How do I unsync dropbox from my computer?

How do I unsync Dropbox from my computer?

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to sync your files across multiple devices. While it offers a convenient way to access your files wherever you go, there might be situations where you may need to unsync Dropbox from your computer. Whether you’re trying to free up storage space or no longer require Dropbox’s syncing capabilities, the process to unsync Dropbox from your computer is relatively simple. Follow the steps below to unsync Dropbox and remove it from your computer.

Before proceeding with the unsyncing process, it’s essential to note that unsyncing Dropbox from your computer will delete all the files stored locally on your device. However, your files will remain safely stored in the cloud and accessible through the Dropbox website or other synced devices.

How do I unsync Dropbox from my computer?

To unsync Dropbox from your computer:

**1. Click on the Dropbox icon in your system tray (Windows) or menu bar (Mac) located at the top or bottom right corner of your screen.**

**2. Once the Dropbox menu appears, click on your profile picture or initials located in the top-right corner.**

**3. From the drop-down menu, select “Preferences.”**

**4. In the Preferences window that appears, navigate to the “Sync” tab.**

**5. Under the “Selective Sync” section, click on “Change Settings.”**

**6. A window will appear displaying all the folders synced to your computer. Uncheck the boxes next to the folders you no longer wish to sync.**

**7. Click “Update” to apply the changes.**

**8. A confirmation dialog will appear, stating that the selected folders will be removed from your computer. Click “OK” to proceed.**

**9. Dropbox will now start the unsyncing process, removing the selected folders from your computer. Once completed, a confirmation message will appear. Click “OK” to finish.**

Congratulations! You have successfully unsynced Dropbox from your computer. You can always access your files using the Dropbox website or other synced devices. Remember, even though the files are no longer stored locally on your computer, they remain securely stored in the cloud.

Now, let’s address some related FAQs:

Can I unsync just one folder from Dropbox?

Yes, through the selective sync feature, you can choose to unsync specific folders and keep others synced on your computer.

If I unsync Dropbox, will it delete my files?

No, unsyncing Dropbox from your computer only removes the locally stored files, while keeping them safely stored in the cloud.

Can I unsync Dropbox from one computer but keep it synced on another?

Yes, you can selectively sync different folders on different devices. Just follow the same steps mentioned above on the computer from which you want to unsync Dropbox.

How do I remove Dropbox from my computer entirely?

In addition to unsyncing Dropbox, if you want to remove the Dropbox application entirely from your computer, you’ll need to uninstall it. Go to your computer’s control panel or applications folder, find Dropbox, and select “Uninstall.”

Can I unsync Dropbox temporarily and then sync it again later?

Yes, you can re-enable syncing at any time by opening the Dropbox preferences, navigating to the “Sync” tab, and selecting the folders you want to sync.

Will unsyncing Dropbox affect other devices where I have it installed?

Unsyncing Dropbox on one device does not affect other devices where you have Dropbox installed. Each device can have its own selective sync settings.

Is there a way to unsync Dropbox without uninstalling it?

Yes, unsyncing Dropbox can be done through the selective sync settings without the need to uninstall the Dropbox application.

Can I unsync Dropbox from my computer, but keep it on my phone?

Yes, Dropbox can be unsynced from one device while remaining synced on other devices, such as your phone or tablet.

How do I unsync Dropbox from my computer on a mobile device?

Unsyncing Dropbox from a mobile device is not possible. However, you can log out of your Dropbox account or uninstall the mobile app if you no longer wish to use it on your device.

Will unsyncing Dropbox affect shared folders?

Unsyncing Dropbox on your computer only removes the locally stored files and does not affect shared folders. Other collaborators will still be able to access those files.

Can I unsync Dropbox without an internet connection?

Unsyncing Dropbox requires an internet connection to apply the changes and update the sync settings. Without an internet connection, the changes will not take effect.

What happens if I delete files from Dropbox on my computer?

If you delete files from your Dropbox folder on your computer, they will be removed from your Dropbox storage and all other linked devices as well. This action is different from unsyncing, so be cautious when deleting files from your local Dropbox folder.

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