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Aquios FS-220 Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration System Review

Everybody wants fresh, clean, and soft water in their houses. Most people believe it is not possible. There are many ways described on the internet to have clean and soft water at home. These ways include the descaling method and other systems to make hard water soft.

However, the Aquios FS-220 Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration System is probably the best solution.

The Aquios water softener and filtration system uses commercial strength technology to condition the house water and filter it fully. Also, the system has a compact and sleek design.

What does the Aquios FS-220 Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration System do?

The new Aquios Water Softener and Filtration System cleans the water by removing all the unwanted substances in it. Chlorine and sediments in the water can make it unhealthy to consume.

Aquios FS-220 Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration System

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The system also makes sure that minerals such as calcium and magnesium do not accumulate in the pipes or fixtures. Plus, it does not even replace any of the healthy minerals that are essential for your body. The Aquios system provides you pure, healthy, and clean water.

Salt-based water filtration systems remove all the minerals from the water that make it hard. On the contrary, the Aquios Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration System do not remove any of these.

Instead, it just prevents the build-up of these minerals in water heaters, faucets, showerheads, pipes, etc. As a result, the water has a better feel compared to the water that is softened using salt-based softeners.

More about the system

The Aquios Salt Free System is a modern way of treating and conditioning water. The system includes a carbon block along with VOC filtration. VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are those chemicals that have a high vapor pressure.

The Aquios system ensures that water is not affected by any VOCs released from manmade products or plants. The filter conditions the water at a commercial scale to distribute to a full house at once.

The new Aquios Water Softener and Filtration System uses a 1-micron coconut carbon filtration medium. The stronger the filtration system is, the better it will work.

The 1-micron carbon filtration method means that it will remove unwanted materials for a long time. It can easily eliminate undesirable taste and odor. Also, it lessens any VOCs, pesticides, rust, cysts, and other sediments that are bigger than 1 micron.

Aquios FS-220 is one of the most powerful models available in the market today. It’s innovative design ensures that it does not affect the water flow or pressure. Moreover, it does not call for any electricity, programming, or maintenance. The system comes with a 20-year warranty.

What does the system include?

The Aquios FS-220 is one of the most compact systems available today. The dimensions of the system are unbelievable: 27 x 10 x 8 inches only! The device is narrow and long, which means it would take very less space.

The Aquios FS-220 is a whole system. It includes a unit housing, salt-free water filter cartridge, and a mounting bracket and hardware.

The first cartridge comes along with the system during installation. The cartridge can filter up to 40,000 gallons of water. Average cartridge life is around three to six months after which you’ll need to replace it.

The Aquios Filtration System also contains a carbon block inside the tank. The block looks much like a normal water filter. However, this carbon block filters the water down to 5 microns, which means it is finely filtered.

Furthermore, the system uses a salt-free softener. This means that there is no resin to deal with. You only need to refill the additive after every four to six months.

How does the Aquios FS-220 work?

The Aquios FS-220 is a double-acting system since it softens and filters water at the same time. It does so by going through an ion exchange process. This process removes unwanted minerals from the water.

aquios fs 220 salt free water softener filtration system review

In this ion exchange process, a polymer resin bed is present which draws hard water materials towards itself. On the other hand, it also replenishes with sodium ions. The Aquios salt free water softener not only softens the water but also conditions it.

During the ionization process, the sodium ions take the place of the hard water substances. Later, the hard water distillate is cleared out down the drain.

A misconception of these filtration and softening systems is that they remove hard water minerals. In reality, they transform the chemicals so that they do not stick to the walls of the pipes, faucets, etc.

One thing to note is that you’ll need to replace the filters every month. These filters choke easily. It is, therefore, better to set up a separate filtration system before putting up the water softener. The separate filtration system will control all the sediment and prevent it from clogging.

What is removed from the water using the Aquios FS-220?

It is now clear that the Aquios Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration System removes unwanted minerals from the water. Magnesium and calcium carbonate are substances found in hard water, thus removed during the process.

After the removal of these materials, the water is purified and conditioned. This softened water feels much better whether you want to drink it or wash yourself with it. The taste of this clean water is also enhanced.

As mentioned earlier, the Aquios FS-220 has a carbon filter included. This carbon filter cleans the water by removing chloramine.

However, the filter wears out after a specific time. This adds up to another expense as you will have to buy a new filter to replace. Sadly, the carbon filter has very less lifespan than what is mentioned by the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons of the system

Every invention has both pros and cons. Similarly, this Aquios Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration System also has its pros and cons.

</p> <p>Some pros are as follows:</p> <p>
  • The device is quite small and takes up very little space to fit in.
  • It consists of a carbon filter that removes chloramine and other unwanted substances.
  • The softener is salt-free.
  • No additional expense in terms of installation.
  • It is not very expensive and is quite good in terms of money.
  • No need to replace salt.
  • Requires absolutely no maintenance except for replacement of cartridges.
  • Money-back guarantee and a long 20-year warranty.
  • No electricity needed.
</p> <p>The cons; however, include:</p> <p>
  • Filters need to be changed with time.
  • High workload might lead to clogging of filters.
  • It might have leakage issues since housing is not reliable.
  • Not a heavy-duty unit.
  • Can cause difficulty if high sediment is present.
  • The system only solves issues related to hard water; other problems remain unsolved.
  • Frequent replacement of cartridges mean more expenditure.


We find this water softener and filtration system to be quite environment-friendly. This is because it does not deposit any waste in the water or ground.

The company manufactures only salt free water softeners, and the products are extremely popular. The FS-220 removes more than 95 percent of chlorine present in water, making it safe and healthy to consume. It also eliminates rust, iron and other harmful sediments.

Salt-based water softeners give water a slippery feel. They are not even suitable for people who are on a sodium-restricted diet. Therefore, investing in Aquios FS-220 is a very good option since it is salt-free.

The Aquios FS-220 is a full house system and can work in both ways; softening water and filtering it.

Thus, it is a must-have if you want a salt-free system that needs little or no maintenance and no programming. This is the best filtration unit if you want to have clean, soft, and filtered water.


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