy of their lyrics collection.

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