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How To Handle Above Ground Pools Installation

Have you purchased an above ground pool and now it’s time to install it? Or have you tried installing it once before, but the results were not so great? Either way, installation doesn’t need to be overly difficult or something you pay someone else to do. Just follow the below steps and get you’re pool installed today.

Pick Ideal Ground

No matter what kind of pool you’re installing (vinyl, aluminum, etc.), you’re going to want to put it on level ground. There are ways around this advice, if necessary, but it really is a lot easier to do above ground pools installation on a level surface.

This also means the ground must be more or less free of rocks and large stones. Furthermore, you’ll need access to an outdoor electrical outlet that is protected from ground faults.

Lastly, make sure your pool has plenty of access to the sun. A lot of people have met the above qualifications, installed their pool and then realized that it’s going to be a cold experience because the sun can’t reach it.

Don’t let large trees or bushes get in the way either. Aside from blocking your sun, it will also drop all kinds of debris in the pool.

Select Your Pool

If you’ve already bought a pool, this section is still important. Now that you have the perfect place for your pool, you should have some idea of the actual pool you can install and use.

Your simplest option will be a pool that is supported by a framework made out of metal posts with either an inflatable ring or top rails. These can be as small as 12 feet in diameter and only 40 inches deep.

A solid sided pool, usually oval in shape, can be as big as 36 by 24 feet and 5 feet deep. These will also be the most complicated to figure out and labor intensive to construct.

Prepare the Ground

No matter what kind of pool you’re installing, you need to begin by completely leveling the ground. Make sure the space you clear is larger than the actual pool you’ll be installing. About 25% bigger should work. Then cover the area in topsoil.

how to install above ground pool

Start with the Walls

Whether you have a metal or fiberglass pool, if there are walls to install, do that next. Then fasten the joints included and sat the sand wedge encircling the pool as directed by the instructions.

handle above ground pools installation

Handle the Floor

Most pools will come with a ground cloth of some sort. With your walls installed, you can proceed to lay your ground cloth down and fasten it to the frame. Make sure all relevant points are connected correctly.

Start with a Little Water

At this point, your pool should be ready for water. However, you just want to start with a little at first (one to two inches) to check for any high or low spots where the depth isn’t equal.

Provided that’s not an issue, congratulations! You just handed your first above ground pool installation!

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