How do you do a underscore on computer?

How do you do an underscore on a computer?

Underscores are commonly used in computer programming and writing. They serve multiple purposes, such as creating file names, variable names, or URLs. Adding an underscore ( _ ) may seem straightforward to some, but if you’re new to computers or haven’t encountered this task before, you may need some guidance. In this article, we’ll explore different methods to create an underscore on a computer and answer some related questions to help improve your understanding.

How do you do an underscore on a computer?

To create an underscore on a computer, you can use one of the following techniques:

1. Pressing the underscore key: Most keyboards have a dedicated underscore key usually located next to the 0 (zero) key. Pressing Shift + underscore key will result in an underscore character being displayed.

2. Using the Alt code: On a Windows computer, you can hold down the Alt key and type 95 on the numeric keypad. Releasing the Alt key will insert an underscore character.

3. Utilizing the Character Map: On Windows, you can access the Character Map utility (Type “Character Map” in the Start menu search bar) and select the underscore character to copy and paste into your desired location.

4. Keyboard shortcuts: Some applications, like word processors or text editors, have their own keyboard shortcuts to insert an underscore. For example, in Microsoft Word, pressing Ctrl + Shift + Space will insert an underscore.

5. AutoCorrect shortcuts: Many software applications, including Microsoft Word, allow you to create custom AutoCorrect shortcuts. You can set an abbreviation, such as “us”, to automatically convert it to an underscore whenever you type it.

The methods listed above will help you to create an underscore on your computer. Now, let’s move on to addressing some frequently asked questions about underscoring.



Can an underscore be used in a URL?

Yes, underscores can be used in URLs, but it is recommended to use hyphens (-) instead. This is because some search engines and web browsers can misinterpret underscores as spaces.


Can I use underscores in a file name?

Yes, underscores can be used in file names. They are often employed to replace spaces in file names to make them easier to read and work with.


What is the purpose of an underscore in programming?

In programming, underscores are commonly used to create more readable variable or function names. They are often used to replace spaces or separate words in a longer identifier.


Can I use an underscore at the beginning or end of a word?

Yes, you can use an underscore at the beginning and end of a word. However, it is worth noting that starting a file or folder name with an underscore may have certain implications in some programming languages and operating systems.


Is there a difference between an underscore and an underline?

Yes, there is a difference. An underscore is a typographical character used to represent a space or connect separate words, while an underline is a line drawn below text, often used to emphasize or indicate a hyperlink.


Is an underscore symbol case-sensitive?

No, the underscore character is not case-sensitive. It remains the same regardless of whether you type it in uppercase or lowercase.


Can I use underscores in domain names?

No, underscores are not allowed in domain names. They can only consist of letters, numbers, and hyphens.


Can I use underscores in email addresses?

Yes, underscores are allowed in email addresses, but they are less common. It is more common to use periods or hyphens.


Do all keyboards have an underscore key?

Most keyboards have a dedicated underscore key, but some compact or portable keyboards may require an additional key combination to access it.


How do I create an underscore on a Mac?

On a Mac, you can create an underscore by pressing Shift + hyphen (-) key.


Why should I use an underscore instead of a space in filenames?

Using an underscore instead of a space in filenames is a common practice. It makes them easier to work with in various programming languages, command line interfaces, and web development.


Can I use an underscore in social media usernames?

Yes, you can use an underscore in social media usernames on platforms that allow it. However, keep in mind that some platforms may have certain restrictions or preferences regarding usernames.

In conclusion, creating an underscore on a computer can be accomplished through various methods, including using dedicated keyboard keys, Alt codes, character maps, or application-specific shortcuts. Understanding how to use underscores and their applications in programming, file naming, and URL structures can enhance your computer literacy and improve your overall understanding of digital environments.

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