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Delta 9178-AR-DST Review: An Expert Guide on its Features, Pros, Cons, and Tips

Delta 9178-AR-DST Review: An Expert Guide on its Features, Pros, Cons, and Tips

What features come first in your best kitchen faucet wish list? You said it correctly: lots of things.

According to a survey done, most homeowners shopping for a faucet today want a model that is easy to install, does not splash all around and offers a comfortable cleaning experience.

There is another corollary.

They also want a faucet that does their kitchen aesthetics some justice. An ideal fixture should blend in well with the current kitchen theme and other equipment. And above everything else, such a faucet shouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg.

What we have for you in this Delta 9178-AR-DST review is a faucet that, in our opinion, meets this threshold.

So, why this particular fixture from the myriad options out there?

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Magnetic Docking, Arctic Stainless

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Faucet Best Features

You want a faucet with a great design, right?

Unlike a few years ago, most homeowners are slowly changing their perception of the kitchen faucet.

Most people today want a fixture that not only lets out water but also brings something to the overall kitchen décor. And it’s very likely that you are among them.

The good news is that Delta household taps are known for that. The Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet is among the most popular products from this manufacturer’s Leland Series regarding design.

It has an eye-catching teapot-inspired look with a gooseneck arc that makes it a superb option for kitchens with a retro style.

Its classic finishes and modern functionality, on the other hand, offer it a sleek and elegant design. As such, it might be a good bet for a kitchen with a sophisticated contemporary theme as well.

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST

There’s more about the finishes.

4 different finishes to choose from!

What you might like about the Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet is that it’s available in 4 different finishes.

You have the opportunity to choose between Arctic Stainless Steel, Chrome, Venetian Bronze, and Spotshield Stainless.

All these finishes mean that there’s a fixture for every home.


Worth noting is that each of the above finish comes with a different price tag.

You’ll find that the Arctic Stainless and Chrome finishes are relatively cheaper than the Venetian Bronze and Spotshield Stainless. So, get a product that’s within your budget but suits your kitchen best.

Delta 9178-AR-DST Faucet Performance Overview

It’s a single-handle faucet- How does this affect you?

The choice between a single-handle faucet and a dual-handle model boils down to personal preference. However, the market seems to favor the single-handle units more of late.

Let’s take it slowly.

A dual-handle faucet wins out regarding aesthetics. That’s undeniable. If you want a kitchen faucet that makes a statement on your sink, these models might be a good bet.

But personally, I find them less practical especially with the recent advancement on single-handle taps. They might also be somewhat inconvenient, for instance, when your hands are full or smudged.

It’s not easy to control the 2 handles easily in such circumstances. Moreover, they are harder to install and can be darn expensive.

So, why do I recommend a single-handle faucet?

In my opinion, I feel that a single-handle unit like the Delta 9178-AR-DST is;

  • Pretty much easier to install and
  • Easy to set the water temperature and flow rate

Sure, most single-handle faucets are plagued by eventual leaks. However, most manufacturers including Delta seem to have solved this issue. We’ll talk more about this in the durability section.

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

A pull-down wand with a longer reach

Pull-down vs. pull-out wands is yet another highly debatable topic in faucet world. But there is a consensus that the former has a more ergonomic design and natural feel to it.

Tip 1

I would highly recommend you to match the Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet with a deep-bowl sink. Fitting it on a shallow sink might cause a lot of unsightly messes due to splashing.

Can I use it on a shallow sink?

Sure, it’s still pretty much possible. However, you’ll need to learn how to play with the water pressure and flow rate to minimize splashes.

There’s a common misperception that pull-down faucets don’t offer an easy time filling pots while on the counter.

While this could have been true a few years back, things are different now. The Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet now brings you a 20-inch easy-to-pull wand that goes almost anywhere around the sink.

That’s not all.

Another super impressive feature is that the arc spout can swivel 360 degrees. What this feature means is that you can turn it to either direction for a greater reach.

The extendable wand also means that you can do other simple activities like watering flower pots easily.

Without forgetting, this swiveling arc also makes the Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet a good option for a double-bowl sink. So, if you have a sink with such configuration, this might be a perfect match.

Has 2-spray function

You might also like that this tap offers 2 water flow modes for all your kitchen needs. The smooth flow is ideal when cleaning and filling pots while the spray mode comes in handy when rinsing.

The interesting part?

What’s more appealing is that there are no complications in switching from one mode to the other. This faucet’s spout head has a toggle switch that is easy on the hands and simple to use.

What most users find even better is that you don’t have to press it continually to get water.

Spray head has TouchClean Technology

If you live in hard water areas, the chances are that your faucet’s spray heads and shower heads eventually accumulate lots of lime scale residue.

This may be worse especially if you don’t have a whole-house water filter.

This mineral residue usually clogs the spray holes thereby affecting the overall performance of the faucet.

This is common in conventional spray heads and shower heads that have hard plastic or metallic nozzles. They may require special sprays and a lot of scrubbing to remove the residue.

What makes TouchClean unique?

To fix this issue, Delta uses soft, rubber nubbins for this faucet’s spray nozzles.

This prevents calcium and lime deposits from hardening on the on the nozzles. So, all you do is gently rubbing the holes with the tip of your finger.

This might look like a small thing. But it could mean all the difference for homeowners who live in areas with hard water. On the same note, most manufacturers are now going this way since… it works!

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST kitchen faucet review

Magnatite Docking System- It makes all the difference

This is, hands down, what makes most Delta faucets so irresistible. Unlike its competitors, Delta uses a strong magnet to hold the spray wand precisely in place after each use. This means that the spray head will not drool even after a long time.

Tip 2

You might want to consider this docking system if you have a busy kitchen. This is because unlike other latch docking mechanisms, this magnet won’t lose its strength over time.

So, the head will always dock smoothly and stay in place even after several years. I bet you’ll like this.

Installation, Durability, and Reliability

Fits 1 and 3-hole sinks

Similar to other single-handle fixtures, the Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet is super easy to install.

It’s a really good thing that it fits comfortably in 1 or 3-hole sinks. This feature means that the faucet allows you to switch from 1 to 3-hole sinks without fuss.

Speaking of installation, you could choose to position the handle either on the right or left depending on your preference.

Importantly, you don’t require any clearance at the back of the handle. This is because it only rotates forward straight up and straight down.

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet review

One-piece supply lines

Another impressive aspect is its one-piece installation lines that make installation even easier. If you are a handyman, mounting this fixture won’t take long.

The only thing that you’ll need is a wrench and a screwdriver. Of course, since you’ll be going under your sink, you might also require a flashlight, and a shallow pan and a few old towels to catch any water.

Delta also includes a detailed installation manual in the package to guide you through. You might also find this how-to video quite helpful.

Durability and Reliability

There’s no doubt that the Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet is extremely durable and reliable. The manufacturer claims that it could last up to 5 million uses.

How is this even possible?

The plumbing lines, for instance, feature PEX (Cross-linked Polyethylene) construction material. Unlike copper, PEX prevents mineral deposits from scaling inside the pipe.

This minimizes the chances of bursts and leakages. Again, this material is resistant to acid corrosion which further translates to reliability and durability.

Moreover, this faucet uses Delta’s Diamond Seal Technology for its seal valves.

This tough diamond coating means that the valve won’t wear out even after extended use. Again, the seals are strong and, therefore, less likely to cause leakages.

Here is the best part!

The most appealing part is that even with such a reliable construction design, Delta still offers you a lifetime limited warranty on parts and finish. Seriously speaking, who beats such a deal?


By comparison, the Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet is pretty similar to the Moen Brantford 7185C. This is yet another affordable pull-down fixture that comes in 3 eye-catching finishes.

It is simple to install thanks to Moen’s DuraLock technology and also offers you 2 spray modes.

However, the Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet beats the Moen 7185C in a few departments. First, the Moen’s Latch Docking system can’t beat Delta’s Magnetite.

Second, Delta’s Diamond Seal technology plus PEX construction material mean that the 9178-AR-DST Leland is less likely to suffer leakages and bursts.

Delta 9178-AR-DST review

Delta 9178-AR-DST Faucet Pros

  • High arc offers more workspace for your pots
  • Magnatite Docking System holds the spout head in place
  • Diamond Seal Technology promises a longer life
  • It’s ADA –compliant
  • Easy installation
  • 4 finishes available
  • Swiveling arc plus extendable wand for a longer reach
  • PEX material makes the water safer for drinking than copper


  • High arc might cause splashes in shallow sinks

Wrap Up

In our opinion, the Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet has about every feature that you might want in a great kitchen tap. We really like the PEX plumbing material that Delta uses for the pipe. It’s as strong as copper but keeps the water much safer for drinking.

Again, Delta’s Diamond Seal Technology prevents leakages, something that we all dread. The Magnatite Docking System, on the other hand, means that the faucet head will never drool.

Moreover, it comes from a trustworthy manufacturer and has a lifetime limited warranty. With all these features, we can’t hesitate to recommend the Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet for your home improvement.

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