Can I use Apple keyboard with windows?


When it comes to using different devices with our computers, compatibility often becomes a concern. If you are a Windows user who is considering using an Apple keyboard, you might be wondering if it is possible. In this article, we will answer the question, “Can I use an Apple keyboard with Windows?” and provide additional information that will help you make an informed decision.

The Answer: Yes, you can use an Apple keyboard with Windows!

One of the great things about Apple keyboards is that they can be used with Windows-based computers. It is entirely possible to connect an Apple keyboard to a Windows device and have it function properly. So, if you love the look and feel of an Apple keyboard, you don’t have to miss out on using it with your Windows computer.

Related FAQs:

1. Can I connect the Apple keyboard directly to my Windows computer?

Yes, you can connect an Apple keyboard to your Windows computer either via USB or Bluetooth.

2. Do I need to install any drivers to use an Apple keyboard on Windows?

In most cases, Windows will automatically detect and install the necessary drivers for the Apple keyboard. However, it is recommended to update your Windows operating system to ensure compatibility.

3. What if some keys don’t work on the Apple keyboard when connected to Windows?

If certain keys don’t work, you may need to re-map them using third-party software specifically designed for keyboard remapping.

4. Can I use the special function keys on the Apple keyboard with Windows?

Yes, you can use the special function keys such as volume control, media keys, and brightness adjustment keys on the Apple keyboard when connected to a Windows computer.

5. Is the layout of an Apple keyboard compatible with Windows?

The layout of the Apple keyboard may differ slightly from a traditional Windows keyboard, especially regarding some keys’ placement. However, the fundamental letters and symbols will function the same way.

6. Can I use the Apple keyboard’s power button to turn on/off my Windows computer?

No, the power button on an Apple keyboard is generally not compatible with Windows computers. You will need to use the power button on your actual computer.

7. Can I use multiple Apple keyboards with a single Windows computer?

Yes, you can use multiple Apple keyboards simultaneously with a Windows computer, allowing for various configurations or shared usage.

8. Will the Apple keyboard’s backlight work on Windows?

The backlight feature on an Apple keyboard may not work by default on Windows. However, third-party software can enable backlights with additional configuration options.

9. Can I use an Apple wireless keyboard with a Windows laptop?

Yes, you can use an Apple wireless keyboard with a Windows laptop. Ensure your laptop has built-in Bluetooth or use a Bluetooth dongle for wireless connectivity.

10. Will the Apple keyboard’s touch bar work on Windows?

Currently, Apple’s touch bar functionality is not supported on Windows, so you may not be able to utilize that feature when using an Apple keyboard.

11. Can I use an Apple keyboard on a Windows gaming PC?

Yes, you can use an Apple keyboard on a Windows gaming PC. However, certain gaming-specific features and shortcuts may not be supported.

12. Does the size and form factor of an Apple keyboard fit a Windows setup?

Apple keyboards generally have a compact and sleek design that can fit well with any Windows computer setup. However, it is essential to consider your personal preference and ergonomic needs.


In conclusion, you can definitely use an Apple keyboard with a Windows computer without any major issues. Whether you prefer the aesthetics of the Apple keyboard or find its tactile experience enjoyable, you can connect it to your Windows computer and use it seamlessly. Just keep in mind that a few features, such as the touch bar, may not be fully compatible. But overall, using an Apple keyboard on Windows is a viable option, offering compatibility and a familiar typing experience.

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