Does surface 3 come with keyboard?

If you’re considering purchasing a Surface 3, one of the most important questions you may have is whether or not it comes with a keyboard. A keyboard is a vital accessory for productivity and ease of use for most users, so let’s address this question directly.

Yes, the Surface 3 does come with a keyboard!

Microsoft understands the importance of a keyboard in enhancing the functionality of their devices. Therefore, when you purchase a Surface 3, you can rest assured that it comes bundled with a keyboard, giving you the complete package.

The keyboard that comes with the Surface 3 is known as the “Type Cover.” It is an ultra-slim, detachable accessory that doubles as a protective cover for the device’s display. With its backlit keys and well-spaced layout, typing on the Surface 3 Type Cover is comfortable and efficient.

Not only does the keyboard enhance the typing experience, but it also adds versatility to the device. The Type Cover easily attaches magnetically to the Surface 3, transforming it into a laptop-like device when you need to type documents, send emails, or work on spreadsheets.

Now that we have answered the primary question, here are some related FAQs about the Surface 3 and its keyboard:

1. Can I choose the color of the Type Cover?

Yes, you can choose from a variety of colors for your Surface 3 Type Cover, including black, platinum, cobalt blue, and burgundy.

2. Is the Surface 3 Type Cover backlit?

Yes, the Surface 3 Type Cover comes with backlit keys, making it easier to type in low-light conditions.

3. Can the Surface 3 Type Cover protect the screen when closed?

Yes, the Type Cover acts as a protective cover for the Surface 3 display when it is closed, safeguarding it from scratches and minor impacts.

4. Can I use the Surface Pro Type Cover with the Surface 3?

No, the Surface Pro Type Cover is not compatible with the Surface 3. Microsoft has specifically designed the Type Cover for each Surface device model.

5. Does the Type Cover have a trackpad?

Yes, the Surface 3 Type Cover includes a built-in trackpad, allowing you to navigate the device with ease.

6. Is the Type Cover wireless or does it connect through a wire?

The Surface 3 Type Cover is not wireless. It connects to the device through a magnetic connection and does not require any additional wires or cables.

7. Can I use any third-party keyboard with my Surface 3?

While it is possible to use third-party keyboards with the Surface 3, it is recommended to use the official Type Cover for the best compatibility and user experience.

8. Can I use the Surface 3 without attaching the Type Cover?

Yes, you can use the Surface 3 without attaching the Type Cover. However, to fully utilize the device’s productivity features, it is advisable to use the keyboard.

9. Can I fold the Type Cover back to use the Surface 3 as a tablet?

Yes, the Type Cover can be folded back behind the Surface 3, allowing you to use the device as a tablet without detaching the keyboard.

10. Is the Surface Pen included with the Surface 3 purchase?

No, the Surface Pen is not included with the Surface 3. It is sold separately as an additional accessory.

11. Can I connect a mouse to the Surface 3?

Yes, you can connect a mouse to the Surface 3 through one of its USB ports or via Bluetooth.

12. Can I adjust the angle of the Surface 3 when using the Type Cover?

Yes, the Type Cover is designed to be adjustable, allowing you to find the most comfortable viewing angle for your Surface 3.

These FAQs should address most of your questions about the Surface 3 and its accompanying keyboard, ensuring that you make an informed decision before purchasing the device. With its included Type Cover, the Surface 3 provides a seamless and efficient user experience for work, creativity, and entertainment.

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