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Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner, FH50700 Review

In case you’re looking for a solution to keep the rugs spotless in a busy home, especially if you have pets around, we can help you.

You can use one of the best carpet cleaners. They are capable of cleaning up ground-in dirt, leaving a stainless carpet. But, the question arises, which carpet cleaner to use?

Leave that to us.

Get your hands on Hoover PowerDash pet carpet cleaner for quick carpet clean-ups at a pocket-friendly amount. Let’s get right to exactly why you should trust this unit.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner, FH50700

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Introducing Hoover PowerDash FH50700

The Hoover PowerDash is a newly developed upright carpet cleaner line of Hoover. It is known to be powerful, compact, and lightweight.

It performs superbly to clean up every mess we could throw at it. This cleaner is a great option for high traffic areas, and all of the stains children and pets can make, which are a lot! You will actually enjoy cleaning the carpet with this carpet cleaner, as it isn’t so much of a chore.

This machine is constructed with the most crucial features and technologies in order to keep the weight similar to a portable device. Therefore, it is best for those who want a powerful, grab-and-go cleaning device.

Apart from being lightweight, you will find no difficulty in its operation. Moreover, the super cheap price of this cleaner is much appealing.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner, FH50700

This PowerDash pet carpet cleaner is rated on multiple criteria. These include:

  • Cleaning

This aspect shows how well each machine removed red clay stain from the carpet.

  • Dryness

It refers to the amount of solution that’s left behind. The best models leave a few ounces while the worst ones leave over a pint in the area cleaned.

  • Convenience

This indicates the weight of the machine, cord length, coverage area, and tank access, filling and emptying.

You will not find any other machine that can be used on all types of carpets or high traffic areas for such a pocket-friendly price. Read on to find out the specs, features, and the summarized pros and cons of this powerful yet small-sized machine.


Here are the specifications of this handy machine in a nutshell:

Weight12.5 lbs.
Dimensions15.2×10.1×43.5 inches
Cord Length20 ft.
HeatingHeatForce Technology
Motor7 Amps
Input Power840 Watts
Tank size0.5 gallons
Cleaning path10 inches

Let’s discuss these specs in detail.

  • Input Power

This model plugs into the American 120 V outlets and draws 840 watts to operate. This device is highly efficient, given the cleaning capability it achieves. Moreover, it comes with a power cable that is 20 feet long and wraps around a handle on the back of the machine.

  • Cleaning Power

A 7-amp motor operates the suction system of this machine. Therefore, we can say that this PowerDash cleaner is a powerhouse for its size.

Most of the motor’s power goes into creating the airflow in addition to rotating the beater brush. So, the suction produced by this unit is quite impressive.

There is no hose or any attachment which helps to keep its suction power at an optimum level all the time.  It ensures efficient cleaning in order to keep your carpet debris-free.

  • Capacity

This machine comes with a 0.5-gallon dirty water tank. It stores water that contains dissolved dirt from the carpets being cleaned. The standard procedure includes some vacuuming first before using these cleaning machines. Therefore, there is not much debris to be picked up.

  • Weight

This Hoover PowerDash machine features a low weight of 12.5 lbs. That means it is easy to carry from one room to another, or even up and down the stairs, thanks to its compact size.

  • Dimensions

The unit measures 15.2×10.1×43.5 inches, making it an easy-to-store carpet cleanser. With such dimensions, this carpet cleaner is compared to a handheld but performs more powerfully.

What’s In The Box?

To your surprise, the Hoover PowerDash pet carpet cleaner doesn’t include any accessories. Well, the reason is that it’s meant to be specialized for carpet cleaning while working as a grab-and-go device.

You will find only the unit itself in the box along with its parts. These include the handle, two tanks for the clean and dirty water, the brush roll, user’s manual plus a bottle of cleaning liquid.

That’s not all…

Now that we are done with the specifications of this amazing carpet cleaner, let’s move on to the top-notch features.

Top Features

This model comes with fewer functionalities and tools. However, it focuses more on the improved suction system and cleaning efficiency while limiting the number of fancy features.

  • Dual Water Tanks

You will have two removable tanks to hold the clean and dirty water. It offers enhanced efficacy since theirs is no re-cleaning of the carpet with dirty water.

The clean water tank features two lines. One of them helps to measure the amount of water to put in the tank. Meanwhile, the other monitors the level of cleaning solution.

The debris that gets sucked up the nozzle ends up being trapped. Meanwhile, the dirty water goes into the tank on the unit.

However, you may find the half a gallon capacity for the dirty water to be inadequate, especially if you own large areas to clean. Similarly, if your home is high-traffic and has pets and kids around, the size could be a challenge.

Regardless, the tank is easy to remove and requires less effort while emptying. This process takes only a minute or two, and you can complete your task in less time. So, the low tank capacity does not affect your cleaning tasks.

  • Heated Cleaning

This feature significantly improves the ability of this cleaner to remove dirt, especially the stubborn stains. The heated cleaning allows the dirt in carpet fibers to dissolve much more quickly than when employing cold water.

Therefore, you will get a carpet that smells fresh and looks cleaner at the end of your cleaning task.

Additionally, the heated cleaning ability serves to kill bacteria and mold growths in order to maintain complete hygiene.

  • Antimicrobial Brush Roll

This machine features a PowerSpin pet brush. The nozzle has a spinning helical brush with soft, rubberized bristles that resist hair tangles. It makes the cleaner efficient in cleaning areas with pet hair and messes.

Moreover, the antimicrobial properties of the brush roll do not harbor bacteria, mildew, and mold. Therefore, the brush does not produce any odor. Thus, the result is a carpet that smells fresh after you’ve cleaned it with the PowerDash cleaner.

  • Heat Drying

In addition to a powerful suction, this model uses hot air to dry out the carpets it cleans. It works by pushing the hot air down the nozzle when you are not pressing the trigger to dispense cleaning liquid.

It also allows your carpet to dry faster than they would if you use a machine that relies on suction only for the drying part.

  • Lightweight

The PowerDash pet carpet cleaner is so compact that it can fit almost anywhere for storage. Weighing only 12.5 lbs. makes it light and portable. The design makes it possible to carry the unit upstairs or even to the basement.

Similarly, if you have several rooms and each of them has a carpet or area rug, you can move this cleaner around.

Plus, the lightweight design means that both young and senior members of your family can use this cleaner.

  • Low Profile for Enhanced Cleaning

This Hoover model is a great option for you if some parts of your carpets are present under the furniture. It lies low. Thus you can direct it underneath couches, beds, and other items without facing any difficulty.

This is a crucial feature, keeping in mind that the cleaner does not come with accessories to allow you an extended reach.

  • Filtration Efficiency

We know that this PowerDash cleans the carpets that have already been vacuumed. However, there is that remaining debris, including the pet hairs that will get picked into the suction path. This debris can be a problem if it reaches the motor.

Therefore, this unit comes with a filter at the foot of the machine below the dirty water tank.

All you need to do is clean this filter regularly to avoid clogging. If you don’t, then suction drops and the cleaning efficiency of the machine reduces considerably.

How To Use It?

This device is user-friendly, right from when you unbox it to when you power it on to clean your carpets. You don’t require tools to assemble it, and the process will only require five minutes at most.

It comes with a handle and two tanks. In order to power it on or off, you simply need to press a foot pedal on the back of the unit.

The lever makes the operation of this machine both easy and convenient. It controls the release of cleaning liquid. The lines on the clean water tank will help you to measure the amount of water or cleaning solution that must be put in the Hoover PowerDash.

This machine makes cleaning very easy as there are not too many functionalities to control. Plus, it moves over the carpets without any difficulty. The rubberized enlarged wheels ensure protection of your carpets from any damage.

Similarly, the lightweight does not require a lot of effort to push or lift the PowerDash from one carpet to another.

Additionally, almost every part of this unit is made of a clear material. Thus, you can see everything that’s going up the cleaner from the carpet. The dirty water tank has a simple release lever which upon pressing allows you to pull it out. The cleaning tank is equally easy to clean.


This model comes with a 1-year warranty which covers both the unit’s parts and labor. This warranty is only applicable if you use the cleaner for home cleaning. Plus you must have proof that you own it.

However, it is baffling that such a super carpet cleaner is backed with a short warranty. Still, you get the quality Hoover products are famous for.

Pros & Cons

Well, if you are considering this carpet cleaner, it is recommended that you know what to expect from it. This means you must know the areas it scores high and those that it scores poorly in. So, we present you a summary of the pros and cons of this PowerDash carpet cleaner.


  • The excellent suction power of this unit allows efficient removal of dirt from the carpets.
  • Since it comes with a lightweight design and compact size, it is highly portable and easy to store.
  • The heated cleaning helps to dissolve the dirt stuck in fibers for carpets that look cleaner, offering enhanced cleaning.
  • You can use the carpets within a few hours of cleaning, thanks to heat drying.
  • This model offers separate tanks in order to avoid re-cleaning your carpets with dirty water.
  • Due to the low profile, you can clean spots underneath furniture.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • You do not have to measure the soap.
  • The setup is quite easy.


  • The power cord is short. Therefore, it is not convenient if your home is big.
  • Low capacity tanks require frequent filling or emptying.
  • It features a narrow cleaning path that measures 10 inches.
  • It does not have any hose.
  • There are no other tools for cleaning furniture and stairs.


Long story short, this Hoover PowerDash pet carpet cleaner is lightweight and affordable. This makes it suitable for both quick and wall-to-wall cleanups.

Regardless of if you have pets or not, if you have carpets that need to be cleaned regularly, don’t miss this machine. This family-friendly cleaner is powerful enough to clean different types of carpets from low, medium to high-pile. Plus, the bargain price is another attribute that should make you go for it.

All in all, it’s a cleaner worth buying to have carpets that are always stain-free.

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