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Best Black Kitchen Faucets

Many things can drive someone to pick a black kitchen faucet. One of them is that it will easily blend with the other colors and also it is easy to maintain when it comes to cleaning.

So, what are the best black kitchen faucets? If you are asking yourself this question, then probably you are interested in getting one. You can pick this model by taking the time to check out this list of the black kitchen faucets. We have compiled a list that should make it easy for you to decide on which model to pick today.

Best Black Kitchen Faucets

Top 8 Best Black Kitchen Faucets

1 Kohler K-596-BL Simplice Single-Hole Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The model comes with a single handle, which should be simple to use. Not many people like adjusting two handles to get the perfect mixture of hot and cold water. For this model, adjusting your water temperature should be easy. The ease of use does not end there, as you still get the high-arc gooseneck spout. Such a design should give you the best clearance that you have always wanted for filling pots and cleaning too.

The model comes with a three function pull-down spray head. For most models, the spray head will only have two functions. With this one, you can use the stream option, sweep spray option and the pause function. The pause option is used when you can stop the water flow for a moment and continue using it.

The model comes with DockNetik technology, which is the magnetic docking system found on the faucet. This technology provides for smooth docking of the spray head once you are done with it. The spray head will stay docked until it is removed by the user the next time. No issues such as drooping.

The surface is designed in a way that will be easy to clean. With a simple wipe of the faucet, you should find it remaining clean.

Kohler K-596-BL Simplice Single-Hole Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful water blade
  • High-arc spout


  • Some customers complained about leaks

2 Pfister FWKP701B Shelton 1-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

This model is designed to offer a neat size so that it looks made for your kitchen sink. It can be a great choice for many people who are looking to remodel their kitchens. The manufacturer made it have the Pforever seal mechanism. The mechanism incorporates the use of the advanced ceramic disc valve technology. This is crucial to assure the user that there will be no leaks anytime soon.

The design also allows for fast installation. You will have no problem with installing this type of faucet. No need to have complex tools to get this job done. Many people who have installed it took only a few minutes. It still comes with the deck plate. Depending on the type of sink you have, you can decide to use the deck plate or not.

The best part of the model is that it comes with a matching soap dispenser. Not many models have this feature. Even with these additional features, you should get the model being highly affordable.

You still get a spout that can swivel 360 degrees. This is important for maximum maneuverability. You can now have an easy time adding more cookware into the sink thanks to such a design. The warranty is another motivator to get the model. It covers the finish and functionality of the faucet for life.

Pfister FWKP701B Shelton 1-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Great seal to prevent leaks
  • Finishing last for longer
  • Matching soap dispenser


  • Slow customer service

3 Delta Faucet 9113-BL-DST Essa Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Coming from Delta, it is a sure way of knowing that the model will last for long. The model on overall will be easy to install thanks to the Duramount mounting system. It does not need many complex tools to do the installation. It also eliminates issues of leaks with the one-piece supply line. You can now be done with the installation in a few minutes and start using the faucet.

To prevent the occurrence of the leaks any further, you get the diamond seal technology. With the leak points minimized, you now never have to worry about water wastage. The diamond seal technology will last for long, as compared to the other methods that competitors use. You can be sure that your money is well spent when you get this model.

It is possible for the faucet to gather the dust and mineral build up with time. Even if that is the case, removing the buildup is easy. You simply have to wipe away with a piece of cloth and you are good. This should give you a refreshed look in no time.

Delta Faucet 9113-BL-DST Essa Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Powerful docking magnet
  • Leak-free
  • Lead-free
  • ADA compliant


  • Low pressure

4 Moen 7594BL Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex

You need to take advantage of the pulldown reflex system that comes with the model. You will get up to 68 inches of the hose. This should provide you with infinite maneuverability. For everyday operations, you should find such a model quite convenient. The design also allows the model to return to the original position in no time. The retraction of the hose is smooth and keep the hose in position until the next time.

You will notice that the model comes with spot resistant finish when using it. This means that all the fingerprint smudges and water spots will not be on the faucet. This should leave your kitchen looking cleaner. You will spend less time cleaning the faucet as it can remain spotless for longer. It might not be same with other competitor models.

You are definitely going to love the fast and easy installation option of this model. It will make the installation faster than what other models offer. You get to connect the different parts without the need of special tools. You also get to connect the water supply lines that connect in one quick step.

Moen 7594BL Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Long Hose
  • Spot resistant finish
  • Fast installation


  • A few cases of the faucet leaking

5 Greenspring Traditional Period Single Ceramic Lever Kitchen Sink Faucet

The construction of any faucet is an important factor people would want to consider. The brass body on this model is important for durability. We all know how brass is often used to make plumbing fixtures. You should find it great that you are using such a model. In the end, you will have a model with ensured quality and better longevity.

The product boasts of having an easy way of operating it. The presence of a single lever design makes it be quite effortless to keep the water flowing. With the same lever, you can control the water temperature with ease. You will not need two handles each with either hot or cold water to get the right water temperature.

The spout included in this model can swivel up to 360 degrees. With some competitor models going less than it, you can find yourself opting for this. With such increased versatility, you can find it easy to have different sizes of cookware into the sink.

The 20-inch water supply hose should make it easy to connect to the water supply. It also comes with a stainless steel braided exterior. This provides better protection that many people would want.

Greenspring Traditional Period Single Ceramic Lever Kitchen Sink Faucet

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Strong construction
  • Easy operation
  • Spout rotates up to 360 degrees


  • The hot water hose breaks easily

6 Kraus KPF-1610MB Bolden Single Handle 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Kraus is another top brand that you can always expect to deliver on their faucets. The company has many models that offer great performance and still last for longer. It is the same with this model. You get a professional style kitchen faucet. You have it installed in your home or for commercial use. With its ergonomic pull-down spray head, you should have an easy time using the faucet more often.

Many people have found it is a perfect fit for their sinks without any problem. The installation process takes only a few minutes and you will be done. This should help more people find the model as one of the best to use today. With just a few tools, the installation can be done. If you are unsure with the installation, you can have a plumber help you out.

The model has a unique pull-down commercial design. The additional flexible hose should make it easy to move the hose where it is needed the most. For many people, they will find the model being highly versatile.

You also get to choose between two different modes of operation when using the spray head. You can have the aerates stream mode or the powerful spray mode. This will give you an easy time rinsing vegetable and still do some heavy scrubbing.

Kraus KPF-1610MB Bolden Single Handle 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Unique pull-down design
  • Dual-function commercial design
  • Ergonomic


  • A few complaints about the model leaking

7 Gicasa Lead-Free Flex Single Lever Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The model comes with the best construction that can opt for today. The highly durable brass body and the handle will give you the maximum durability that you have always wanted. The black middle part is the hose of the faucet. It is made of silicone material which is important for durability under the high water pressure. It is also soft to touch and can live up to long exposure to salt and other materials in the kitchen.

The single handle operation for sure is likable by many people. Many people will always find it easy to control the water temperature with this single handle. It still has the high spout that is important for offering more clearance into the sink. The spout can swivel 360 degrees. You can easily fill your large pot without even getting it into the sink.

The manufacturer claims that it can be used for more than 5000000 times without any problem. This means that for years, you will have a reliable model in your home. The valve will not wear easily so that you have a leak-free faucet.

Gicasa Lead-Free Flex Single Lever Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Brass body construction
  • Strong hose
  • Highly durable
  • Affordable


  • Poor customer support

8 Price Pfister GT529-SMB Lita 1-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

With this model, you will get to see a lot more in terms of design and functionality. The model might be simple, but it delivers on the needs of many people. The effortlessly sleek design makes people even like it more. It will always make sure that you get to feel its performance each time you get to turn it one to use the water.

The model has a single pivot lever. The work of the lever is to control both the volume and temperature. This can be done in one movement. The same might not apply to some other competitor models that would be hard to control.

You still have the option of choosing either a soft stream, spray and the pause options with the spray head. This should make the faucet to have multiple functions. Simply choose the water mode depending on the needs at that moment.

The model comes with the various fittings you need to connect it to the water supply. You will not have to buy new supplies for the job. There is no doubt you will have an easy time installing it.

Price Pfister GT529-SMB Lita 1-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Our rating:3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5)


  • Installs easily
  • Three water modes
  • Durable product


  • Expensive

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The black color in most cases is going to look mean and clutter free. That is what you want in your kitchen for something that stands out. The black color also blends into any design and décor you might have in the kitchen. All the best black kitchen faucets offered above will bring a great change into your kitchen in terms of looks and functionality. The Price Pfister GT529-SMB Lita model might be expensive but still comes with the best features. It is the best on our list. It gives you the best performance that you have always wanted. This will also keep your kitchen leak free.

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