Can I connect my iPad to my computer to draw?

The iPad has become a popular device for creative professionals and artists because of its powerful features and intuitive design. Many people wonder if it is possible to connect their iPad to their computer for drawing purposes. Let’s explore this question and find out the answer.

**Can I connect my iPad to my computer to draw?**

Yes, you can connect your iPad to your computer to draw! Apple has made it possible to connect your iPad to a computer and use it as a drawing tablet, thanks to a feature called “Sidecar” introduced in macOS Catalina.

Sidecar enables you to extend your Mac’s display to the iPad wirelessly or through a USB cable. This means you can use your iPad directly in apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, or any other graphics software on your Mac, making it a fantastic drawing tool.

Connecting your iPad to your computer for drawing offers several advantages. Firstly, the large touch-sensitive display of the iPad provides an exceptional canvas for drawing with precision. Secondly, the Apple Pencil offers a natural and accurate drawing experience, making it a favorite among artists. Lastly, using your iPad as an additional display allows you to have more space for your tools and references, which enhances your productivity.

Not only is connecting your iPad to your computer for drawing simple, but it also opens up a world of possibilities for artists and designers. Being able to seamlessly transition between your Mac and iPad can greatly improve your workflow and creativity.


1. Can I use Sidecar with any Mac?

No, Sidecar compatibility requires a Mac that is running macOS Catalina or later, as well as an iPad running iPadOS 13 or later.

2. Do I need any specific cables to connect my iPad to my computer?

You can connect your iPad wirelessly or via a USB cable. If you choose to connect via a cable, make sure you have a Lightning to USB or USB-C cable, depending on your iPad model and Mac’s connection ports.

3. Can I use Sidecar to draw in any app?

While Sidecar works with a wide range of apps, it is crucial to ensure that the app you want to draw in supports Sidecar functionality.

4. Does Sidecar support touch input?

Yes, Sidecar supports both touch and Apple Pencil input on the iPad, allowing you to interact directly with your Mac through the iPad’s display.

5. Can I mirror my Mac’s display on my iPad?

Yes, you can configure Sidecar to mirror your Mac’s display on your iPad, enabling you to see and control the same content on both screens.

6. Is Sidecar only available for drawing?

No, while Sidecar is popular among artists and designers for drawing purposes, it can also be used as an extended display for general computing tasks.

7. Can I customize the Sidecar settings?

Yes, you can adjust various Sidecar settings to suit your preferences, such as choosing to show or hide the Touch Bar, enabling or disabling double-tap functionality on the Apple Pencil, and more.

8. Does using Sidecar require an internet connection?

No, once your devices are connected, Sidecar works locally over Wi-Fi or a cable, so an internet connection is not necessary.

9. Can I use my iPad and Mac simultaneously with Sidecar?

Yes, you can use both devices simultaneously with Sidecar. For example, you can be drawing on your iPad while using your Mac for reference or accessing additional tools.

10. Can I connect multiple iPads to my Mac using Sidecar?

Currently, Sidecar supports only one iPad connected at a time.

11. Are there any alternatives to Sidecar for connecting my iPad to my computer?

Yes, there are third-party apps available, such as Duet Display and AstroPad, which allow you to use your iPad as a drawing tablet with your computer.

12. Can I use Sidecar with Windows PCs?

No, Sidecar is an exclusive feature of macOS Catalina and is not available for Windows PCs.

In conclusion, if you are an artist, designer, or simply enjoy drawing, connecting your iPad to your computer using Sidecar is an excellent choice. The seamless integration of the iPad with your Mac provides a professional drawing experience that is both powerful and convenient. So, unleash your creativity and take advantage of this fantastic feature!

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