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Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Full-size Carpet Cleaner, 1986 Review

Having a pet can be the most exciting and lovable thing ever. But let’s be real and not forget the mess they leave behind for you to clean up! From pet hair in every corner to stains on carpets; pets can be very challenging to look after.

If there are carpeted floors in your home, you must have struggled with keeping your carpets clean with pets. To do that, you need powerful carpet cleaners.

If you are planning on getting a carpet cleaner for yourself, this article will be of great help to you. We will thoroughly review the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Full-size Carpet cleaner, 1986.

It’s considered to be one of the best options when it comes to cleaning after pets.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

About The Manufacturer

Bissell is a US-based private company that manufactures floor cleaners and vacuums. They have been in the cleaning business since 1876. Over the years of experience, Bissell has gained huge popularity and a reputable image in the market.

Undoubtedly, they have a range of products that match the needs of different customers. Their carpet cleaner products are, too, well-known in the market.

Therefore, we have chosen this ProHeat 2X full-size carpet cleaner and reviewed it to see if it’s the one you need.

In the review, we will look at the appearance, technical specifications, pros, and cons of the product. We will also guide you into where you can reliably buy this carpet cleaner.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner, 1986


Before we move on to looking at the technicalities, let’s first discuss the design. This Bissell carpet cleaner has a sleek, robust design. It has a color combination of purple, black, silver and some areas of transparent plastic.

The transparent portions give us a view of the robust brush and parts of the machine.

Moreover, it has yellow/lime colored powerful Dirt Lifter brushes at the bottom front. Secondly, the brush rolls are protected by an easily removable transparent cover. This makes it easy to clean the brush anytime you want.

Given all the color combinations and the design, this unit is quite pretty.

Moreover, it weighs about 28 pounds. It has the dimensions 15 x 12.5 x 43.5 inches.

</p> <h2>Specifications</h2> <p>

Let’s now move on to some technical specifications.

First of all, the carpet cleaner has a power rating of about 6.8 amperes. Also, it features a clean tank of a capacity of 1 gallon.

Secondly, the cleaner also comes with a reasonably long enough cord that measures for about 25 inches. Besides that, the most distinctive feature of this cleaner is that it features heatwave technology.

The heatwave technology is embedded in the brush roll. The powerful dual dirt lift brush roll and heatwave allow maximum clearance of dirt of all kinds.

If you’re looking for such a carpet cleaner that will remove tough stains, then this will work for you. This is because the cleaner is equipped with CleanShot pre-treater. This allows you to get rid of tough stains.

Moreover, another feature that allows the removal of stains and even pet hair is the 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool. The tool works in dry and wet modes both. The wet mode ensures that the moisture dries in 30 minutes.

With this tool, you can also get rid of pet odors. So, you will not have to invest separately in an air purifier.

It has an easy-to-maneuver hose of the length of about 8 inches. It’s also lightweight, which means it will be easy to store. The 8-inch hose will also allow you to reach out spots under the furniture, making it possible to get rid of all spots!

Furthermore, even the 25-inch cord will allow freedom of mobility.

</p> <h2>What's In The Box?</h2> <p>

You will be pleased to know that other than the machine itself, there are also other little surprises that come along.

Firstly, the cleaner comes with a trial sized pet urine eliminator. You can use this and test its efficiency. This will help you in deciding whether or not to buy larger quantities of it.

Moreover, the machine also comes with an antibacterial formula.

Therefore, since you’re going to be paying a good sum of money for this unit, you will be getting loads of good things in the package. Thus, you can be sure that you get your money’s worth!

Where To Buy

When it comes to investing in home appliances such as this, we always recommend buying from a reliable seller. With the increasing competition now present in the market, it is becoming difficult to tell who is more reliable.

However, one place that has it all is Amazon. Amazon is accessible almost in every corner of the globe.

</p> <h2>Warranty</h2> <p>

This Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution is a rather expensive model. It is heavy-duty, powerful, and highly versatile. Therefore, you must look at the warranty it comes with before investing in it.

Bissell offers a generous warranty of up to 5 years with this outstanding model. The warranty is limited and will cover some parts.

Before you buy the model, always make sure that the seller gives you the warranty. Moreover, make sure to read and understand the warranty policy thoroughly.

Pros And Cons


Here is a list of all the possible pros of the Bissell cleaner that could help you decide whether it’s a worthy investment.

  • It comes with a reasonably long warranty, ensuring safety for your investment.
  • It has a powerful design with light weighted body.
  • The unit comes with an efficient and impressive cleaning system.
  • It’s multi-functional and can get rid of pet hair, stains, and even odors.
  • It is easy to maintain with its EZ brush rolls cover.
  • The cleaner allows easy movement and mobility with its long hose and cord.
  • Its design is sleek and sophisticated.
  • It is a low-profile carpet cleaner.
  • Bissell is known for its top-quality products such as this.
  • Tools to dry the carpet quicker than any other competing products in the market are also present.
  • It adds value to your money, considering the range of features.
  • It works on various kinds of carpeted floors.


There are some downsides of this Bissell carpet cleaner. Here is a list of few cons that you should consider before purchasing the product:

  • It’s known to be one of the most expensive models in the market.
  • It’s more appropriate for larger sized carpets; you can find cheaper models for smaller sized carpets.
  • Its name can be deceiving since it says ProHeat but does not feature a heater.
  • Customers have complained about ineffective drying system.

</p> <h2>Who Would Find It The Most Useful?</h2> <p>

The Bissell ProHeat 2X is a powerful home appliance that ensures quality and performance all at once. It might be available at a high price tag but ensures that your money does not go to waste.

First of all, the cleaner, with its powerful cleaning system, is hugely appropriate for large-sized carpets. It works on all types of carpets. So, if you have a house where different rooms have different kinds of carpets, then this will work great for you.

It’s also useful if you have a huge home with big rooms. This is because the cleaner has a long cord and a long hose. This will make it easier to access distant, hard-to-reach areas.

Even though the cleaner is specifically targeted towards pet owners, don’t think that it will not work fine otherwise. Many users have bought the cleaner even though they do not have pets.

Its odor-fighting quality and ability to get even the tiniest dust particle make it useful for absolutely anyone.

Competing With Other Products

It is important to thoroughly search the market and look into all the possible options and alternatives you have. Therefore, we highly recommend not stopping your search here. The market is packed with versatile carpet cleaners.

Bissell alone has a huge, never-ending range of versatile carpet cleaners.

The only problem that we could see in this carpet cleaner is the price. However, let’s not give our hopes up.

First of all, you must accept that a pricier model does not always mean great performance. So, if you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry, and look at some of the best under $100 vacuums.

</p> <h2>Shark Rocket HV322 vs. Bissell ProHeat 2X</h2> <p>

Let’s compare this Bissell model with another competitive model in the market.

The Shark Rocket True Pet Ultra-Light HV322 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner great for carpets! It’s best known for its lightweight and compact design.

It has a 2-in-1 upright vacuum design that makes it easier to reach difficult spots. This is a great option for deep cleaning with its motorized brush feature.

Moreover, you can also use it to get rid of pet hair. It also has impressive LED lights which make finding dirt easier. This is probably the one feature that gives the Shark Rocker unit an edge over the Bissell model.

Another edge that the Shark Rocket cleaner has is that it’s versatile yet is also rather affordable.

</p> <h2>Conclusion</h2> <p>

To sum it up, Bissell’s products have constantly proved to be exceptional. They are durable, come with a good warranty, and have advanced features. This is also the case with the ProHeat 1986 model.

Whether you own an adorable pet or not, the model is still great for powerful cleaning. Compared to other models in the market, it may come off as a little expensive. However, its features make up for the price.

Therefore, we highly recommend investing in this lightweight, easy to use, and highly efficient carpet cleaner.

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