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Top 8 Best Patio Heater On The Market 2020 Reviews

There’s no compelling reason to end any gathering early due to sunset and temperature drops. Rather, you just need the best patio heater.

These sorts of heaters are perfect choices for bars, cafés, work environments, and homes. It is because they keep open-air spaces warmed regardless of the undesirability of the climate.

There are a lot of patio heaters for you to choose from, including wall mounted, floor standing, and tabletop heaters.

With such a wide variety of such heaters, searching for the best one appears to be an overwhelming task. However, with the help of our reviews, you can find the best patio heater models available today.

Moreover, to decide which heater you need, you can consider our buying guide. It has all the factors that can help you settle on the best choice.

Best Patio Heater

Top 8 Best Patio Heater On The Market 2020 Reviews

Brand nameHeat outputMaterialColorWeight
Heat output
Stainless steel
Black powder coating
40 pounds
Heat output
Glass tube
67.2 pounds
Heat output
Stainless steel
Slate + faux stone
29.5 pounds
Heat output
Aluminum + steel
90 pounds
Heat output
Hammered bronze
41 pounds
Heat output
Glass tube
65 pounds
Heat output
Stainless steel
10.8 pounds
Heat output
Hammered bronze
35.2 pounds

1 Fire Sense Patio heater 61444

In case you’re searching for a convenient patio heater that won’t just warm your outdoor zones, yet that offers a lot of features, the Fire Sense Deluxe Propane Patio Heater is an ideal choice.

This heater is very easy to operate. It is also totally protected. You can likewise move it around your patio effortlessly when you have to. It accompanies a sand filled base that ensures less trouble in its upkeep. This adds an extra 30lb to the base of the heater with the goal that it is totally protected.

Moreover, the mirror arch guarantees that you get the full benefit by the 46,000 BTU that this heater gives. Because of the extraordinary structure of this heater, you can make sure that no power will be lost when it is inactive.

In addition, to give this heater a modern appearance, it is made with a mocha bronze powder covering. This makes this heater an appealing part of your patio rather than basically being a heater. This makes it of good decorative use as well, even if it’s off.

Furthermore, the wheels that are incorporated into the base of this heater make it feasible for you to just to move it around. Meanwhile, the heat production and assembling technique of this heater are very favorable to the user.

Fire Sense Patio heater 61444

Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • Easy to transfer to places.
  • Very nicely merges with any patio design.
  • Appealing to see.
  • Safe working mechanism.
  • Can be slightly heavy for a few people.

2 Golden Flame Resort Model

The Golden Flame 46,000 BTU Patio Heater includes the Advanced Burner System. This system lessens the need for fuel excavation. This is a key factor that distinguishes it from other heaters.

The pilotless burning system helps it stay put against the wind. This is necessary so that the flame doesn’t blow out and shut down the heater.

Moreover, the customary single-flash manual push button, “Fast Spark” start framework makes it easy for the user to ignite the machine. A noteworthy 46,000 BTU makes the XL-Series a standout amongst the most dominant heaters available.

The new XL-Series Patio Heaters from Golden Flame comes with a bottom sand reservoir. Once they are filled, they add 25 lbs. to the base of the heater. This gives steadiness and security amid windy conditions.

In addition, if the heater tips or is knocked over, the Tilt-Switch will promptly close the unit off. The movement of this heater is aided with the wheels that are included. Plus, it has been praised for its simple construction and the shading. Lastly, the finish enables it to mix very well with your current patio settings.

Golden Flame Resort Model

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Comes with a pilotless burning system.
  • Stays steady against winds with sand reservoir.
  • Can produce great quantities of heat.
  • Comes with a tilt-switch for automatic shut down against hazard.
  • Some users complain of its weight.

3 UniFlame GLT1332SP

Utilizing this Uniflame Endless Summer heater is basic enough and the same utilizing a flame pit and flame pits tables.

A 1-pound propane tank is placed at the base when you open the little compartment door. Once you join the hose to the propane tank, turn it on and hang tight for about a moment for it to pressurize. Note that the 1-pound propane tank can fit into the base of the heater.

Under the compartment door is the place you’ll find the start button and the handle dial that is utilized to modify the flame once it’s on. You need to press the dial in and set it to Low.

At times, the auto-start doesn’t work, and that is when you’ll physically have to ignite the fire. The heater accompanies dark flame glass, which is fine on its own. However, it would have been better to utilize blue or red flame glass as it’s distinguishable when you ignite the flame.

UniFlame GLT1332SP

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Easy to install.
  • The device startup and running is easy and smooth.
  • Flame control is in the user’s hands.
  • The dark flame glass makes it hard to distinguish lit and non-lit conditions.

4 Hiland HIL-FP-1108

During the cold winter nights, there’s no need to stop your outdoor fun. You can appreciate the same amount of fun all year with this bronze Hiland HIL-FP-1108!

Add warmth to your patio, deck, or terrace with this square cast aluminum heater. This heater is about 23-inch tall with a 20-inch square burner and a 45-inch square tabletop. It offers 42,000 BTU with flexible heat. In addition, it is CSA compliant and accompanies a 1-year warranty.

Amid the mid-year months, the patio is a perfect spot to relax and have fun. It is amazing being under the stars with loved ones. Patio heaters help you broaden the life of your outdoor space 9 months or a year, liable upon the area.

Additionally, this heater has an incredible design with a structure that is very easy to arrange. You and your visitors can appreciate a late night discussion around it while talking. The gadget keeps running on a propane tank and is ideal for any kind of occasion you may wish to have.

Hiland HIL-FP-1108

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

  • Smart designing.
  • Color matches and compliments all sorts of patios.
  • Comes with a reliable warranty.
  • Heat production is amazing.
  • Might take up a significant amount of space in small or compact patios.

5 Belleze Premium Outdoor Patio Heater

This incredible and attractive patio heater is very easy to utilize and extremely helpful. You can add style to your patio and truly awe your visitors.

Its 48,000 BTU heat yield adds a lot of heat to your patio. It is additionally fit for warming an area of up to 175 square feet, or a 15-foot range. This is quite more than that of most other patio heaters. So, your visitors don’t need to cluster around the heater in an attempt to remain warm.

Moreover, the hardened steel finish makes this heater simple to clean up. It stays put regardless of the awful climate and high temperatures. In addition, the base enables you to store a propane tank if you wish. This will also add some weight to the base, making the setup sturdy.

As this heater is controlled utilizing propane, you can be sure of its compactness. Regardless of where you need to put it on your patio, you will have no queries. It will work best as long as you pick a level surface.

In addition, the pilot ignition will assist you with lighting the heater effortlessly. If you need to move the heater around, there are coordinated wheels in the base.

Belleze Premium Outdoor Patio Heater

Our rating:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

  • Amazing infrastructure keeps the heater sturdy.
  • It can fit nearly everywhere.
  • The ignition is simple.
  • You can store the propane tank in the base which works as a sand-filled reservoir to keep it firm.
  • Some users don’t like the color since it doesn’t match their patio design.

6 AZ Patio Heater NG-GT-BRZ

This patio heater from AZ is both exquisite and useful, comprising of a 91-inch tall, brilliant heat, two-piece, quartz glass tube with a hammered bronze structure. The 40,000 BTU yield with variable control will keep you warm and comfortable on cold nights.

With this unit, the security isn’t an issue since it comes equipped with a thermocouple. This will ensure your patio and the people around you stay safe. It is also CSA compliant and can be moved around effectively on its wheeled base.

Moreover, the heater uses a 20-pound propane tank, which keeps going 8-10 hours maximally. While the propane tank is excluded, it is effectively opened through a simple access door. This makes it a breeze to switch when your tank is unfilled.

AZ Patio Heater NG-GT-BRZ

Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

  • Looks elegant in the design and creation.
  • Produces a maximal total of 40,000 BTU of heat.
  • It has very simple-to-switch propane tanks that provide good coverage.
  • It is very well-sheltered and secure.
  • A few customers have complained of the effective heating range
  • There have arisen quality issues in some cases

7 AZ Patio Heater HLI-1P

AZ Patio Heaters set the standard with regards to the best patio heaters available for any budget. There might be chances that you have a smaller patio and want to place the heater under an umbrella or a tent. In cases like these, this electric parasol style model would make an incredible addition to your outdoor space.

Patio heaters regularly come in stand-up styles. However, clearly, every terrace and patio isn’t the same in construction. Each person should have the option to style their lawn according to their customized needs.

So, what you need is to invest in a parasol style patio heater like this one. It fits flawlessly under different umbrellas and furthermore functions admirably in huge tents.

Moreover, the 3-burner configuration enables the heater to make more progress for a pleasant outside experience; be it day or night. Overall, this is an electric module unit that flaunts a noteworthy 1,500 watts all together.

AZ Patio Heater HLI-1P

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Can fit into any space.
  • The configuration of this heater is an electric module.
  • Produces a large amount of heat.
  • It might not suit a small area if left working for a long time, as it produces a large quantity of heat.

8 Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR

The Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR Premium Patio Heater is a phenomenal heater. It is ideal for passing the cold night and keeping you, your companions, and your family warm. It runs on a propane tank that is effectively introduced into the gadget and is very easy to work with.

The Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR is ignited by utilizing an electronic start framework. Simply push a button, and you’ll be getting the right amount of heat. Also, it is capable of creating a great measure of intensity with its ability to produce up to 48,000 BTU.

It likewise accompanies variable heat settings. So, you can set the gadget to the ideal temperature to keep you and your family warm. It will work all through the chilly fall and winter evenings.

The Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR, likewise, is a safe heater. It is additionally fitted with wheels to make it simpler to move it all through.

Overall, you’ll be more than awed with the Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR. It is a standout amongst the best heating devices available. It is more than fit for giving you all that you need.

Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

  • Produces an ideal amount of heat.
  • Comes with high safety coverage.
  • The propane tank is smartly introduced into the device.
  • The heater comes with an option of variability in heat settings.
  • Some people don’t like the design.

Best Patio Heater Buying Guide

To ensure you have the best patio heater, here are factors to consider:

  • Kinds of patio heaters

There are basically three kinds of patio heaters.

  • Detached patio heaters

A detached patio heater is flawless if you need a heater that works without any tables. They are mostly found in bars and café patios. As they are unsupported, they can be set up anyplace on a patio.

Top 8 Best Patio Heater On The Market 2020 Reviews

They also don’t need a power supply since they use fuel. They have a base, a shaft, a heat generator, and a reflector to disperse the heat. The base engages the fuel.

  • Wall mounted patio heaters

If you need an open-air heater that is safe and completely trustworthy, you could pick a wall mounted heater. These are generally electric and utilize infrared warming techniques to keep individuals warm. They are mounted high up on the walls and come with adjustable heat.

  • Table top patio heaters

As their name proposes, these heaters are ones that just remain on your tabletop. If you have a patio table that you and your visitors will be lounging near, this is an incredible thought. With such heaters, you can get 360-degree heat from the heater that will keep everybody warmed.

 Best Patio Heater On The Market 2020 Reviews

They will, in general, have lower control or heat adjustment than unattached patio heaters. This is because they are intended to be nearer to the space they have to heat up.

  • Patio heater sizes

You can find a range of patio heaters out there in a variety of shapes, and sizes. You must note that the size of the patio heater influences the cost. So, if you have a bigger budget, then you can easily bear the cost of a bigger patio heater.

The unsupported one is the most common size in heaters. These will have around 40,000 BTU of heat. This is fundamental for unsupported heaters, as more heat is expected to warm up a bigger space around it.

Tabletop heaters aren’t that amazing in this regard. You will find that most tabletop models offer around 12,000 BTU since they just need to warm a close-by zone. So, 12,000 BTU is generally adequate for this.

Meanwhile, wall mounted heaters are the least ground-breaking sorts of patio heaters. They are smallest as well with a yield of around 3000 BTU. However, for open-air regions in bars and eateries, there are some mechanical wall heaters that are fit for yielding definitely more heat.

Contrast Between Large Single Dome And Triple Dome Patio Heaters

You may have seen unattached patio heaters that have only one vault at the top, while different models have 3 arches stacked over each other.

Single vault heaters are commonly far less expensive than the triple arch heaters; however, they are not as appealing. Single vault heaters, then again, can just mirror the heat downwards to a region just underneath the heater.

Top 8 Best Patio Heater

Meanwhile, triple arch heaters are intended to mirror the heat from the heater in 3 unique ways as opposed to only one. This means that these have a far bigger range in contrast with single vault heaters. As a result, individuals who need to warm a bigger area lean toward them.

However, you should have a bigger budget for triple vault heaters if this is the thing that you feel that your patio needs.

What Size Of An Outdoor Heater Do I Need?

When you are buying a patio heater, you should guarantee that you pick the best open-air heater for your necessities. You should gauge the patio space and read the guide thoroughly so you can be sure that the heater you pick will suit your needs.

If you’ll be using a patio heater in an area where you have an enormous patio table, there are medium-sized heaters available that sit on your tabletop. They normally have a medium heat yield rating of around 12,000 BTU. They can effectively heat the area all around them. So, it won’t make a difference where you position yourself. You only need to be close enough to the heater.

Consideration Of A Heater

If you don’t have any tables or if you want a heater that doesn’t require support, then you should consider a detached patio heater. These are accessible in an assortment of styles and sizes. So, you should consider the area that you have to warm.

A few bars and cafés have unattached heaters since they have a bigger area to heat up. If you just have a little patio, then one-arch heaters are suitable.

Top 8 Best Patio Heater Reviews

However, if you have a bigger patio, you should pay special mind to heaters with higher heat yield settings and triple arches. This will guarantee that a bigger area is warm on your patio.

For direct warming, you could buy a wall-mounted heater. These are space-saving alternatives that enable you to mount the heater to the divider securely. However, you would need to remain in the immediate way of the heat stream to enjoy the warmth.

What Numbers Of BTUs Do I Need?

When you buy a heater for your patio, you should guarantee that it will be adequate for its features. If you purchase a heater that is lacking, it will just be a waste of cash, as it will never warm up the space enough.

So, to work out the number of BTU you need, you will initially need to measure the space that you wish to warm. You should overestimate this as the BTU given by a maker is typically just under perfect conditions.

You can work out the square feet of your patio by multiplying the number of feet by the quantity of feet width. Next, you should know the amount of a temperature distinction you need from the heater. Ascertain the contrast between the present temperatures in Fahrenheit with the ideal temperature in Fahrenheit.

Multiplying these two numbers together will give you the outcome for the quantity of BTUs that you will require.

How Do Patio Heaters Work?

A patio heater can warm up a big space quickly. They have to either consume fuel, for example, gas or propane. With other options, they heat a component up by converting electricity into heat.

The produced heat is then discharged into the encompassing zone. Patio heaters utilize brilliant heat as opposed to fan-helped heat.

A standard patio heater will warm up the air simultaneously. When you buy a patio heater, you’ll notice the distance they can cover and the BTU they offer mentioned in the product specifications.

Best Patio Heater Reviews

It is important to position the heater in such an area where it will give the most convenience. There is no reason for placing a detached heater close to a wall if you have space in the front of your patio.

Most patio heaters can easily work outside. However, if you need to warm an enclosed patio space or a patio that has a rooftop, you should pay special mind to heaters that are appropriate for indoor or outdoor use.

Numerous wall-mounted patio heaters work by utilizing electricity. There are amazing space heaters if you need to keep the air free from harmful gasses.

The reason for us to emphasize on the gases is to ensure the safety of the people around the heater. You can’t distinguish good gases from bad, visually. It is more likely to stay safe than sorry.

Patio Heater Safety Tips

You need to place the patio heater on a level surface with a lot of flexibility around it.

  • Ensure that you store any extra fuel for the heater securely. Patio heater fuel can be combustible under specific conditions. So, you should keep it off from your home in a cool zone. You can, in some cases, keep fuel tanks at the base of unattached heaters. This will give weight to the base apart from making sure the tank doesn’t catch fire.
  • You need to make sure to shut the heater when you are not utilizing it. This way, you will not waste energy; thus, there is no danger of flame. Despite the fact that the heater is outside, there can be a chance of it catching fire with these sorts of heaters.
  • You need to pick a heater with a security tilt switch. This is particularly important if you have a table standing patio heater.
  • Never utilize an outdoor heater, inside. This can be risky. If you need a patio heater that is reasonable for an indoor area, you should buy one that is sold for this particular reason.
  • If you need a heater that is fully covered, you need to pick an electric wall mounted heater. These heaters don’t spill off. They also don’t contain any fuels that produce unsafe gasses.
  • Continuously look after your kids around patio heaters. These heaters are dangerous in the sense that they can turn out to be exceptionally hot. Meanwhile, spillage can increase the risk for others. You need likewise to guarantee that pets are away from the patio heater, particularly when it is being used.
  • Never place anything on the heater. Try not to dry out garments, for instance, utilizing the heat from the patio heater. Clothes can burst into flames, particularly with the heat of a patio heater.

How Much Will It Cost To Run A Patio Heater?

The underlying cost that you’ll need to consider is the expense of really purchasing the heater. These patio heaters are not as expensive as flame pits for wood decks. Therefore, you’ll find heaters that are accessible to suit most budgets. Yet, all not these will be reasonable for your necessities.

Therefore, try spending a reasonable amount. At the same time, recall that you truly do get what you pay for!

The next thing that you should pay for is the fuel for your heater. Flammable gas heaters utilize your home’s gas supply, so you don’t have to stress over obtaining any fuel particularly. You will just need to pay for what you will utilize.

Best Patio Heater In 2020 Reviews

Secondly, the same goes for electric heaters. Propane patio heaters, however, require tanks of propane. This, in turn, relies upon how regularly you utilize the heater.

A 40,000 BTU heater will use around $0.50 an hour of gas. In fact, in correlation, 40,000 BTU propane patio heaters will cost around $1.70 every hour to run.

Meanwhile, a 4,000-watt electric heater, which is identical to the yield of a 40,000 BTU heater, will cost $1.40 to run. As should be obvious, it is less expensive to utilize a gas patio heater.

Can Patio Heaters Get Wet?

Most patio heaters are worked to withstand some dampness and are ‘water-safe.’ In spite of the fact that this will change from model to model – check your proprietor’s manual. Try not to leave your patio heater in an uncovered area. Raining or spillage can wet these.

Consider covering it with a sheet if it will be outside for long time periods. The withstanding capacity of any heater also comes with its finish. Many fancy ones don’t have that much capacity to bear the dampness. Therefore, there is a high chance of them rusting.


When you have to add some heat to your patio, you’ll have a large number of choices. As should be obvious from this patio heater review, there are some incredible ones. There are heaters that can be detached, placed on table top and mounted on walls.

Numerous individuals think that safety is a major factor when they look for a heater suitable for their patio. In our buying guide, we have also mentioned some extraordinary tips. It will help you pick the most secure and best patio heaters for your home or business.

Consequently, the winner of our roundup is the Fire Sense Patio heater 61444. Due to its remarkable features, this device stands out amongst all. The heater is amazing in terms of appearance and heat production. It can be a wonderful part of your patio.

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