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Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater Review

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater Review

If you are looking for a high performing heater that will provide a reliable and convenient supplemental heating solution for your home, then the Dr. Infrared heater portable space heater with humidifier is perfect for you. It boasts many advanced technological features including infrared heat and an oscillating fan. These features help to provide you with soothing and comfortable warmth.

In this Dr. Infrared heater portable space heater review, we will discuss its various features to find out why this is one of the best heaters around.

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Benefits Of Using Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Dr. Infrared is a well-known and trusted company. It produces high quality portable space heaters. These heaters are popular among users due to their efficiency and high performance. Its various features include:

High Power Output

This heater is able to effectively heat up a room of 1,000 square feet in size. It is designed with a high-quality infrared quartz tube. This tube enables this unit to produce more heat while using less energy. Moreover, it is rated at 52,000 BTU thus allowing it to produce 60% more heat than other heaters. As a result, you will receive plenty of warmth and comfort.

Advanced Dual Heating System

The main reason why this heater is so effective is that it uses a dual heating system. Its efficient and fast infrared heating produces primary heat. Furthermore, it uses the power of convection to generate even more heat. Therefore it is able to produce a higher level of heat in a shorter amount of time.

Quick And Efficient

Dr. Infrared Heater is able to perform better and faster than most heaters. It is able to deliver air at 250 degrees Fahrenheit at around 3.5 meters per second. Meanwhile, most such heaters are only able to deliver air at 155 degrees Fahrenheit at around 2.2 meters per second.

Dual Settings

Another great feature of Dr. Infrared heaters is that it has dual settings. If you want less heat, you can turn it down from 1500 watts to 1000 watts. Thus you can save money while keeping warm.

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater


A common problem among space heaters is that they usually do not last long. Their mechanical parts and heating elements tend to depreciate quickly. Meanwhile, Dr. Infrared space heater is able to last 80,000 hours without having any issues. These hours come to a total of nine years. However, this period is the minimum lifetime of this heater. A majority of these heaters last much longer than this.


This heater is constructed with high pressure and low noise fan. As a result, warm air is distributed effectively around the room without much noise. In fact, this heater is so quiet that you can hardly hear it running. Thus you can sleep, enjoy music, or watch television while this heater on without worrying about any unpleasant noise levels.


Another important feature of the Dr. Infrared space heater is its high portability. It is designed with four casters, thus allowing you to move the heater from one room to another conveniently. Moreover, these castors are durable and strong. As a result, they are sure to last a very long time.

Cost Efficient

In addition, this amazing heater is very cost-effective. Firstly it is very economically priced. In the second place, it uses special technology. Consequently, this heater is able to deliver a maximum amount of warmth, without using much power, in a very short time. Therefore, with this heater, you can also save on your energy bill.

Having low energy costs saves you money. On the other hand, it is also environmentally-friendly. The efficiency of this heater allows you to cut down energy costs without turning down the heat. Furthermore, this innovative heater will turn itself off once the specified temperature is reached. In addition, it also turns itself off if it has been running for 12 hours. Thus you can enjoy comfortable warmth and save money at the same time.

Remote Controlled

The Dr. Infrared space heater comes equipped with a remote control feature. This allows you to control the temperature as well as the oscillating fan and the humidifier. Therefore you can control the heater while lounging on your sofa or lying on your bed.

Oscillating Fan

Another impressive feature of this heater is the oscillating fan. It helps in even distribution of heat. As a result of this feature, heat disperses quickly. Therefore you can start enjoying warmth in even less time. Furthermore, you can also use the oscillating fan feature without turning on the heater. Thus it can be used as a cooling fan in warm summer months.

Integrated humidifier

Infrared heaters don’t dry out the air like the majority of heaters available. However, the air during winters could still become uncomfortable and dry. To counteract this, the Dr. Infrared space heater is equipped with an in-built humidifier. This produces a cool mist in the air, thus replenishing the moisture. Instead of using a water tank, this humidifier uses a bottle. This bottle can be conveniently and quickly replaced so that the water in the bottle is at the maximum level.

Easy To Clean

The regular maintenance of this unit is very easy as a result of its convenient and removable filter. Once you have removed the filter, you can vacuum it or wash it with warm water. However, you should let it dry before putting it back in the heater.

Space Saver

Another reason why this heater has an edge above the other heaters is its compact size. Its dimensions are 13 x 11 x 16 inches which are really quite compact. Therefore, this heater is perfect for smaller rooms or places with limited space.

Easy To Use

The Dr. Infrared heater is very simple to use. Lack of knobs and buttons ensure that it can be easily operated. Moreover, its user-friendly interface allows you to change and set settings according to your requirements.

Aesthetically Appealing

Finally, the Dr. Infrared portable heater is very pleasing to the eye. Usually, portable heaters give importance to functions over aesthetics. However, this model boasts a brown laminated wood finish that makes it look very nice. Besides, it will not clash with the aesthetic of your home.



Following are some invaluable advantages of the Dr. Infrared space heater:

  • Quiet operation
  • Remote control
  • Very fast at heating up spaces
  • Cost efficient (standby mode/ auto shut off)
  • Dual heating system
  • Good value
  • Easy to use interface/controls
  • Built-in filter
  • Oscillating fan can be used with or without heater function
  • Humidifier adds moisture to the air during winters
  • Highly portable
  • Digital front LED display
  • Tip-over switch
  • 3-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee


As with all products this heater also has some disadvantages:

  • Included thermostat is not very accurate
  • Uses a lot of electricity if all the features are working at the same time


If you want an efficient heater that is capable of heating a large room, then the Dr. Infrared heater is just what you need. With low and high settings, this heater gives you a choice to set the heat according to your preference.  Moreover, this helps you save energy as well.

This heater is safe to use around pets and children due to its many safety features. The 12-hour timer is particularly handy because it ensures the safety of your home. If you forgot to turn the heater off when you left home this timer will automatically shut down the heater.

Its reusable filters make it an environmentally friendly product. Also, this heater comes with a 3-year warranty, which highlights the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

In conclusion, if you want a space heater that doesn’t dry out the air and makes you feel comfortable, then consider buying the Dr. Infrared portable space heater.

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