How do I save video to my computer?

Saving videos to your computer allows you to watch them offline, share them with others, or edit them for your own projects. Whether you want to save a video from your favorite streaming platform, download a video from a website, or save a video someone shared with you, there are several methods you can use to accomplish this. In this article, we will guide you through the process of saving videos to your computer.

Method 1: Downloading videos from streaming platforms

Streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu typically do not provide an option to directly download videos. However, utilizing external tools allows you to save videos from these platforms to your computer.

1. How do I save YouTube videos to my computer?

One of the easiest ways to save YouTube videos to your computer is by using online video downloaders. Copy the YouTube video’s URL, visit one of these websites, paste the URL, and follow the download instructions.

2. How do I download Netflix videos to my computer?

Netflix has a feature that allows you to download certain movies and TV shows to watch offline. Look for the download icon next to the video you want to save, click on it, and the video will be added to your downloads.

Method 2: Saving videos from websites

If you come across a video on a website that you would like to save to your computer, you can choose between downloading it or using browser extensions to save it.

3. How do I download videos from websites?

If the website provides a download option, simply click on the download button and the video will start saving to your computer.

4. How do I save videos using browser extensions?

Browser extensions such as Video DownloadHelper or Flash Video Downloader allow you to save videos from various websites. Install the preferred extension, navigate to the video you want to save, click on the extension icon, and choose the desired video quality to start the download.

Method 3: Saving shared videos

If someone sent you a video or shared a video link, you can easily save it to your computer using several methods.

5. How do I save videos from social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram?

On Facebook, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the video post and select “Save video.” On Instagram, tap on the three dots above the video and choose “Save.”

6. How do I save videos from messaging apps like WhatsApp or Messenger?

In most messaging apps, when someone sends you a video, it is automatically saved to your device’s storage. You can find the saved videos in your gallery or downloads folder.

Method 4: Recording videos from the screen

If all else fails, you can use screen recording software to capture videos playing on your computer screen.

7. How do I record videos playing on my computer screen?

There are various screen recording software options available, such as OBS Studio, Bandicam, or Camtasia. Install the desired software, launch it, select the area of the screen you want to record, and start the recording when the video you want to save is playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I save copyrighted videos to my computer?

Saving copyrighted videos without permission is generally against the law and ethical guidelines. Ensure you have the necessary rights or licenses before saving any copyrighted content.

2. Are the online video downloaders safe to use?

While most online video downloaders are safe, you should exercise caution and avoid downloading software or clicking on suspicious links. Stick to reputable and well-known services.

3. Can I edit the saved videos on my computer?

Yes, once the videos are saved to your computer, you can use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, or Windows Movie Maker to edit them.

4. Are there any restrictions on downloaded Netflix videos?

Yes, downloaded Netflix videos have an expiration date. Once the expiration date is reached, you will need to redownload the video to continue watching it offline.

5. Can I save videos in different formats?

Yes, depending on the method or software you use, you can often choose the video format or convert it to a different format after saving it to your computer.

6. Will saving videos to my computer take up a lot of storage space?

It depends on the size and duration of the videos. HD and 4K videos tend to occupy more space compared to lower resolution videos.

7. Can I save videos directly to an external hard drive?

Yes, if you have an external hard drive connected to your computer, you can choose it as the saving location when downloading or saving videos.

8. Are there any limitations to screen recording?

Screen recording may result in lower video quality compared to direct downloads. Additionally, certain streaming platforms may have restrictions on screen recording.

9. Can I save private videos shared with me?

If you have been granted access to private videos and have the necessary permissions, you can save them to your computer using the respective platform’s download or save functions.

10. How can I save videos from YouTube if they are limited to certain countries?

You can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to access YouTube videos restricted to specific countries. Switch your VPN to a country where the video is available, copy the URL, and follow the regular downloading methods.

11. Is it legal to download videos from websites?

Downloading videos from websites without proper authorization may be a violation of copyright laws. Ensure you have the necessary rights or permissions before downloading any video.

12. Can I save live-streamed videos?

Most live-streamed videos cannot be directly saved to your computer. However, some streaming platforms offer the option to save live streams for a limited time after the broadcast ends.


Saving videos to your computer opens up a world of possibilities in terms of offline viewing, sharing, and editing. Whether you are saving videos from streaming platforms, websites, or shared content, there are numerous methods available to suit your needs. Remember to respect copyrights and usage regulations, as unauthorized downloading and sharing of copyrighted materials are illegal. Enjoy building your own video library and exploring the creative possibilities that saving videos to your computer offers!

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