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American Standard Champion 4 Review

American Standard Champion 4 Review

The toilet is among the most important items in any home.

Among the major considerations when one is buying a toilet are usually the color and the cost. The amount of water it flushes and how well it flushes should be considered too. The best choice should conserve water at the same time having enough power to clean the bowl in one flush.

There are many toilet models and makes on the market today, which can be a little confusing for a buyer. One has to be careful to make the right choice. This is a complete America Standard Champion 4 review, to help you make the right choice.

About American Standard Champion 4

The American Standard Champion 4 is an unbeatable leader as a high performance toilet. It is a one-piece toilet at just the right height that eliminates clogged toilets on the market. With it you will never have to stand by, ready with your plunger. You will also not worry about calling a plumber. It is the kind of toilet you confidently flush with minimal worries. The toilet is available in bone, linen and white colors.

The American Standard is the kind of toilet that has been put to the ultimate flushing test. The toilet has been designed to handle any kind of punishment. It can for instance move a mass that is 70% larger than the industry standard. It in fact got the highest rating of 1,000 grams in an independent maximum performance test. It is highly reliable and is 100% factory flush tested.

American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Exceptional features

One thing that sets the American Standard apart from other toilets is its exceptional features. These are what enable it to perform better than the others. Its amazing features include:

1 4-inch accelerator flush valve

It comes with a piston action accelerator Flush Valve that is 4 inches long. The valve is able to push water into the bowl three times faster than the standard 2-inch flush valve in some toilet makes. The valve is also able to push water faster than a 3-inch flush valve and also 1/3 faster than a 3 ¼ inch flush valve. This enables the American Standard to dump enough water around the toilet bowl in under a second. This does not mean that it uses a lot of water though. The toilet has a relatively low consumption rate of 6.0 liters per flush. This gives it great power and performance to guarantee you a clean flush without using so much water.

American Standard Champion 4 Review

2 2 3/8 inch siphon trapway

The American Standard has the largest trapway in the industry, measuring 2 3/8 inches. The full-glazed trapway is able to move a mass that is 40% larger than an ordinary trapway of 2 1/8 and also 70% larger than what a trapway of 2 inches can handle. This also guarantees you a clean toilet with just a single flush.

3 EverClean surface

The toilet features a permanent EverClean surface that is antimicrobial on its inside and outside. This surface hinders the growth of stains and odor that result in mold, mildew and bacteria. You can confidently use your toilet for so many years without worrying about breeding germs. The EverClean surface is mirror-like and very easy to clean. Cleaning your toilet will not only be painless but also fun.


  • The toilet’s high flushing power eliminates any likelihood of clogging, no matter what you flush down. This gives users great peace of mind.
  • Its one-piece design gives it an elegant and more attractive look than the ordinary two-piece designs.
  • It is also good in conserving water. The toilet flashes only about 6 liters of water in a single flush which is enough to completely clean its bowl.
  • The toilet has just the perfect height of 16.5 inches, to accommodate both the tall and the short individuals. An ordinary toilet that is 15 inches tall is not usually comfortable for the tall people.


  • Since the toilet is a one-piece unit and it has an elongated bowl, it is quite heavy. This makes it hard to move and handle. You might need help with installations.
  • The toilet is large in size and may not fit in smaller bathrooms

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The American Standard Champion 4 is a great toilet to buy if you want to enjoy efficiency and low maintenance. The toilet has all the benefits to offer in just one piece. It has a high pressure that is able to flush and clean the toilet in just one flush. Its EverClean finish makes it an even better choice. You will be able to use a clean and stain-free toilet for years. These and its many other benefits are what makes it the ideal choice for a home or business toilet.

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