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Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Coming home after a long, exhausting and stressful day, you want nothing more than to sit back and relax. Right? And a relaxing massage is the best way to relieve that stress! However, going to a spa every day isn’t possible, and not an economical idea either.

So, you’ll agree that a full body massage chair is the next best option for you!

But finding a full body massage chair that too, at a reasonable price can be difficult!

However, you don’t have to worry. BestMassage knows what you’re exactly looking for! The brand has a vast variety of options for you. You can choose one that fits your requirements.

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

The Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is the brand’s number one seller. We have reviewed this product in this post. Continue reading this Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review to find out!

BestMassage’s Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair and its features

BestMassage is a well-known brand. This brand has a wide range of massage chairs. These massage chairs are made using high-quality materials. Not only that, but they also include features that help in providing users with a spa-like experience.

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

One of the top sellers of this brand is the EC-06C Massage. This machine is a huge favorite amongst people.

When buying a massage chair, you’d want to make sure that it’s not only budget-friendly but also includes core features.

Here are some features that the EC-06C Massage Chair, also known as the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair includes. You can go through them to see whether this massage chair is the right one for you or not.

Four Different Automatic Massage Programs

Like every other massage chair on the market, the EC-06C Massage chair also comes equipped with automatically pre-set massage programs. Each of these programs includes different levels of intensity.

The programs also include varying massage motion intensities as well.

The EC-06C Massage chair features four different massage settings. Each of the programs is specially designed. These programs provide an optimum level of relaxation and refreshment. They also support extended recovery periods of the user as well.

Airbags and High Power Vibration Technology

The EC-06C features about almost 30 inbuilt airbags. These airbags ensure that the highest level of comfort is being provided. This air-bag massage technology also allows the machine to work flawlessly in a harmonious pattern.

Out of the said 30 built-in air-bags, 20 of them are placed towards the lower body of the massage chair. This ensures that the machine is not missing out any part of the body during the massaging session.

Meanwhile, the airbags located in the bottom half of the chair target body areas such as the feet, thighs, etc. These airbags target the entire legs which lead to an increase in circulation. This helps in eliminating any tension points in the body.

Alongside the airbags, the machine also features an inbuilt, intense vibration system. This further enhances the effectiveness of the EC-06C Massage Chair as the machine targets the lower body area of the user.

Advanced Roller System

A lot of the times, not all massage chairs include inbuilt airbags for massaging purposes. In such cases, these chairs need to feature rollers instead. These integrated rollers further enhance the soothing effects.

This massage chair includes a set of rollers. So, when you turn the machine on, the rollers move in a vertical motion. They start from the neck and move down to the spine. They then reach the buttocks in the end.

The EC-06C roller system is different compared to other systems that most machines feature. This particular system features rollers that automatically contour their motions.

These rollers move along one’s body width and height. This feature differentiates the EC-06C from other massage chairs. Usually, massage chairs of this price range do not include a body scanning feature.

This particular feature is one of the reasons why the EC-06C stands out!

Massage Heads Targeting the Neck

The EC-06C Massage Chair features uniquely situated massage heads. These were built in attempts to mimic the full professional spa-like massage therapy experience.

The massage heads are specially designed. They target the ‘Tsubo points’ within the neck. This helps in effectively eradicating or lifting any stress-related energy that is trapped within the body.

The massage heads of The EC-06C also target the area surrounding the tailbone. This further de-stresses the entire body.

User-Friendly Control Panel

Having technical functions and buttons is never a good idea. Massage chairs are used by varying individuals, which is why they should be user-friendly.

Another important feature of the EC-06C Massage Chair is that it is extremely easy to use and handle. It is extremely user-friendly. It also features a built-in control screen that has self-explanatory functions. As a result, it is easier for users to use this chair.

Built-in Heat Transmitter

The EC-06C Massage Chair also features an integrated heat transmitter. Using heat during massage sessions improves the absorption of the effect of vibrators. This transmitter along with the air-bags and rollers, when used onto the body, has great effects. Therefore, it is an essential feature.

Pros And Cons


  • It is available in total three different colors; black, brown, and red
  • It consists of a kneading-massage effect that provides you with optimum rejuvenation and recovery
  • Contains an extendable foot-rest for users that are tall
  • The air-bag massage technology is also inbuilt into the armrest
  • It is manufactured using high-quality Leather


  • It weighs a significant amount, therefore, you cannot easily switch its location
  • Does not have any options for customizing personal massage programs
  • Does not include a USB port, a Bluetooth connection, or speakers. So, you cannot listen to songs while getting your massage
  • Has a limited, one-year warranty. After that, you’d have to pay shipping prices and the cost to get it repaired

The Final Verdict

BestMassage is a great brand, known for selling high-quality products. It has some amazing products that you should check out. The EC-06C is a great option for you, that is, if you don’t have any issues with the brand’s warranty policy.

Apart from having a limited one-year warranty, the chair itself is a great option. It is high-quality and has some amazing features. It provides a great spa-like massage therapy session.

With the chair, you can get the full experience within your own house, whenever you like. So, if you don’t have any problem with the brand’s warranty policy, then this massage chair is a great option for you to check out.


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