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HOOVER FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe Review

The market right now is full with a number of devices and machines that you can use for cleaning your house. That being said, not all the devices that you get on the market will always deliver on the best performance that you wish for.

Things will be great when you get to choose the FH401600PC Floormate Deluxe model today. It is designed to be one of the best floor cleaners in the world. Well, you will get to love it even more the moment you start using it.

This is the newer version of the Hoover FloorMate FH40010B

So, what is it that makes it so good?

The model does come with a modern touch which means new technology for cleaning. We get to check out its features in detail below so that you can have an easy time making an informed decision.

HOOVER FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe

Our rating:3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

HOOVER FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe Review

Modes of Use

Any good model should always have a number of modes to make it even better when it comes to versatility. For this model, you get that it comes with vacuuming, mopping, and wet mode. As you can see, it should be easy for you to use the model for various applications around the house or office for cleaning.

If you want to use vacuuming mode, simply set the dial to Dry. During this mode, the model should be in a position to deliver enough suction to deal with dust. It is always going to make things better for you to clean up the dirt around the house.

That being said, the mode is not too powerful, so it might not be the best for picking up the large debris. If you are looking to clean a large area with larger debris, it will be better to use a regular vacuum then use this one to clear any remaining dirt.

Most people love it for having a low profile since it makes it easy to slide it under the furniture and other spaces to make sure all the dirt has been eliminated.

HOOVER FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe Review

Another thing you will like about this model is that it does deliver on Mopping mode also. This should be one of the best performance options for this model It works by releasing a detergent and water mix for cleaning. When it releases this solution, the multiangled brushes start rotating at an average speed of 300 spins per minute. This rotation is crucial for making sure that it gives you a thorough cleaning time when using it. In the end, you should have a model that works great just as you would want.

This model also comes with the wet mode. It is almost the same as the mopping mode, with a bit of difference in functionality. You will get that this model will work by wetting the floor and dry it in one pass. It is really good when it comes to cleaning and leaving you with a dry surface altogether. This mode is also good when you have to clean the spills that might happen.

Dual Tanks

HOOVER FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

Another thing you are going to like about the model should be that it comes with dual tanks. The tanks make sure that the dirty and clean water do not get to mix. It operates by having to release clean water from one tank and suck the used water into the other tank.

When it comes to using the model, you are advised not to fill the tanks when the cleaner is on. You have to stop it first so as the filling process can be smooth. This is especially if you have to clean a large area and at some point you have to refill the water tank.

So, how much area can it cover on one tank? It is estimated that one filling should be able to cover an average of 400 square feet. It should be enough to clean a large area before you have to refill again.

SpinScrub Brushes

When it comes to having a proper cleaner for your house, then the brushes always have to come in to play an important role. Well, that is what you can get with this model. It does come with two separate set of brushes. These brushes are designed to help make the model more versatile. As a result, it is worth spending money on it.

You will get that one set is meant for cleaning your hardwood floors. Not all people get it right when looking for a machine to clean their hardwood floors. This one will do a good job for you. The other set of brushes is good for cleaning tile and grout. Well, if you have these surfaces, then you know what to use right now.

It is great knowing that switching between these two brush modes is easy.

Foldaway Handle

You will get to love using this model when it comes to some great usability features such as a foldaway handle. This this handle, you get that the model is able to deliver on some ease of storage. You can now be in a position to tuck the model away in compact spaces thanks to such a feature.

Cleaning Solution Trigger

This model is also good when it comes to cleaning on overall. To make it even better, the model does come with a trigger. It is meant to release more of the cleaning solution if you have to deal with a tough stain. Just use the trigger to clear out the stain and you should be good. Generally, you should find the model being good to use.

Cleaning Performance

On overall, you will find this model being good when it comes to cleaning the bare floors. This includes surfaces such as tile, hardwood, linoleum, and grout. If you own such type of floors, then you should have a good time using one right now. It is often known to be good when it comes to cleaning the high traffic areas that might have grime and grease buildup such as the kitchen.

HOOVER FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner review

As much as it comes with some good cleaning performance, it is definitely not for cleaning the carpets. If you have to clean your carpets, then you need to get a dedicated vacuum cleaner


When it comes to usability, you are always going to have some good times working with the model. Many people like it as it comes with easy to use features. You will find the controls being easy to reach and manipulate just as you would have wanted. Also, the model is really good when it comes to have a 20-foot power cord. It will make it easy to clean a large area without having to switch outlets.


You will always have to take the time and do proper maintenance to the model if you are looking to get one that can deliver on good performance. It is always great to end up with a model that can work great without problems. Here are some maintenance tips that you can follow right now.

  • You will get that the brushes, tools, and nozzles are all easy to remove at the moment. You just have to follow the manual and see how they can be removed. Once they are out, make sure to rinse them using mild detergents. You should definitely have a good time using it later when you have to clean again.
  • Both tanks are easy to maintain. What you have to do is simply remove them from the cleaner and rinse them in running water. You should be good to go in no time. It is always advisable to rinse the tanks more thoroughly to help avoid having foul smells developing in the tanks.
  • Another thing you have to keep in mind should be the filter. The best part about the filter is that it is washable. Just get it out and wash it in running water. Remove any debris first before soaking it wet. It just makes it easier to wash it that way.

Who Needs It?

With a product such as this one, there is always the need to understand if you need it or not. So, who needs the FloorMate Deluxe cleaner?

If you have significant areas of your home without a carpet. This could be that most of them are bare floors and titles. This should make it possible for you to have a good time cleaning the surfaces with so much ease. No one wants to be kneeling and scrubbing the floors all day long. You can always get yourself this model so that it helps with cleaning.

Another application for this cleaner is for a person who has used one-tank scrubber and it just ended up pushing the dirt particles to the back of the floor. It will then give you headache to still clean up the mess all along. You get to save yourself all the trouble when it comes to cleaning after getting this model.

Of course the model would be also great for anyone looking for a model that comes with multiple modes. This is because the deluxe cleaner can work as a vacuum, mop, and also dry the floors.

All that being said, you will get that those who have most of the home carpeted definitely do not need such a model. You might want to get a dedicated vacuum in such a case.


  • Comes with multiple working modes
  • It does come with two tanks
  • The model is versatile and easily portable
  • It does come with ease of maintenance
  • It is gentle for your bare floors
  • The model is good for maneuvering with its 20-foot power cord


  • No swivel steering
  • Cannot clean carpet

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Checking out many other reviews about the model all show that this is a model that is worth getting right now. This is because it will be able to deliver on some good performance that will work for you. Since it comes with many modes for cleaning, you will further find the model being great for versatility. You just have to select the correct mode and you should be good when it comes to cleaning with this model. Anyone will also love just how ergonomic it is to use the model. It should make it easy for many people to use it right now. If you find the cleaner being great for you, go ahead to get one for yourself

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