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Blue Pure 211 Review

Staying healthy is one of the biggest concerns in this day and age. It is possible that the air you breathe is contaminated.

That’s not all! Air purifiers also help out with allergies and other respiratory diseases triggered by pollution and allergens. We will be taking a look at the Blue Pure 211, which will let you know everything about this device. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Blue Pure 211

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

About Blueair

The company Blue air was originated in Sweden in the year 1996. It has been functioning for two decades and has built a name for itself in both domestic and international markets. The President, Behat Ritti strived to achieve one goal in mind i.e., to make the best purifier in the world.

Since then, Blueair works with teams of talented designers, researchers, and filtration experts. Having all these experts on board, it enables Blueair to manufacture innovative products. Furthermore, Blueair has been able to collect many awards based on the quality of their products.

This works in favor of the company as it serves as proof of their credibility. The company’s motto is to provide healthy and breathable air for all. Therefore, it strives to make products that are the best by incorporating them with the latest technology.

Blue Pure 211

How Can An Air Purifier Help?

Although, they might not appear as an air purifier that can greatly affect the quality of indoor air. In certain instances, indoor air may even be more polluted than outdoor air. It may be hard to believe as none of the pollutants are visible or noticeable.

However, they are definitely there and may cause major problems for the respiratory system. They may trigger allergies or even make breathing difficult. The indoor pollutants include dust, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, chemicals, smoke, fibers from carpets, and bacteria.

Air purifiers help to take care of all these pollutants and make sure that the air is healthy. They are a quick and convenient method. They keep the quality of indoor air maintained and make sure that none of those allergens bother you.

The Blue Pure 211


The design is a really important factor no matter what the nature of the product is. Therefore, the first thing to discuss in this review is the design of the Blue Pure 211. Blueair opts for a simplistic design for the Blue Pure 211 having no bulky appearance that would make it look unappealing.

Accommodating the device to the interior of a room is easy. This is possible due its smooth design. There is a button present right in front of the device, which is the master control for the device. This makes the device easier to use.

Moreover, it does not take a lot of space fitting just about anywhere in the room without a problem. It does not weigh much able to be moved around easily as well. The bottom half of the machine is covered with a fabric having different colors providing you options to choose from.


The Blue Pure 211 has a variety of features. Let’s see what the device has to offer.

  • Room Coverage

The room coverage offered is 540 square feet, which is perfect for a small to medium size room. It covers a decent amount of area, so there is no need to buy multiple units. Generally, this device would work perfectly in places like the kitchen, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

  • 360 Degrees Air Circulation

It draws air from all corners of the room, which is one of the special features of the device. The air in the room is treated at  faster rate thanks to the 360 degrees intake.

In fact, it can clean the air up to five times in just an hour. At the top of the machine there is a vent for treated air. This allows the air to be diffused evenly across the room.

  • Noise Output

While buying an air purifier, one of the features to consider is the noise output. As for the Pure Blue 211, it passes with flying colors on this test as well. When kept on its lowest setting, the device is quieter than a whisper.

  • Fan Settings

The device offers three fan settings that include standard low, medium, and high settings. With just one button, you can quickly select the desired fan speed. The device will treat the air in your room accordingly.

  • Low Energy Consumption

Another amazing feature of this air purifier is energy efficiency. Despite having a powerful fan and a fast air purification interval, it keeps the energy consumption to a minimum. When set on its highest fan setting it only consumes up to 60 watts.

This is not only good for your budget as it uses less electricity, but it is also great for the environment.

  • 3 Stage Filtration Process

The device has a 3 stage filtration process that works to remove almost all the pollutants present in the air. For the first stage, it uses a pre-filter, which is a very important part. In this stage, it catches all the significantly larger particles, including pet hair, pet dander, etc.

The pre-filter is also important because it protects other filters. Since it keeps all the larger particles out, the other filters do not get dirty easily. Consequently, it prolongs their life and saves you the expenses.

For the second stage, it uses a particle filter which traps and removes 99% of all the remaining pollutants. These include allergens and fine dust etc. The Activated Carbon Filter is the last stage. This helps to remove harmful chemicals and unpleasant odors from the air.

Pros And Cons


Blue Pure 211 is extremely easy to use. It has no elaborate setups and control. Therefore, you can save time. Also, the design is very elegant. It can be easily placed anywhere without worrying about how it looks.

The dimensions of the device also work in its favor. Moreover, the device can clean the air up to 5 times in an hour, which is definitely a plus point. It also features different fan speed settings. Noise output and energy consumption are the things you will not have to worry about with this device.

The filtration process is also very thorough. The three-stage process helps remove a majority of the pollutants in the air. It also takes care of odors and harmful chemicals that may be present in the air.


One main con of this device is that it does not use a True HEPA filter. Many people prefer the HEPA filter because it clears out 99.7% of all polutants. Though this may not appear to have a big difference, but when it comes to air quality, it does make a difference.

Moreover, the device does not have features such as a timer or an air quality indicator. While these features are not the primary features of an air purifier, some may see them as a downside.


Overall the Blue Pure 211 scores big when it comes to the criteria for a good air purifier. It has the looks as well as the features that are most important, along with good room coverage. Unless your house has unbelievably large rooms, this model should work just fine.

The absence of the HEPA filter may be an issue for some, but, the filters of the Blue Pure 211 function well. Moreover, the positives of this purifier easily overtake any cons that it may have. All in all, the Blue Pure 211 can prove to be a good investment as it has great functionality.

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