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American Standard Cadet 3 Review

American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet is one of the top models on the market right now. You can always be sure that it can deliver on some good performance you have always wanted. It is the reason you get to see many people going for the model.

Another thing is that it comes from a top brand. For that reason, it surely delivers on some good features that should make it work well. Many people always feel comfortable buying a product from a top brand. As a result, expect the best in terms of performance.

Let us get to learn more about the various features it has to offer.

American Standard 2989.101.020 Concealed Trapway Cadet 3 Right Height Elongated Flowise 1.28 gpf Toilet

Our rating:3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

American Standard Cadet 3 Review

Powerful Flush

The model is really good in terms of the performance features it has to offer. First of all, we get to look at the powerful flush that the model delivers when it comes to the overall functionality. This model can deliver on good flushing without using a lot of water. This is all thanks to the siphon action jetted bowl.

It is estimated that the model uses only 1.28 gallons of water for each flush. As you can see, it does use a relatively low amount of water. This should make it great for those who are always looking to save on some money. The next time you see your water bill, you will see that there is a lot you can save with this model.

Another thing is that it comes with an over-sized 3-inch flush valve. The result is that the model will easily remove the waste from the bowl. The process is definitely faster and cleaner. You never have to worry about the waste anymore.

You will also like the way it scrubs the bowl with every flush. This is important to help remove any sticky waste from the bowl. You simply end up with a better and cleaner bowl whenever using the model.

Comfortable Height and Compact

For many people, the toilet height is always important. It is the reason you would find more people taking the time to find a model that can feel comfortable always when using. It is without a doubt that you have to pick this one thanks to its right height. Its bowl rim is set at a comfortable chair height level. You can always find yourself using it today.

When you can sit comfortably, it means that you do not have to best so far. This keeps less strain on your knees and get you the enjoyment you have always wanted.

For many people, they will always find it great in terms of being compact. It is relatively within the right size that makes more people feel comfortable about using it. Being a space saver makes the model definitely the best for the small bathrooms.

In addition to being compact, the model comes with a slow-close seat and cover. This is important to ensure you do not have to deal with banging of the seat. You will definitely enjoy the peace if you get this model today.

Beauty, Power and Efficiency

For those who are looking to remodel their bathrooms, this could be a nice way to do it. This is because the model comes with a modern look and design. The color is also good. This means that each time you enter the bathroom; you will notice that you have a new good looking toilet. You will also like the fact that its design and color easily complements the existing decors. There is no doubt you will enjoy owning the model as from today.

The model also comes with a fine finishing of the concealed trapway, the PowerWash Rim and the EverClean Surface. You will not always find such features in a compact model. As a result, you should definitely treat this model as being important and great.

You will also like the fact that the toilet is ADA compliant and also Water Sense certified. This is a nice feature meaning that it will deliver on the performance you need. As a result, you should get it being worth the price.

American Standard Cadet 3 Review


What stands out for this model should be its outstanding flushing stem. The model boasts of having an impressive performance when it comes to the overall flushing capability. This is all thanks to the brilliant engineering that goes into making the model. If you look at the size of the flush valve as compared to the bowl design, you can see a lot of engineering went into making it better.

The model also comes with ease of operation that makes it possible even for the kids to use. There is no doubt you would enjoy owning one today.

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Ease of Installation

This model comes with a great design that also allows for ease of installation. You never have to worry that the model would be hard to install. It is even further lightweight, so getting it in place should also be a breeze. It is definitely worth using it today.

  • Two-piece toilet
  • ADA compliant
  • Water Sense Certified
  • Impressive flush capability
  • Great performance
  • Needs cleaning with the gentle toilet cleaners to protect the surface treatment


As you can see from the various features above, this is definitely one of the best toilets you can get right now. It will help you with getting a quality product that always delivers on the best performance. Go ahead and pick the model knowing that it is worth every penny. As a result, you can pick this model today for better experience.

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