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Delta 9159-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet Review

No talk of the best faucet brands would be complete without Delta coming up. This is a Michigan-based company famous for its modern and elegant bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

This Delta 9159-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet Review is about one of its stylish and innovative products that are turning heads today. It’s very likely that you are here since you’ve heard about it.

We can’t deny that this fixture emanates a sleek design and might be a great addition to your kitchen aesthetics. But let’s agree that what matters most in a great tap is its performance.

So, how does the Delta 9159-AR-DST faucet fair on this front? Is it reliable and durable especially at its price?

That’s what we’ll be finding out in the next couple of minutes or so.

Delta 9159-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


Delta 9159-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet Review


In our opinion, the Delta 9159-AR-DST presses all the right buttons to offer you the sleek elegance of modern design. This tap features restrained lines and a sharp look. It also maintains a low-profile design that will fit in almost any kitchen regardless of the theme.

But here is the exciting part.

Delta goes ahead to bring the Delta 9159 in 4 different finishes. If you are in the market for a clean and modern stainless steel model, then the Arctic stainless finish might interest you.

This is a glossy finish with an icy warmer tone. In case you are wondering, this finish is usually less shiny than brilliance stainless steel and chrome.

What this means is that it won’t break your kitchen’s steel theme whether you bought your other steel equipment from this brand or not.

Delta Faucet 9159-AR-DST

Other than that, the ‘arctic’ stainless steel is popular since it does not show off water spots easily. This feature means that the faucet will remain clean for longer.

In fact, several buyers confirm that the finish looks great even after several years of use. Interestingly, you don’t have to use any special sprays.

You are not tied to this finish alone though. You could also go for matte black, chrome, or champagne bronze (which is so appealing, by the way) depending on your preferences.

An important thing to note, however, is that the champagne bronze and matte black finishes are a little bit pricier than the arctic stainless steel and chrome.

Fits most sinks

The Delta 9159-AR-DST is designed to fit in both 1 and 3-hole sinks. Although this feature isn’t unique to this faucet alone, it is a huge bonus especially if you plan to remodel your kitchen in future.

If you have a 3-hole kitchen sink, we recommend you to add the Delta RP64070AR Trinsic Escutcheon to your cart. The escutcheon does not come with the package, but you’ll need it to cover the extra holes during installation.

We’ll discuss more about installation and durability towards the end. First, let’s see how this faucet performs.

Features of Delta 9159-AR-DST Faucet

It’s a single-handle faucet

Why is this important?

Dual-handle taps have been a common thing for quite a long time. But single-faucets are becoming increasingly popular with most homeowners for a few reasons.

First, they are easy to install. A good thing about the Delta 9159-AR-DST is that it requires only one hole for mounting. This means that whether you are installing (or replacing) a single-hole or three-hole tap, the mounting process will be extremely easy and straightforward.

Second, this fixture’s single-handle design minimizes the likelihood of eventual handle leaks by a greater margin (more about this later).

Delta Faucet 9159-AR-DST features

High Arc Design for versatility

What’s your biggest pet peeve while using your kitchen sink, a low-arc faucet that won’t fill your large pots flawlessly? If this is the case, the Delta 9159 is yours.

This is a high arc faucet with an 8-4/9″ spout height from the sink plane to the faucet outlet. This is great news for a foodie who is regularly filling large pots. The increased workspace also makes it a superb option if you have a lot of dishes to wash by hand after the meals.

There’s more

The spout swivels 3600

What’s even more appealing is that this faucet’s spout rotates 360 degrees. As you can easily guess, this feature makes it a great option for double-basin sinks. It also makes it easy to wash those deep pots and to clean the sink without a lot of fuss.

Tip 1

The major problem that plagues most high-arc faucets is splashes. You’ll agree with me that a splashy faucet is not only messy, but also pretty much annoying.

How do you fix this;

  • Match a high-arc faucet with a deep-bowl sink
  • Learn how to control the water flow

20-inch hose reach with MagnaTite Docking Technology

We also like this tap’s pull-down wand that offers up to 20 inches of additional reach. This reach means that you can water the nearby flowers easily. Again, this extendable wand also allows you to fill items without necessary putting them in the sink.

But what makes this faucet worthwhile, in our opinion, is its Magnatite Docking Technology. Going through most reviews, you’ll realize that this is among the major reasons why most homeowners prefer Delta faucets.

What is MagnaTite?

This is Delta’s docking mechanism that utilizes a powerful integrated magnet that precisely snaps the pull-down faucet wand into place after each use. The main advantages that you get with this magnetized docking are;

  • The magnet always guides and pulls the head to its place after using and returning the wand
  • The faucet head won’t droop over time as it’s the case with most conventional latch docking systems
  • Magnets never wear out- this means that the head will simply never hang

TouchClean Technology

Speaking of the head, what really makes it unique from other brands is its Touch-clean spray holes design. After some time, kitchen faucets and bathroom shower heads accumulate unsightly calcium and lime buildup. This scale affects the taps performance over time.

With most brands, this necessitates the use of chemical cleaners to dissolve and remove the mineral residue.

What’s so unique with Touch-Clean spray holes?

Unlike other manufacturers, Delta uses soft rubber for this faucet’s spray holes. This means that you’ll only need to wipe away any scale buildup for improved performance and an instantly refreshed look. Again, the rubber holes won’t react with the minerals in the water and may not require replacement anytime soon.

Delta 9159-AR-DST Review

It’s water efficient

Another appealing feature of the Delta 9159-AR-DST faucet is that it minimizes water wastage without sacrificing performance. This tap has a 1.8 gallons-per-minute flow rate. This is, hands down, more than enough to allow you to clean your dishes and fill large pots easily without wasting water or taking all years on the sink.

Spray and Stream for all your washing needs

You might also like that this faucet offers 2 functions; stream and spray. The former comes handy when washing while the latter makes rinsing another walk in the park. For convenience, the controls to toggle between the 2 functions are on the head.

Installation and Durability

Delta Faucet 9159-AR-DST Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Installation- How easy or hard is it?

Similar to other high-end kitchen taps from this brand, mounting the Delta 9159-AR-DST faucet is extremely simple. Even a novice DIYer could breeze through it with a lot of confidence.

Let’s start here.

What’s in the box? Everything!

The Delta 9159-AR-DST faucet comes with everything that you need for installation apart from the escutcheon. These parts include the supply lines, diamond valves, and the necessary seals.

No matter how simple this sounds to you, the availability of all these parts in a single package eliminates lots of hassles that you would have gone through when installing the product.

Tip 2

Installing this faucet by yourself saves you a good amount of money that might go to other uses. But you might want to consider professional installation. This is because Delta offers a limited warranty and free replacement on parts, only if, the fixture was mounted by a professional.

Well, Delta faucets are respected for their durability (more about this below) and you might not even use the warranty. But knowing that you’ll get free replacement parts in case of anything brings some degree of peace.

Built with Delta’s Diamond Seal Technology for Durability

On their website, Delta claims that this faucet is built to last up to 10 times longer than the industry’s best model. This might be somewhat difficult to confirm as at now.

But what we know and like is that this faucet’s waterways feature PEX construction design.

What is PEX? You ask.

PEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene. This is a plumbing material that is slowly replacing the conventional copper piping due to its serious hazards to your health and aquatic life.

Here are a few reasons why this PEX piping makes the Delta 9159-AR-DST faucet so reliable and worth checking out;

  • It prevents mineral scaling from building up inside the pipe which often leads to bursts and leakages
  • It is resistant to acid corrosion- this means that it won’t corrode under most conditions
  • PEX is sturdy and makes it hard to damage the piping mechanically
  • It is not thermally conductive. This features means that hot water remains hot for longer thus saving you money on energy scosts
  • Does not cause water turbulence. This leads to consistent water performance

Besides PEX waterways construction, the Delta 9159-AR-DST also boasts Duramount Mounting System. This is Delta’s promise of a durable, hassle-free, fast, and corrosion-resistant installation process.

Best Comparison from another Brand

The Moen 7365 might be another option if you want a faucet that is similar to the Delta 9159-AR-DST faucet. It is way cheaper than our first recommendation and more water efficient at 1.5GPM.

Similar to the Delta 9159, the Moen 7365 is a single-handle faucet that comes with a detailed quick installation guide.

However, despite its lower price tag, the Moen 7365 can’t beat the Delta 9159 from a functional standpoint. The latter features magnetite docking mechanism, and it’s also available in several finishes.

Tip 3

The Delta 9159-AR-DST faucet also has another sibling, the Delta 9159T-AR-DST that offers touchless operations. If you would like a faucet that lets out water at the slightest touch, this one might be it.

Delta 9159-AR-DST Pros

  • Available in 4 eye-catching finishes (arctic stainless steel, champagne bronze, matte black, and chrome)
  • Easy to install
  • Faucet Head will never sag thanks to Magnatite Docking Technology
  • Built with Diamond Seal Technology for durability
  • Not likely to leak
  • 2 spray function for versatility
  • High-arc for deep pots
  • ADA-compliant
  • Water efficient (1.8gpf)
  • Touch-clean spray holes won’t block


  • High-arc design might cause lots of splashes with shallow sink.


As the above features show, the Delta 9159-AR-DST faucet is, hands down, one of the best kitchen sink faucets to consider this year.

This fixture edges the competition in several great ways including durability, reliability, and ease of use.

Its Magnatite docking system, for instance, is simply unbeatable if you are tired of faucet heads that sag after only a few weeks. The Diamond Seal Technology plus PEX waterways construction, on the other hand, offer you a faucet that your family will use for decades.

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