How can I improve my typing speed on keyboard?

Typing is an essential skill in today’s digital world. Whether you are a student, a professional, or simply someone who enjoys expressing themselves through writing, the ability to type quickly and accurately can greatly enhance your productivity and efficiency. If you find yourself spending too much time pecking at the keyboard or frequently making mistakes, fret not! In this article, we will explore some effective strategies that can help you improve your typing speed on the keyboard.

How can I improve my typing speed on the keyboard?

To improve your typing speed, practice and consistency are key. Here are some tips to help you boost your typing skills:

1. Regular Practice: The more you practice typing, the better you will get. Dedicate some time each day to practice typing exercises or typing games that challenge your speed and accuracy.

2. Proper Hand Positioning: Position your hands correctly on the keyboard with your fingers resting on the home row keys (ASDF for the left hand and JKL; for the right hand). This will allow you to reach all the keys quickly and efficiently.

3. Touch Typing: Learn touch typing, where you rely on muscle memory rather than looking at the keys. Start by familiarizing yourself with the keyboard layout and practice typing without looking.

4. Use All Fingers: Utilize all your fingers to type instead of relying on just a few. This helps distribute the workload evenly and increases your typing speed.

5. Take Typing Courses: Enroll in an online typing course or download typing software that provides structured lessons and exercises to guide you through the learning process.

6. Practice Typing Exercises: Engage in typing exercises that focus on specific areas, such as speed drills, accuracy tests, or typing paragraphs to improve your overall typing performance.

7. Utilize Typing Games: Make learning fun by playing typing games that challenge your speed and accuracy. These games often offer various levels and themes to keep you engaged.

8. Use Online Typing Tutors: Explore the multitude of online typing tutors available that provide typing lessons, tips, and real-time typing speed measurements to track your progress.

9. Set Achievable Goals: Set realistic goals and track your progress to stay motivated. Gradually increase your typing speed targets as you improve.

10. Practice with Difficult Words: Identify words or letter combinations that you struggle with and focus on practicing them to improve your accuracy and overall typing speed.

11. Maintain Good Posture: Sit in a comfortable and ergonomic posture that supports your back. Maintain a relaxed yet firm wrist position while typing to prevent strain or discomfort.

12. Be Patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is typing speed. Be patient with yourself, as increased speed will come with time and practice.


1. Does typing speed matter in today’s digital age?

Yes, typing speed is still crucial as it enhances productivity and efficiency in various tasks, such as writing emails, creating documents, or conducting research.

2. Can typing speed be improved at any age?

Absolutely! Typing speed can be improved at any age with consistent practice and dedication.

3. Should I focus on speed or accuracy while practicing typing?

Initially, focus on accuracy, as speed will naturally increase with practice. Gradually, shift your focus to speed while ensuring you maintain an acceptable level of accuracy.

4. Are there any typing exercises specifically designed for programmers?

Yes, there are typing exercises designed to improve typing speed and accuracy specifically for programmers. These exercises include typing commonly used code snippets or programming terms.

5. Is it better to look at the keyboard or the screen while typing?

To improve typing speed, it’s recommended to rely on touch typing, where you do not look at the keyboard. This allows you to type without interruptions and significantly increases your speed over time.

6. Can typing software really help in improving typing speed?

Yes, typing software can be instrumental in improving typing speed. It provides structured lessons, tracks your progress, and offers targeted exercises to enhance your typing skills.

7. How long does it take to see significant improvement in typing speed?

The speed of improvement varies from person to person. With consistent practice, noticeable improvements in typing speed can be achieved within a few weeks to a few months.

8. What is the average typing speed?

The average typing speed is around 41 words per minute (WPM) for professional typists. However, with practice, speeds of 60 to 80 WPM or more can be attained.

9. Is it important to learn the correct finger positions while typing?

Learning correct finger positions is crucial as it allows you to type without looking at the keyboard and increases your typing speed and accuracy.

10. Are there any mobile apps to improve typing speed?

Yes, there are several typing apps available for mobile devices that offer typing exercises and games to help you improve your typing speed on the go.

11. Can typing speed influence job opportunities?

In certain professions where typing is a significant part of the job, having a high typing speed can be beneficial and may improve job opportunities.

12. Can I improve my typing speed by using voice-to-text technology instead?

While voice-to-text technology can be convenient, it is still essential to have good typing skills, as relying solely on voice-to-text may not always be feasible or accurate.

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