How do I get emojis on my Android keyboard?

Emojis have become an integral part of how we communicate digitally. They add color, expression, and emotion to our messages, making them more lively and engaging. If you want to enhance your conversations with emojis on your Android keyboard, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore different methods to enable emojis on your Android keyboard and ensure you’re never short of these expressive little icons.

Method 1: Enabling emojis from your device’s default keyboard

1. Launch any app that requires text input, such as messaging or social media applications.
2. Tap on the text field to bring up the keyboard.
3. Locate the emoji icon, usually located either near the space bar or within the keyboard’s toolbar.
4. Tap on the emoji icon, and a window containing various emojis will pop up.
5. Scroll through the emoji library and select the emoji of your choice.
6. Tap outside the emoji window to close it and continue typing your message.

How do I get emojis on my Android keyboard?
To use emojis on your Android keyboard, simply locate the emoji icon on your keyboard, tap on it, and choose the emoji you want to use from the library that appears.


1. Can I customize the appearance of emojis on my Android keyboard?

Unfortunately, the appearance of emojis on your Android keyboard is determined by the default emoji set provided by your device manufacturer or the keyboard app you are using. You cannot customize their appearance unless you install third-party apps or custom keyboards that offer such options.

2. Are emojis available on all Android devices?

Yes, emojis are available on virtually all Android devices, regardless of the brand or model. However, the appearance of emojis may differ slightly depending on the Android version and device manufacturer.

3. Can I add more emojis to my Android keyboard?

Yes, several apps on the Google Play Store provide additional emoji packs that can be integrated with your Android keyboard. Simply search for “emoji keyboard” or similar terms in the Play Store, choose a reputable app, and follow the installation instructions.

4. Can I make emojis bigger or smaller?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly resize emojis on your Android keyboard. However, some messaging apps allow resizing of emojis within the chat window, providing a workaround to make emojis appear bigger or smaller.

5. Why can’t I find emojis on my Android keyboard?

If you cannot locate the emoji icon on your Android keyboard, it is possible that your keyboard app does not have built-in support for emojis or that you are using an outdated version of the keyboard app. Consider switching to a different keyboard app that offers emoji support or updating your current keyboard app to the latest version.

6. How can I access emojis on older Android versions?

On older Android versions that do not feature native emoji support, you can download and install a third-party keyboard app from the Play Store that includes emojis. Once installed, follow the app’s instructions to enable the emoji set and start using emojis in your conversations.

7. Is there a way to search for specific emojis?

Several Android keyboard apps and messaging platforms provide search functionality within the emoji library. Look for a magnifying glass or search icon within the emoji window and enter keywords or descriptions to find specific emojis quickly.

8. Can I add emojis to my Android keyboard without installing a new app?

Yes, updating your Android operating system to the latest version includes the option to add new emojis. Whenever a new Android version is released, it typically introduces a new set of emojis, and updating your device ensures you have access to the latest emojis without installing a separate app.

9. Can I change the skin tone of emojis on my Android keyboard?

Yes, most Android keyboards that support emojis allow you to change the skin tone of certain human emojis. After tapping on the emoji, a small menu might appear above it, giving you skin tone options to choose from.

10. How can I enable emojis on third-party keyboard apps?

If you are using a third-party keyboard app, the process of enabling emojis may vary. However, it typically involves going to your device’s settings, selecting “Language & input,” choosing the keyboard app you want to configure, and ensuring that the emoji option is enabled within the app’s settings.

11. Do all Android keyboards have the same emojis?

While most popular Android keyboard apps have a standard set of emojis, there might be slight variations between apps or keyboard versions. Some apps also offer unique or themed emoji sets, giving you a broader range of emojis to express yourself.

12. Can I deactivate emojis on my Android keyboard?

If you find emojis distracting or want to reduce clutter on your Android keyboard, some keyboard apps allow you to disable or hide the emoji button. Look for the app’s settings or preferences menu to customize your keyboard layout and disable emojis if desired.

With emojis now at your fingertips, you can bring your messages to life, conveying emotions and injecting a touch of fun with just a few taps. Enjoy exploring the vast library of emojis and find the ones that perfectly match your thoughts and expressions!

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