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Coleman Lay-Z Spa Review

Finding an inflatable tub that is both cheap and of high-quality can be difficult, right?

However, you don’t have to worry about it any more thanks to Coleman. This here is a well-known brand famous for selling high-quality tubs that too at reasonable prices. So, you can choose a tub according to your requirements.

In this article, you’ll read about one of the most popular and sought out inflatable tubs, Coleman Lay-Z Spa. You’ll get to know all about its features and why it is the best option for you. Read on to find out more!

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

Coleman Lay-Z Spa and its features

To provide you with the full spa-like experience at home, here are some of the features that Coleman Lazy-Spa includes.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa review


The box delivered usually contains the tub, a pump with a digital panel, an inflatable cover, and filter cartridges. The product also comes with a pressure gauge, chemical floater, an air padded ground cloth and a DVD set-up video.

The ground cloth adds to the tub’s comfort level and makes it seem like you’re sitting on a cushion.

Once inflated, the height of the tub reaches up to 28 inches (about 2.3 feet. Meanwhile, the diameter is about 6.5 feet.

The weight of the tub is around 2700lbs. The tub is heavy which is something you need to consider before placing it on a raised deck. Position the tub before you inflate and fill it up and make sure that the platform can support the weight.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub review


Sitting in a hot tub while getting messaged by air bubbles is a very relaxing experience. Plus, to be able to share it with someone else makes it even more enjoyable. Thus, the Coleman inflatable tub can fit up to 4 to 6 people.

However, for a more comfortable experience, this tub is better for 3 to 4 people only. The tub can accommodate six people, though, without breaking. However, there won’t be enough legroom for all to sit comfortably.

The walls of this tub are made using tough leather material that can support the person sitting on the sides.

Filtration System

This inflatable tub comes with two standard filter cartridges that are about the size of a cantaloupe. You can clean the cartridges in a dishwasher and you can hose them down.

There is no exciting feature about these filters except that they get the job done. The water from the tub is kept clean from hair and chemical residue that make the water go bad over time. The filters can be used even if jets are turned on, and you’re heating the water.

Since these are usually at work all the time, it is better to clean them at least once a week. In fact, you can even replace them monthly if the tub is being used regularly. The filters can easily be replaced. Just unscrew the cover that holds them and then unscrew the filters from their position.

This inflatable tub also comes with a chemical floater that helps in maintaining the pH level of the water. You can add a chlorine or bromine tablet. You can read more on this later.

Heating System

This inflatable tub is designed to have a rapid heating system. It can heat the water at the rate of 1 to 1.5°C per hour (2 to 3 °F). The maximum heating capacity of the tub is 40°C (104°F). Meanwhile, the time required to reach this temperature depends on the initial and ambient temperature of the water.

One thing to note is that the heating system does not work in conjunction with the jets. The system will turn off as soon as you turn the jets on. So, the water temperature will drop while it bubbles.

So during the summers, you can run the jets without having to eat up the water. In colder months, you don’t need to worry about the temperature dropping too fast. The tub is well insulated and can prevent the temperature from lowering too fast.

 Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub reviews

The Coleman inflated tub comes with an insulated cover that you can use while the water heats up. Only remove the cover when using the tub.

The auto-hibernation feature shuts the system after three days of standby. This can be annoying for some as it takes a lot of hours for the water to heat up to the maximum capacity. You have to manually turn the feature on once again to reach the desired temperature. It helps in minimizing your electricity bill in case you forget to shut the system off.

Massage System

The jets are not high-pressure which means that the bubbles are very relaxing. It’s like having a light pressured massage, which can soothe a sore body.

The bubbles are created by drawing air from the surrounding which is why the ambient temperature matters. However, this does not affect the heated water; you’ll still get to experience a warm light massage.

The Coleman Lay-Z Spa inflatable tub has about 120 bubble jets surrounding its perimeter at the bottom. You cannot, however, increase the pressure.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption for the Lay-Z Spa depends on different factors that include:

  • Your location
  • Water temperature you want
  • Your surrounding temperature

The lower the surrounding temperature will be the more energy will be consumed. The auto-hibernation mode turns the system off after three days of inactivity.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Pros & Cons

Coleman Lay-Z Spa


  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Made using a sturdy material, allows you to sit on the tub walls as well
  • Relaxing bubble jets
  • Compact size can fit into most garages and backyards


  • Available in green color only
  • Heater and the jets cannot run at the same
  • Some tips and tricks for maintaining the tub

The Coleman Lay- Z Spa is easy to maintain. The surface is easy to clean. However, make sure not to use a hard brush or other cleaning tools that might rip the surface or cause holes. Using pool chemicals can help in keeping the molds away.

Also, make sure you do not use any substance with salt in it as it can cause damage to the rubber parts.

If you notice the buildup of slime, make sure that you are not using the tub as it can cause harm.  To minimize these build-ups, you need to clean your filter. For this, you can use chemical floaters with either chlorine or bromine. To clean the filters, you can use a dishwasher or can hose them down.

To drain the water out, you’ll have to open the two drain plugs present at the bottom of the tub. One is inside the tub while the other is on the exterior.

You can even attach a hose to the lower exterior drain in case you don’t want to drain the water in your garage, etc.

Sometimes the water is still present in the tub even after you’ve drained it. In such cases, you can use a wet or dry vacuum to suck out the remaining water.


These inflatable spa’s heated water helps in soothing all the stress that has built up. Plus, you can relax your body while getting a bubble message. The Coleman Lay-Z Spa hot tub provides you with great health benefits. The spa also gives you something to look forward to after having a stressful day at work!

The size of this spa is what makes it one of the best hot tub options for couples who wish to relax. This hot tub is the perfect gift that you could buy for yourself when you want to treat yourself.

The Coleman Lay-Z Spa is a fantastic starter tab. Considering its price; you get to enjoy a great spa-like experience within the comfort of your own house.

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