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BestMassage BM-EC06C Review

Searching for a basic massage chair that comes with sufficient features that’ll make it easy to use? Are you also on a tight budget?

If so, then you’ll definitely be intrigued by the BestMassage Chair EC 06C. This machine is a well-priced chair and comes with impressive features which make it a great bargain. The features of this machine are the reason why it is so popular. Read more about this machine in this review before you go ahead and invest your money in it!

BestMassage BM-EC06C

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

BestMassage EC06C Overview

This BestMassage chair is a chair that stands out from the rest. Even though this chair is an off-brand, it is manufactured in China and is sold by many different vendors under a different label. However, one thing that remains steady is that it maintains the model number “EC060”.

This chair comes in three different colors including black, burgundy, and brown. However, all three of these colors have the same features and the same price point.

With that said, let’s see the features you’ll get to enjoy with this chair.

BestMassage BM-EC06C

Top Features Of BestMassage Chair EC06C

  • S-Track Design

This chair gets off on a strong start with this feature by offering its user with an extended S-Track. The rest of the chair is built around this massage track. Due to this design, the quad rollers can travel all the way down to your back till your tailbone. Thus, they can provide you with an extremely good massage.

Since this machine makes use of quad rollers, you will be getting a premium quality massage every time. When compared to the price of this chair, this seems to be an excellent option.

  • Neck Massage Function

Apart from the rollers present on the main track of this machine, you also get additional rollers present on its headrest. These rollers are designed to provide you with a Tsubo point shoulder and neck massage.

It is still not clear whether it has any therapeutic value or not but these rollers feel nice. They can be called an amazing addition to this machine.

  • Slightly Heater Rollers

This massage chair provides you with slightly heater rollers. Now, this feature is not available readily in other mainstream brands and is a highly requested feature. The rollers are heated slightly, so when they massage your pressure points, you receive a touch of warmth.

Since the rollers only produce very mild heat, they are not of much help for you therapeutically. However, they are warm enough to help you relax and enhance your overall massage experience.

  • Automatic Body Scan

This massage chair comes with intelligent control and an automated test. There are 11 signals present in this machine along with a hold sensor. All of these work together and test the user’s body. They make a note of their full height and also keep track of your intensity. In addition, the intensity in this machine is set upon your body weight.

So, the massager adjusts everything according to your body as soon as you sit down. Hence, it’s able to provide you with the best massage you can have.

  • Different Choices

Given that this massage chair is an entry-level chair, you do not get much when it comes to massage choices. However, the BestMassage EC060 will, no doubt, exceed your expectations. This chair provides you with the following options when it comes to different massage techniques:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Percussion

This machine also provides you with three automated massage programs which include:

  • Relax – Gentle
  • Recover – Medium Strength
  • Refresh – Vigorous

So from the above options, you can see clearly that this chair covers the basic options. Also, with this machine, you have the ability to customize and vary the intensity of your massage. You can choose from three different levels.

  • Vibration Seat Massage

Vibration Seat Massage is one feature not really noteworthy and is not very well rendered. This chair will start to vibrate and give you a vibration styles massage. However, you may feel as if this chair is trying to shake you out of your seat.

Many users have even reported that when using this mode, the chair is very loud. This feature is useful in some situations; however, if there is one feature you won’t use often, this is it.

  • Foot And Lumbar Heat

This is one feature that gets the most attention when reviewing or using this massage chair. The reason behind this is that today it is very rare to find lumber heat in an entry-level chair. However, to get heat in the lumber as well as the leg area is an excellent addition and unique feature.

This feature is of great use and is no doubt very good, but it comes with some limitations. These limitations include the fact that you will not be able to adjust its temperature. Furthermore, you can only activate the heat for both areas. You cannot activate heat for the foot area and not have any heat for the lumbar area or vice versa.

Moreover, another thing you must know is that many massage chairs, when talking about heat applied, talk about the calves. However, this machine just applies heat to the soles of your feet.

  • Air Massage Mode

This is one of the best attributes of this chair. This massage chair makes use of the 30 first generation airbags and provides you with an excellent quality massage. The best part? You can customize the massage you want using the three different settings of intensity this chair comes with.

Air Massage Mode feature on this chair stands out and is very robust, keep in mind that this is a low priced chair.

Pros & Cons

Like every other product present in the market, this machine also comes with some advantages and some disadvantages. These pros and cons are as follow:


  • Excellent price point
  • It is very easy to assemble it
  • This massage chair provides you with effective and long massages


  • There is no after-sales support present with this chair
  • One size does not fit all; this chair is not ideal for very tall people
  • This chair does not come with proper instructions

Comparison with Other Models

BestMassage provides the user with many different models in their product line that you can explore. If you’re searching for something different than what the EC060 offers, then following are some suitable options.

  • BM EC77

This is a massage chair which is cheaper than the BM-EC060. It provides the user with high beneficial therapeutic massage and allows you to release tension from your spine. This chair takes away weight from your bones and your joints.

However, with this product, you only get a heat option on your waist and your back. However, it does provide you with eight-point shiatsu massage, foot rollers, compression, airbags, and stretching.

  • BM-EC161

For a higher price point, you can get this BestMassage chair. This chair provides you with a longer massage and has intuitively labeled programs such as extend, refresh, recover and relax. This chair comes with sensors that measure the width present between your shoulders and tends. Thus, it is able to provide you with a personalized massage experience.

This chair tailors to the needs of your body, making it an excellent investment.


Every working person needs a massage; however, it can be very costly to head up to a salon and get one done from a masseuse. Instead, opting for a massage chair such as the BM- EC06C can be a smart decision. This massage chair is no doubt an exception; it has all the features you will need, that too at a reasonable price point.

Go ahead and grab this chair if you feel it is the one for you and enjoy a massage whenever you want.

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